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Do You Have To Be Aroused While Using The Aneros
  • zangzang
    Posts: 42
    Hi folks, i ask the above question, because it takes me a while to get aroused because i am on anti depressants. Can i just let the Aneros do it's thing and just lie there until i get some kind of feelings. I don't have an Aneros at the moment, but am thinking about buying another one. Also would i get a better feeling prehaps from buying the peridise or Tempo models. I know they are not really prostate massagers as such, but could they be better for me. At the end of the day i don't want to spend the money on something if there is no chance of it working, because of the Anti depressants.
  • JMayJMay
    Posts: 117
    IMHO arousal is key.
  • If your not aroused, and just want something that sort of "forces" arousal,  a prostate massager alone may not be enough.  Perhaps watching a little porn or reading something erotic while its in...  Or using another toy in tandem with it to get yourself feeling it.  
    In my experience even when I'm really aroused it doesn't always feel amazing,  and it certainly doesn't "do it's own thing" for me.  The orgasm still happens in the brain.
  • zangzang
    Posts: 42
    Thanks for your reply, so i have not much hope then. Would the Aneros or peridise not make me feel a little aroused and then maybe i can work from there. I do get some kind of nice feelings from the prostate cradle which i have used a couple of times in the past, like kind of pulses.
  • Certainly there is hope,  I'm just not sure I would expect it to do all the work for you thats all.  It's possible it may begin to get you aroused if you associate the act of using it with sexy frame of mind,  but I just know that if I was really not horny, I wouldn't even want it up there.  
    Why do you feel you need the periform instead of a more common mgx or helix?  I feel that if you really want something that may physically trigger arousal, a more aggressive massager that puts more direct pressure on the prostate may be a better choice.
  • sorry peridise not perifrom

  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    You raise an interesting point. High Island Health (HIH), the developers of this technology, designed their "Peristal" range of devices as a means of relieving the symptoms of haemorrhoids. Only when they were in use did they discover that they had a side effect of producing anal orgasms.

    It was probably for this reason that  Aneros renamed them "Peridise" and now market them principally for the pleasure they provide.

    I bought my set of Peristal stimulators directly from HIH for their therapeutic effect and have also discovered that they work well alongside the conventional Aneros stimulators.

    I now regularly sleep for 2 or 3 hours with the smallest Peristal in place and never fail to receive strong P-waves from it after an hour or so. I don't have to be pre-aroused for this result, so it might well work for you too.

    If you can afford it, I would suggest you get the set and do as I did; follow the instructions given by HIH and start with the largest, working to the smallest. Eventually you will find that the larger ones become redundant.
  • zangzang
    Posts: 42
    Thanks Guys. Pommie you make an even better point. Surely that is the same for the Aneros. It was designed to help prevent an enlarged prostate and the pleasurable effects must come about by chance. If that's the case then surely it's the Aneros/ Peridise that gives the pleasure and not the arousal aspect. As you said yourself you get P waves from the Peridise and it was designed as for medical purposes. I was also reading about the prostate cradle and the pleasure aspect came about by chance, not by the inventer feeling aroused. Thanks for your comments Stoneseeker. I may well look into getting a Fleshlight to aid my arousal. The Fleshlight girls look nice, in particular the ones with lips. lol
  • zangzang
    Posts: 42
    Hope you guys understood my last post and i'm not in any way an expert or experienced like a lot of guys on here. Maybe if i'd just used the Aneros as just a prostate massager and did not expect the pleasurable feelings to come from it, then i would not have got frustrated and threw my Syn away. I would be interested to know who the first ever person was to use the Aneros for medical prostate use and how they came across the G spot or the Super O by using it. I had a look at the Fleshlight forum and one of the Fleshlights caught my eye. Stoya's lips
  • One more suggestion,  I remember some guys on the (ultra friendly and helpful) forum that had similar issues due to drugs, and perhaps had erectile dysfunction too.  They found electro-stim (done the safe right way)  to be their only method of reliably getting off.  

    Not to say the fleshlight wouldn't be a great idea,  they have got to be popular for a reason,  but a really nice compliment to prostate massage is a nice pulsing low-intensity electrical pulse that is just constantly and gently stimulating your member while you are practicing your routine with your vice or syn.  It can go a long way to aiding the arousal process and perhaps link the brain to associate the pressure on the prostate with the stimulation you would get from stimulating your penis.  Also, you can keep it low power enough to ensure you wouldn't cum by this method alone,  and only turn it up at the end of the session when you want to finish.  

    I'm sure a lot of people in here stim too,  as many many forum users at smartstim own, use and modify the aneros products frequently.    
  • cj187cj187
    Posts: 68
    Hi Zang, I take it that you are under your doctors care regarding the meds. Have you discussed the arousal issue with them?

    I do also have a fleshlight, the Flight, they are really fun and feel really good. But one caveat, clean up can be a drag.

    Hope you figure it out