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Progasm - Has anyone else experienced these things?
  • ChopTankChopTank
    Posts: 6
    First, I am a relatively new, 62 year old, married user of the Aneros product.  My prior experience at massage has been with the Rocks Off Naughty and Big_Boy Prostate massager's.  I am not new to anal sensation, but thanks to Ling, I am new to the prostate and on a Quest to his Ultimate MMO and Prostate Control.

    Through a variety of unrelated events this morning I inserted my Progasm Ice (my wife and I both like that it is clear and much more attractive, to us, than a colored version - also easier to see how 'clean' it is) and began my relaxation and breathing exercises.  Insertion was very easy as my wife was kind enough to use a strapon on me last night.

    1)  During the relaxation stage I fell asleep.  During this sleep I had the most erotic and exotic dream of my life!  When I wakened, almost 3 hours later, I was a joyful 'whoozy'.  As was evidenced by an obvious lack of pre or ejaculate fluids, I obviously had not had an orgasm, but I had a raging erection, and if you had been part of this dream you would not believe that I had not cum!  So the question is:

    Q:  Has anyone ever fallen asleep while having one of these devices in place, and if so, what were the results?

    2)  Not wanting to 'spoil' this sensation, I went about my business around the house without removing the Progasm.  I found almost every stride to be a pleasurable event (which means I may attempt a personal walking marathon or two or three ...).  I then proceeded to go outside to do some minor landscape weeding and the drainage of some excess rain water in planters.  This required bending, stooping and lifting.  It was even better than walking.  So the thought came to mind and I said to myself - "Self, I wonder if some light weight lifting and therapeutic calisthenics would be a special experience".  So I did some.  Jumping jacks were an experience that I will not repeat, but all bending and stretching exercise was very pleasurable.  Then I thought of situps and pullups and said to myself - "Self, I wonder if some situps and pullups would be ok".  I did both.  Both brought about good sensations, but the situps were again special.

    Q:  Has anyone else experienced walk and exercise with a device in place and what were your results?

    PostScript:  I have not yet experienced the Big-O, or any O for that matter, with the Progasm, but I fully expect I will.

  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    I fall asleep with the aneros all the time. I often have strange or sexy dreams mostly where i am naked in public with the aneros in. It happens with the progasm ice in too.

    You can also look at my blog it may mention any dreams too.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    I've accidentally fallen asleep during an Aneros session a number of times. My experience has been that I don't get sexy dreams. But I do wake up feeling extremely well rested. Even better than waking up in the morning. But my arousal is usually gone. Such that trying to get back into the session has rarely been successful.
  • Jay_1Jay_1
    Posts: 0
    Jay_1 i recently purchased the Progasm Aneros. I have received any pleasure out of it. I am thinking of using something else. What type of feeling are you suppose to get, I am new at this.
  • Jay_1Jay_1
    Posts: 0
    How much time are you suppose to have it inserted, plus I am doing this for the pleasure and medical reasons.
  • Noob71Noob71
    Posts: 22
    @Jay_1: slow and steady wins the race - try to NOT rush things...and use LOTS of lube...I use mine for at least an hour or two per session (time flies when you're having fun).
  • OK, I've only had my progasm (ice) for 3 days, but did go to bed with it in last night. I was having some pleasant feelings before falling asleep. When I awoke 3 hours later, I was in a mild state of bliss with some incredible feelings emigrating from my zone in what may be what people are calling P waves. Regardless of what they're called, they felt awesome. So good in fact that I chased them away in my excitement. 

    Otherwise, I've not been having a lot of sensed sensation, and I'm guessing it's because I'm a newb, and am tending to be a bit more 'active' with it than I perhaps ought to.

    Well, I'll see if falling asleep tonight helps bring me back to that pace and beyond!