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So I'm hooked, want to expand my collection, question about the Syn models
  • AnerosWowAnerosWow
    Posts: 2
    I've been getting to know my Progasm and Helix and I after about a week I'll totally hooked on them. I want to try a maybe a Eupho Syn or Helix Syn next. That red/black color scheme makes them look like a fast Formula One Car and very sexy. Since I already have a regular Helix I'm leaning toward the Eupho Syn.

    Do the Syn models move or slide better? Would I notice much difference between the Helix Syn and regular Helix?
  • brinebrine
    Posts: 308

    I have both the Classic Helix and the Helix Syn. Yes, there is a difference. The Syn is much more supple and flexible - especially the P Tab. I had to pad the tab on the regular Helix (and my regular Eupho). But, no need on the Syn - it flexes as needed. The texture is also very nice, soft and velvety. Now, as you know, each of us reacts differently with the massagers, but, for me, the Syn works very quickly - usually within just a few minutes I'm flying high! I also find that the Syn moves more. 

    My next Aneros will probably be the Eupho Syn. It'll be interesting to see the differences there too.

    Best of luck to you, AnerosWow!

  • TinyPTinyP
    Posts: 1
    Like brine I have both Helixes, and like the syn more. It feels very comfortable. Actually I don't use the classic any more, it was my first Aneros. Like he says it is personal preference.

    Love TinyP