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So my wife got me a couple of these...
  • AnerosWowAnerosWow
    Posts: 2
    My wife surprised me with a couple of these last weekend. She has always been able to have full body multiple O's and she feels like I'm missing out. Anal play is not new to us, she wanted to try pegging a couple of years ago and I was hooked after the first couple of times she did it.

    So she heard about the Progasm from a girlfriend and gave me a red Progasm and white Helix for an early fathers day last weekend. She was so excited that she opened the box and slipped in the Helix right away. I tried it while she watched for a few minutes and it was getting really nice and she could not resist and started giving me a hand job and I lasted about a minute and exploded so hard I hit myself in the face with cum, which she enjoyed watching as I cleaned my self up. The Helix was much better than any dildo we've used before.

    I tried the Helix alone for about an hour on Monday and was able to generate some really nice feelings again within a few minutes and overall I was hooked,. I was producing loads of pre-cum. The next night I used the Progasm and since I'm used to pegging with a much larger dildo it was more to my liking. It immediately hit my prostate and I could feel the pre-cum leaking right away.

    Both times alone I was laying in the living room floor with my legs on a chair. I could control how hard the Progasm was hitting my prostate by arching my back. I tried several different positions but this worked the best.

    I'm looking forward to this getting better and better and I'll keep everyone updated.
  • brinebrine
    Posts: 303

    All I can say is, "Aneros, WOW!" You are a lucky guy. Great to have a wife so interested in your pleasure! You have embarked on an amazing journey. Welcome!!!

  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 386

    A Red Progasm and a Helix. Wow, she has good taste! Take good care of her, she is a special one indeed. Be sure to give yourself some lengthy alone time to learn about your new toys and your reactions to them. This is difficult to do as a couple when you are concentrating on your partner's pleasure. Learning more about them alone will improve your experiences together.

    There is a long running thread on pegging that you may be interested in reading and contributing to. You should be able to use search to find it.

    Keep in touch,

  • AnerosWowAnerosWow
    Posts: 2
    Thanks for the welcome guys!

    With  all the stories I read about un-supportive wives/GF's I do feel very lucky to have such an incredible and open women. It seems the more I focused on making her orgasms earth shattering the more I got in return and the more willing she was to try new things. I think pegging was an out growth of that mindset, she wanted to give me the type of full body experience she has gotten use to. Sex was great before but nothing like the two or three minutes of intense pleasure that a pegging orgasm brings. She absolutely loves to watch me squirm when it happens.

    Looking forward to what my new Progasm and Helix bring me. Just need to find time to really get into it and I'm pretty excited to have something for when she is not available.