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The Prostate Cradle
  • zangzang
    Posts: 42
    Thanks to those of you who replied to my earlier post. While watching T.V today i gave the Prostate Cradle another go. It did feel quite nice and i kind of got pulses and a tingly feeling at times through out my lower regions. I did not get this with the Syn. I was stroked the area below my belly button, as suggested by the instruction leaflet and it felt good. Do any of you guys have experince with the cradle? Does anyone know why i get nice feelings with the cradle and not the Aneros? I hope it's okay to talk about the cradle on here as i know it's the Aneros forum. Thanks
  • fun1fun1
    Posts: 9

    I have a Prostate Cradle and there are many times when it gives me nice tingly feelings as you say.  I will even get an erection and sometimes some pre-cum.  It has sensitized my prostate.  But I don't always get the same feelings.  That is probably true of your Syn as well.  Hard to predict what these bodies will do.  I don't have the Aneros but would like to get the HelixSyn.   Don't give up on the syn.

  • legacelegace
    Posts: 129
    you probably have already read that the cradle might be harmful as it applies too much pressure, be careful and dont over do it.

    try lightly massaging your perineum and testicles with your hand or a folded paper towel, you might find pleasure in that.
  • MMO_RPGlolMMO_RPGlol
    Posts: 242
    What is a prostate cradle??
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    Try 'Googling' it!
  • MMO_RPGlolMMO_RPGlol
    Posts: 242
    Oh I'm sorry, I didn't read the entire post and I assumed it was some obscure technique. Thanks