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Does the Aneros mimmick what a gay man feels when another man's penis is inside of him
  • JohnGeauxJohnGeaux
    Posts: 5
    Are we talking about the same affect? Does an erect penis hit the prostate like the Aneros does?
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,210
    I'm not gay, so i personally wouldnt know, but they are obviously shaped differently.  I have also read anecdotal  evidence from gay men who say a male penis did not usually give prostate pleasures, though some do.  I think if a male were trying to hit the prostate with his penis, he could, but otherwise i believe it would just venture up the anal cavity.  
  • helix44helix44
    Posts: 17
    When my husband and I have sex and I'm bottom I get incredibly turned on by his body and masculine energy.  It isn't about having an object inside me, it's about having a man inside me.  That's where the energy and arousal come from -- from the sexual energy of joining with another body rather than the physical sensation of being penetrated.

    That said my 2 years of aneros experience have tremendously helped me increase my physical pleasure during sex.  Of course the shape and feel of a penis is different, in much the same way as aneros models differ, but thanks to my aneros awakening I now experience one or more whole body orgasms before both of us reach our traditional orgasms.  

    So maybe the answer to your question is that no, in my experience an aneros doesn't mimic the feeling of a penis.  One of them is alive, is attached to a man who turns me on, and moves and interacts with me in all the ways that make sex such an excellent part of being human (in my case a gay one).  The aneros provides an incredibly rich and intense way for my body to interact with itself, which is awesome and yet very different.

  • I think helix44 gave the perfect answer. I just want to add that an erect penis in a gay man's ass probably physically does not feel different than one in a hetero man's ass, but the emotional reaction (again see helix 44) probably is quite different, which might be true for the hetero guy, depending his relationship with the man who is penetrating him.  By the way, the prostate is so close to the anus that it is impossible for any object going up that far in the anal cavity to not rub past the prostate.  There's a diagram of the anatomy of the anal cavity somewhere on this site or any complete anatomy book that shows how close it is.The pleasure experienced probably depends on how wired the brain is to prostate orgasms.  
  • JohnGeauxJohnGeaux
    Posts: 5
    Good answers and I agree that Helix summed it up best. 

    I was just curious because as a straight who has never had a dick in his ass, I was not sure about that. I thought maybe that's how gay men got off in that the penis hit the prostate thus giving them great pleasure. 

    I look forward to using my aneros. I will write back in and let you all know how I am mastering the Aneros. 


  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 889
    Hello, John.

    Sounds like you might be curious about how a penis would feel in your ass. Aneros use raised that issue for me, too. Consequently, I asked my wife to do the job, using a double dildo strap-on setup. Pretty amazing. All about that in the Pegging thread, somewhere in this forum. 



  • euphemisticeuphemistic
    Posts: 961
    It's been a while since I've been fucked by a man, (I'm married and we don't do that) but really began to like it, even more than doing the fucking. Maybe that accounts for my taking to the aneros like a new lover. But the ecstatic look on the faces of men getting fucked in some porn, convinced me that they were in the same erotic dream trance that I am in when using the aneros. Not all of them look like this and its obvious to me when they're faking it. Why some gay men have to fake it and others don't, is a question I don't have an answer for. Perhaps they don't relax enough or have certain expectations of pleasure (penis-centered) like with the aneros, Or maybe the shape of their man's penis or his technique is wrong.

    The fact that it's a man inside them and this man in particular, who's giving them pleasure, is another source of pleasure besides the prostate messaging. I don't think a straight man can appreciate this added pleasure of thinking of other men as sources of pleasure, but can appreciate the ecstatic erotic prostate messaging if they have experienced it with the aneros.

    I'm semi-retired and am considering looking for a partner who does like to fuck. I didn't think I would miss it so much before I got married. However,since discovering this source of seemingly unlimited pleasure with the aneros training wheels, I'm ready to get back in circulation. Hope it doesn't cause any complications.
    Posts: 21
    My short answer: a qualified yes. A penis does hit the prostate during intercourse, and while the act of sex is different, obviously, from using the aneros, the euphoria from getting your prostate stimulated is similar.