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A thought on contractions
  • I've been using the Aneros for over a year now, and for the majority of that time I would have erratic success. But I had a breakthrough tonight that I think might help some other people that had a similar approach to myself. The key thing that happened was I realized I was thinking about contractions in the wrong way. Up until now, I had thought the goal of the contraction was to move the Aneros deeper into my rectum, and that tended to engage the muscles on the front of my body above the penis. These muscles seemed to allow me to hold the Aneros at a deeper position inside, and sometimes I'd get some ok feelings from it, but only rarely would I get anything remotely impressive. 

    Tonight I found a different way of approaching it. I found that there was what felt like a much smaller muscle group that felt something like the bicep of your arm that ran along the frontal half of my anal wall, around where the prostate is. I found that by visualizing it as a bicep and flexing it, so that the Prostate which rode on top of it was bulging towards the aneros, that I was getting some really amazing feelings right away. My lower pelvic muscles (ones above the penis) wanted to contract as well, but I consciously willed them to stay relaxed. As long as I was only using that small "bicep" under the prostate and remaining relaxed in the other muscles, I rode a really intense pleasure wave that filled my entire penis with that awesome ejaculatory feeling. It was the first time I ended a session because it was simply too intense. 

    I'm assuming the muscle I was engaging was the PC muscle, but until I visualized it in the way I described, I couldn't get away from that "wanting to move the aneros vertically" mindset. I hope this can help some other users move further along if they are stuck in the way that I was.  
  • diemdiem
    Posts: 36
    Is that the group of muscle used to stop urinate?

    I find that doing light and progressive contraction really help. I stop contracting until I begin to do involuntary contractions (or just mid-strengh). I hold for some seconds and relax. I try to control the involuntary contractions, I want them to lightly contract the aneros to make it move.

    I was able to feel "an errection" a rush of blood inside and between my testicles and the anus. The feeling of pleasure increases very fast but doesn't last or get stronger. It's like I can't progress after that particular point :(
  • Yeah the PC muscles are the ones you use to stop urinating.

    As far as making the Aneros move... with what I was talking about above the actual device moved very little, if anything it seemed to pivot (but not around the p-tab fulcrum, just more of a pivoting caused by the changes of the internal muscles). 
  • SmokeySmokey
    Posts: 21
    That's good info. I started by trying to pull the aneros in & out with the PC & anal muscles but with limited success too. I found if I held a contraction with the PC muscle & not the anal in the end it seems to press the aneros against the prostate & intense feelings start.
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    The Aneros is advertised as a self-driven prostate massager device.

    I found some weeks ago from surfing the Net that the Kegel Exercises were designed to strengthen the PC muscles, those muscles which provide urinary continence in both men and women. Also the Kegel Exercises also provide for men firmer erections. It was with this in mind that I began a regimen of Kegel Exercises in September 2011. Some buds of mine on the Net told me that the Aneros assists in performing the Kegels with greater ease. About a year later in September 2012, I began working with both the Progasm Ice and Progasm Classic models. Some weeks after that, I made an awesome discovery in that both Progasm models and the Kegels were made with each other.

    @Alex_xxx several months ago provided for us his Shallow Breathing method for better Anerosing. About the same time, I began using his method with the Aneros Tug-of-War Technique which has began to revolutionize my Aneros sessions. It has been absolutely wonderful now to experience the self-driven character of all my Aneros models. All this has been leading me into greater relaxation and subtlety as I Aneros now! Oh yeah, those "intense feelings" and tons of Aneros pleasure!


  • TurnrowTurnrow
    Posts: 176


    There seems to be two camps on the aneros rewiring.  One camp says relinquish control and let the aneros do what it wants to do while really relaxed and breathing.  I call this the DO NOTHING CAMP.

    Then there is the Cave of Mystery boys who believe in the TUG OF WAR CAMP you allude to and fatiguing the muscles so that the rewiring can happen. 

    Which camp are you in and why?  Or if you have experienced them both, which is better for newbies and why.

    Thanks bro.

  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    Oh no, @Turnrow,

    You do not understand. What I have experienced, or rather continue to experience with increasing effectiveness a combination or a synthesis of both approaches. @Alex_xxx through his Shallow Breathing Method is guiding me along the path of increasing relaxation, but at the same time using the Tug-of-War Technique. I do not experience fatigue much now, but increasing vitality as I Aneros. But at the same time I limit my sessions on the average of three hours.

    Each man has to find his way in using these techniques. Every man is different in his experience. Not only am I experiencing greater relaxation, but also greater control in my sessions. The end result for me has been lots of fun and tons of pleasure.

  • I'm in the tug of war camp, and I think for me at least, it's about doing contractions, but when the good feelings come, to not give into the natural temptation of wanting to increase the tension to chase "better feelings". That never seems to work, or works for a moment but then subsides.
  • airbagairbag
    Posts: 137
    I suspect that you can't literally "do nothing". In my relaxation phase, sensations are strongly dependent on the position I assume while relaxing. So I have reasons to believe that "do nothing" method requires that Aneros is already resting on your prostate.
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    airbag said:

    I suspect that you can't literally "do nothing". In my relaxation phase, sensations are strongly dependent on the position I assume while relaxing. So I have reasons to believe that "do nothing" method requires that Aneros is already resting on your prostate.

    While doing nothing - breath and focus on the feelings from the slightest movements down there made by the aneros. It moves when you breathe if you breath properly. I recommend taking a look at my shallow breath thread - it might help.