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  • diemdiem
    Posts: 36
    This was my second use of the aneros. I thought it could be a good idea to smoke before.
    The session lasted 2 or maybe 3 hours, couldn't say. I tried a new position after 1 hour, semi doggy / missionary and I just felt something way too intense that grew stronger. I began to do voluntary contractions but I was contracting way more and effortless. I reached a point when I wasn't able to stop contracting and it felt like I was being fucked. But at the same time I had the position I would have while fucking my gf just before the orgasm. I was imagining the sensation of being inside of her but instead of feeling something on my penis, I was feeling what she would feel with my penis inside of her (like if I was being fucked).

    Quite weird. I don't know if I had super-o. I don't think so but I might have had mini-o. I had a lot of pre-cum liquid. I ended the session jerking off and god, I never came that much. It's the first time my back-door experience was intense and I felt more than "a light sensation".

    I wonder if anybody had great results with that combination. I will try with out it today to see if I can reproduce what I experimented on weed. I hope I learned a little more how to build the pleasure and reproduce what I felt.

    I saw my gf that day and I was extremely tempted to stick the aneros in my arse. As I would play with her, I would be able to do contractions and reach a certain pleasure enhanced by my excitation. I am quite sure I could even fuck her and go to the bathroom and remove the aneros without her noticing anything. In the other hand I fear too much that she discovers it. What would her reaction be? If I was her I don't even know how I would react to that. I think she knows I am tempted to try prostate massage but not that I've been doing that for a long time... alone. She jokes about it sometimes (I was the first one to joke about it like "yea fuck me" or "finger me as I do to you").

    Anyway... could be so much better :(

  • RastaYogaRastaYoga
    Posts: 53
    #1 - yeah, herb + Aneros is a great combination. Really deepens the trance. It has been discussed at length on previous threads.

    #2 - It sounds like you have a bit of sexual shame, which is NORMAL & common when starting to explore the backdoor - it tends to reside there and be activated by pleasure. Why not tell your girlfriend about this amazing new experience and device you are using?? I think the key to doing this it how you bring it up. If you are confident and enthusiastic like "Hey babe, I discovered the most amazing thing! It opens my sexual pleasure so deeply. Wanna see what it is?"

    Her reaction will be more positive than if you are ashamed of it - you will communicate the shame unconsciously and she will react negatively, due to your negativity. If you think it's OK and cool... she'll is more likely to think it;s OK and cool. 

    But you need to come to terms that the Aneros is a therapeutically and mentally healthy, 100% "okay" thing to enjoy for yourself... I think the smoke might be able to help you relax, open up, and re-wire your moral system to feel OK about it. Then you can show your GF.

  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,210
    i really need to try this weed + aneros!  I have no excuses, besides a little herb never hurt anyone lol
  • diemdiem
    Posts: 36
    Just read some other threads about mj and aneros. If you are ever tempted by weed and aneros, it's going to be an awesome experience (it was the best in my life). I tried things I would never have tried. Just don't fall in the trap of dependance where you need something to reach what you want. Take everything for what they are: unique.

    I am planning to do it again... it's summer and I know I will have to quit smoking for school (70-100 hours of work per week) :(. Last time I quit I felt happier, better and less depressed. I realised how harmful this drug could be and I am not a big smoker.

    Anyway, regarding my secret and my gf. If I tell her, it's like telling to my friends. I am only 22 and I might say I am ultra open-minded considering my homophobic friends. I fear it might gives her a too great power over me. Again you said it, it is probably caused by the shame I have doing anal alone and enjoying it.

    I hope the day I will tell it to some one will be the day I assume who I am really disregarding what others might think. I wonder if one day every one will use and enjoy back-door. Telling your friends how awesome your aneros session was hahaha it sucks I will never conciously know some one doing it heee
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    There are numerous threads on this Forum which discuss use of various recreational drugs/substances to augment one's Anerosessions. Marijuana is frequently cited as a substance of choice. A couple of such threads are "drugs with the Aneros...?. and Marijuana! and Aneros
    image Good Vibes to You ! image

  • GilmanGilman
    Posts: 125
    I spent my career working with people your age and have given them advice (not on these topics) and received some good advice from them as well. So here goes.

    With respect to telling your girlfriend, I would wait. You appear concerned that she might wield power over you with the knowledge, ultimately embarrassing you to others. This does happen all the time in break ups when photos or the like get posted on the web. When you are more secure in a relationship, sharing might be more sensible and appropriate.

    As to pot, you seem to have had some issues with it and it may be illegal where you are. I would proceed with caution if you do decide to use it. For me, pot is great, the helix is great and together delightfully amazing. Others claim that a pure aneros experience is better. You would have to judge.

    Lastly, you expressed a desire to someday be able to share the aneros experience openly with friends. Well, folks here on the forum are nameless and faceless but are knowledgable and willing to share some of their most personal and secret information. All in a very non-judgmental manner. So read and post as you wish.

    Best of luck.