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Even the longest journey begins with the first Step
  • PachydermPachyderm
    Posts: 5

    By Pachyderm

    Even the longest journey
    begins with the first step.

    Or steps, rather. Like
    hitting upon the Aneros and its merry band of 'sailors' -
    aneronautes? - when researching about ways to alleviate some
    shortcomings of old age. Retracing the path to the toilet twice a
    night. Touches of ED. Mild prostate issues. Occasional haemorrhoids.
    To help my 63-year-old body there, without constantly contributing
    mainly to the financial health of pharma companies seemed promising,
    with the possible aspect of actual pleasure from the process thrown
    in as a very welcome bonus.

    Well, I live in the north
    of Germany, with English als my second 'first language' no problem
    reading through 60% of the Aneros Forum. Learned a lot and,
    strangely, RECOGNIZED a great many things. Like a probable 'Kundalini
    experience' over 40 years ago in a situation of grave personal
    stress, which turned out wonderously positive - but that is another
    story altogether. Like the surprise - and sometimes concern - of
    diverse ladies when they perceived me having twitches, slight
    convulsions and other 'after-echoes' of a traditional orgasm for up
    to 20 minutes. Though I come from a scientific background I can live
    and enjoy my life to the fullest. 'Really fascinating, Mr. Spock!'

    Nor am I a novice to
    'orgasmic healing', either. Some 18 months back I had a pretty bad
    case of heart arrythmia. Conventional medicine started its standard
    processes, half-poisioning me like a darn rat (blood coagulation
    stuff) and preparing for a 'cardioversion' - heart 'reset' by massive
    electric shock to the heart, not pleasant and not without risk at
    all. One Monday when he checked my pulse, my doc took a double take
    and dragged my bodily to the ECG setup, measuring what was up with my
    heart. And lo and behold, a beautiful 'sinus' curve again, everything
    that had to be there and not anything that was not supposed to be
    there! 'That's fantastic! What on earth did you do?' - Now I know
    that doctor for 30 years, told him the truth: 'Seven orgasms on
    Saturday - three with fireworks and earthquakes, two with fireworks
    only, two more to make seven!' He even conceded that an orgasmic
    'reset' to the brain could have a chance to do the same thing to the
    heart, as a side benefit.

    Now I am very happily
    married for over 21 years, two fine children over 18 now, my wife is
    from Thailand and a dozen years younger than her old man. 'Collided'
    with her 1992 in Bangkok, after three days always in the company of
    'chaperoning' friends we decided to get married. That certainly is
    another story, see

    When I have tangible
    results from the Aneros experience, health and/or enjoyment-wise, I
    will bring her into the scene. Very good contributions in the forum
    for that endeavour too, it might help that prostate relief issues
    seem to be much less frowned upon in Asia than they are in the West.

    When asked to draw a short
    conclusion from my readings in the forum about the Aneros journey,
    the first impression is something like 'It is YOUR very personal
    journey. Nobody else but you can or will do it, so find your very own

    Techniques like lubing,
    music, positions, contraction techniques, stimulation, diet and else
    can all greatly help but they are not as central as the one great
    'engine' of the process: RELAXATION. That means relaxation in body
    and mind. Especially in the 'expectations' field, never try to force
    something to happen. It is like a fisherman staring at the unmoving
    float of his cunningly baited tackle. Untimely attempts of
    'improving' things - position, depth, bait - might only result in
    driving off the potential catch. Observe closely what happens and be
    prepared for - almost - anything.

    So I let a virginal helix
    (thanks to Amazon, delivered to a postbox) do its thing in its
    environment, reasonably cleaned and lubed. I was sort of listening
    into my body, sometimes checking responses by small twitches here and
    there. Concentrated on breathing, on my heartbeat and on the echoes
    from my body. As sort of a relaxation mantra I called up the image of
    my favorite placid fishing pond in Thailand, complete with a
    red-white-brown float patiently waiting for the signals of little
    scaly 'guests' nibbling.

    And my eagerly 'pricked up inner
    ears' detected such a nibble, slight involuntary contractions, timed
    perfectly with my heartbeat, enjoyed that for almost five minutes.
    Nice. Not bad for a first beginning. When all of a sudden, STRONG
    involuntary contractions set in. Not unpleasant either but the second
    one shot the good ole helix up up and away - I was positioned on my
    back, additional cushion under my rump, legs bent with feet on the
    bed. That was, therefore the abrupt end of the session, found the
    thingy some six feet away on the carpet. God and Buddha be thanked
    for good cleaning before, no trace on the floor except some moisture
    from the lube jelly.

    Well, fellow aneronauts,
    so far the first but surely not the last impression from your new


  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    @Pachyderm, that is a great post. Thanks
  • PachydermPachyderm
    Posts: 5

    Some more noises from Pachyderm...

    THX for the responses, Isvara und Rumel!
    Hope I put this into the correct 'slot' on the aneros site because
    there is another 'blog' page with a different user interface. If not,
    no problem to transfer to the other blog if that is wanted and the
    other site seems more widely used, tell me.

    First, a technical note. To get some
    small amount of lubricating jelly to where it is supposed to do its
    job I obtained a tiny (5ml) one-way plastic syringe from a pharmacy.
    Without the needle, sure! It cost me 15 cents and well, I should
    have cut off the protruding plastic socket onto which the injection
    needle is supposed to be coupled. With not too deft and unpracticed
    fingers for the posterior action plus some bad luck, that thingy can
    really turn out to be a pain in the a...

    Well, I had some alone time at the end
    of the afternoon. Cleaned and prepared, though I knew that within two
    hours+x at least my daughter would be turning up. Scratch some of the
    deep relaxation, therefore. Such is life.

    After using the above mentioned
    syringe, insertion of my flight-tested helix seemed even easier than
    it had been on the first try. OK. Took ten minutes to relax, to get
    real comfortable, do some contractions (practiced them couple of
    times without the white plastic thingy, better now) and prick up my
    inner ears for the small echoes and 'nibbles' to come, hopefully.
    What came first was a telephone call. Back to square one. Such is

    Relax again. Listen. Some small things
    happening. Almost imperceptible convulsions and movements. Nice but
    everything still in neutral, if I may compare it to a car's
    gearshift. No problem with that. Feels as if my body and my brain do
    not yet really know how to cope with those new signals and feelings.
    That is what learning and patience are for. O yeah that patience is
    tested when my son calls to tell me when he would like me to pick him
    up, later in the evening. Such is life.

    Try to relax again. Realizing that I
    would probably not be able to reach the level of relaxation that I
    would really like I decided to make this a 'training session'.
    Putting a very light finger on the p-tab or base of the helix, not to
    move it but to precisely sense its movements! Then I try/practice
    contractions, front, back, hold, double, rolling movement. Nice to
    play the helix like a 'joystick'. Remembering the many references to
    contraction techniques in the forum, yet I remember to listen to my
    other important 'mentor' on the aneros journey: Frank Sinatra, I did
    it MY way! And it can not be wrong to find out exactly how my body
    works with the helix, the conscious side.

    By the movements of the helix, many
    sensations, most of them I can not yet really classify. But there
    seems to be a learning curve. Nice. Interesting. Promising. So when
    my daughter calls me that she would want to be picked up ten minutes
    from now I have no problem to clean up, put away the implements and
    get her. Darn telephone!

    By the way, even the two sessions with
    the helix plus the muscle exercises without seem to have had some
    small benefits already to my urinary tract and its performance. Not

    I'll keep you posted!


  • RayMitchellRayMitchell
    Posts: 42
    I love the fishing references, very good visual application. Please post more. Thanks.
  • PachydermPachyderm
    Posts: 5

    Pachyderm's progress...

    Not too many chances for Aneros/Helix
    tryouts. Tried it two evenings at bedtime. Possible with my wife next
    door - she once told me 'You snore like a water buffalo', sure! When
    she said that I almost died laughing because which western male would
    ever dream of being compared to one of these really impressive
    creatures! And they sure do make a hell of a noise, awake or asleep!
    Yeah that is why my wife and I sleep, sorry to say, not cuddled
    together in the same bed!

    Looking back at these attempts, I
    should have known that it would be an almost self-defeating process.
    Relaxation is the central engine of the aneros journey, and how on
    earth can I properly relax when there is the chance that my
    helix/prostate combination really 'ignites' and I can not avoid
    making a lot of noise and the family comes running to check whether
    their 'old man' has a seizure...

    The sessions were nice, pleasant,
    interesting but did not rock the boat - how could they with a
    subconscious 'brake circuit' firmly installed in my mind! Like fishing without a bait.

    On the other hand, the sessions DID
    work, if not on the orgasmic side, but perceptively on my health!
    Something profoundly positive seems to be happening to my prostate
    already, though my ancient pachyderm brain may not yet have found the
    correct key to all the sense impressions going along with that
    process. For years I have been taking medicines to facilitate the
    flow of ahem 'bilge water' to get rid of, though I have already cut
    their amount down to a quarter of the suggested dosage, with good
    results and in full accordance with my doc. This last week, my body
    has surprised me with almost perfect 'free flow events', like they
    were normal for me ten years ago! Made me smile because the Thai
    phrase for 'man taking a leak' is 'jing kratai', shoot a rabbit! Well
    a rabbit (kratai) I could not really shoot, only surprise, but I DID
    shoot a moth in the university institute's lavatory, and that is
    something I could not have dreamed of for a couple of years!

    Ok, not so uplifting for the
    unfortunate moth, but that is a small sacrifice in the interest of
    medicine (grin). Remember I did that when I was six years old - in
    September I will be 64. THX Aneros!

    Well, if this effect stabilizes and
    persists, I will discuss it with my doctor and get off the prostate
    drugs. That could then be a good angle to bring my wife into the

    Thx for your interest and I will keep
    you posted!


  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 390
    I sincerly hope you have better luck catching O's than I do fish! Also, they are all keepers, no catch and release here.

    Nice post and welcome!

  • PachydermPachyderm
    Posts: 5
    Hiho Xileh, look at this

    too bad that was 'catch and release' did not know that before went there with relatives. I am a primitive character if I catch a fish it is quickly and expertly expedited into fish heaven and later fried, cooked or smoked. Enjoyed with due respect for a fellow terran lifeform. Would not dream of hurting such a creature just to pull out and admire.

    Sometimes it helps a lot to take time at a lake, pond or river to observe what the fish are doing and when, to be properly prepared for a catch.

    May your lines not always be reeled back empty!


  • PachydermPachyderm
    Posts: 5

    Non-Progress Report from Pachyderm

    Two more sessions. With some luck,
    morning and evening when the 'rest of the gang' was out. Yet I seem
    to be encountering a brick wall, as far as any more than minute
    'pleasure' aspects of the Aneros are concerned. I seem to keep
    'hitting' the correct spots because the physical aspects of the
    prostate massage are coming along nicely - sure no one-day-effects
    there, as described, hooray for the 'free flow'!

    Sure there are some minor pleasant sensations
    - very tiny contractions, synched with my heartbeat and my breathing,
    but practically on the same level as my first 'encounter' a month
    ago, no more skyrocketing helixes now. Like the fisherman's float
    just floating serenely with maybe sometimes a small nibble from 'down
    below' or was it just a surface wave or only the wind?

    Well I should take a look at my own
    advice - expect nothing and do not try to force anything. Probably,
    judging from the apparent medical success, it is really a matter of
    the mind. My mind is full of surprises anyway, I can - within reasons
    - influence my heartbeat and my blood pressure. So far, no p-waves or
    anything, no nothing, no sensations from the prostate, good or bad.
    Like a switch that is not closed yet or a signal line that has not
    been laid. Maybe what I am struggling with is an unconscious 'taboo',
    having for almost 60 years seen the anus as 'exit only' for necessary
    but unpleasant body needs. Never envisioned the chance of pleasure

    Have to make that very clear to myself,
    something like 'Darn it, the prostate gland is right there where it is, look at
    the blueprints, and to get at it without cutting deep, you just HAVE
    to take the back door!' So, friends, I will be trying, will be
    patient and open, will relax and hope for a breakthrough or at least for some steps in that direction. Will keep looking and, when anything
    larger than a minnow strikes the bait, will keep you informed. And I
    will continue reading here about all the good advice to success - and
    non-success - to find my very own way.

    Fortunately, here 'the big one' is not
    'catch-and-release', it is for keeps!


  • PachydermPachyderm
    Posts: 5

    Pachy on the right track now...

    Well, fellow travellers. In the last
    post I did not sound as if I was treading a path of progress. Right I
    was, there. And it was MY fault, yes!

    That is the difference between theory
    and practice! And if I would not report the truth of how and/or why
    something happened (or not!) then you would all be better off reading
    Grimm's Fairy Tales instead of a doctored or laundered blog.

    To cut it short, a look at the
    anatomical overview which rumel (THX!) sends to newbies made me
    think. Why was it that nothing seemed to touch my prostate, could
    that be because NOTHING was really touching that spot? Simple as
    that. In the 'natural' position I had assumed my helix to be, the
    thingy was in truth, after some self-adjusting, almost an inch TOO
    FAR OUT!

    Sure, no self-respecting prostate would
    give a twitchy damn for a massager dancing somewhere near but
    practically or most of the time 'out of touch'. So far I seem to have
    exercised my sphincter muscles and some others but only marginally
    'touched base' - reached the prostate. Yet even that is having a lot
    of health benefits already. And they keep building up, even an itchy
    haemorrid attack seems to have greatly diminuished its intensity -
    yeah that comes from exercising those muscles round my back door!

    So in the middle of an undisturbed
    evening session, I managed for the first time to really put the helix
    into its CORRECT position, and it sure touched places where 'there is
    something happening'. Will keep on exploring, staying relaxed and
    patient, but now I know I can be going somewhere.

    It reminds me of that stupid old joke
    about the polish lumberman who buys a chainsaw and ist not convinced
    about its performance, getting no improvement for a week and brings
    the thingy back to the shop where the attendant starts the motor for
    a test. Surprised about the engine's racket the worthy woodcutter
    yells 'Hey, what the hell is that noise?'

    So well, I seem to have finally found
    the 'starter button'. I will keep the forum informed about where that
    gets me!


  • PachydermPachyderm
    Posts: 5

    Getting through Pachyderm's thick

    Well, Aneros companions, I seem to be
    well on the way now, as Frankieboy sang 'I did it my way'. Had a
    couple of increasingly pleasant sessions, some in the late afternoon,
    some in the evening. Only slight drawback there that when I turn onto
    my right side that is my preferred position for sleeping and, fully
    relaxed, I can fall asleep in no time. That resulted in sweet dreams
    and me getting the helix out sometime around 4:00 am or even later, a
    few times. No problem.

    Well-cleaned (using a slightly modified
    lab water squirting bottle) and lubed (tiny needle-less syringe
    augmented with a small green garden wire loop so that it does not
    disappear down below again when I push the plunger! OOPS!) and the
    good old helix now properly in position, results have been picking up
    slowly yet continuously.

    Things went from 'I can finally feel
    something touching my prostate(?)' to 'Does not feel bad' to 'This is
    quite good' to 'Hey REALLY GOOD where the f**ck is this going!' Seems
    my mind and body are in an active process of removing possible
    'roadblocks' there.

    Possible internal dialogue of my
    Prostate, timed approximately as 'one or two sessions per line',
    could have been roughly like this (grin):

    - 'What? Someone at the back door.
    Never had that before!'

    - 'It is a Miss Helix. Insists on
    touching me ever so lightly. How strange.'

    - 'Feels funny. Must ask Mr. P from the
    front about it. He might know. Newfangled notion but not bad.'

    - 'Hey brain give me a line to Mr. P!
    What about I never ever called anyone before? Get ya act together,
    old switchboard!'

    - 'P says I'm lucky, just relax and
    enjoy. Missy Helix is not a looker but man can she touch. Nice!'

    - 'She is getting me all confused and
    jittery. But GOOD, big THX Miss Heli, you surprise me!'

    - 'Oh, Heli, if you keep going on like
    this I can not fathom what will happen. But it sure will be

    Yeah that last line is the status of
    this morning. Woke up with a smile around 5:40, waddled to the
    bathroom wanting to remove the helix. After five hours at its place
    of work, some dirt was sure to have accumulated. Oops wifey was there
    in the tub. Wait, therefore. Back to bed, on my back, left knee
    raised right leg stretched. Waiting to hear my wife exiting the
    bathroom. That was when things happened! Reasonably relaxed, yes I
    was. Not focused on the helix at all. Not exspecting anything. No
    conscious convulsions. And yes, to be honest, maybe a slight - ahem -
    fart triggered it all...

    Hard to describe. Like a man who was
    blind attempting to talk about colors. Well the helix started its
    slight 'automatic' movement, roughly timed by my heartbeat, probably
    amplifying tiny peristaltic twitches (the normal autonomous movement
    of colon tissues). Good. Nice. Even nicer! A feeling building up of
    fullness, of tingling over my lower body like a warm water flow. And
    still gaining intensity like a wave that will be almost irresistible
    when it crests. VERY beautiful. Really powerful. Completely different
    from the pattern of the buildup to a conventional orgasm. I could
    sense the Tsunami approaching from the distance. Strong energies
    involved but nothing to make an old pachyderm waver.

    The alarm clock and my wife >Bathroom
    is free!< made for a slight 'coitus interruptus' there. No
    problem, the further way is clear. And boy, was I proved right with
    my assumption that cleanup would turn out to be a bit messy. Then,
    changing tracks into the 'normal' morning routine...

    That is the Aneros journey for me old
    pachy so far. Five weeks of travel now. Interesting. Very promising.
    Very helpful the forum and the information from rumel. And I hope I
    can contribute a bit to the progress of new members by writing this
    thread about my doings and reflections about them.

    From the health angle the journey has
    been real awesome so far, also. Had a med checkup yesterday all 'in
    the green' including improved blood test results and a
    near-to-perfect ECG plus significant progress with blood circulation
    issues in my legs. The 'free flow' is nicely continuing, too. Without
    more moths sacrificed on aeskulapius' altar.

    When I look at my first post in this
    thread now, I am absolutely surprised how rapidly and strongly I have
    progressed on both the 'health' and the 'pleasure' scale. Hope to
    keep both scales open in the direction 'UP'!

    THX so far Aneros community from


  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    Not long now...
  • PachydermPachyderm
    Posts: 5

    Follow-up from Pachyderm

    Thx twlltin!

    Had a rather hectic day and night.
    Around 4:45 pm my daughter calls that the big graduation party of my
    son's high school is not on the 19th but TODAY at 19:00 (7:00 pm).
    Nice to know had not yet had a ticket in my own hands. Well, hurry
    home, wash, get dressed finding dress pants that fit over my ample
    belly, yeah.

    Get to the place, late naturally,
    having had to pick up my son's girl friend. Nice event, good buffet
    dinner - not so good for my rotund waistline. My wife and I leave at
    0:15, kids stay. I do some reading and hit the sack around 1:15. OK.

    Around 4 am someone wakes me. MAN you
    are a hell of a lucky bloke that this is not Texas and I do not have
    a trusty .45 ready under my pillow! Oops it turns out to be my
    daughter's friend, he had an altercation with her and she is off still
    holding his wallet and phone. He knows where to find my kid's
    emergency house key outside. OK I dress real quick - fortunately no
    active helix this morning! - and drive him to the place where the
    family of my son's girl friend live. Daughter is there, girl friend's
    parents do not know but find a notice saying she is sleeping in the
    downstairs bedroom. Talk to daughter, stop the two young people's
    loud words with a „No matrimonial squabbles before outsiders!“
    that sure gets their attention. Grab both of them in a big hug and
    bring them to the friend's appartment, daughter readily agreed to
    that. Back in bed at 5:30. Guess this boy does realize he has a friend
    who happens to be the father of his special girl...

    Wake at 8:30, stretching out and
    getting my bearings I sense my prostate is about doing the same
    thing. Warm feeling, it is there, not hurting but somehow basking 'in
    the afterglow'. Well this is now the same body position as yesterday
    (one knee up other leg stretched) I might just try...

    Wow it works I can sort of project my
    heartbeat and its subtle pulsation onto my prostate. Get it to rock
    along nicely until even the old 'Mr. P from the front side' raises
    its head, all without any gadget only ('ONLY!') improved mind-body
    interfacing. Old elefant learning new tricks. Interesting where this
    can go. No more boring conferences or such! Sorry I have to abort the
    session because must get my son up (from bed with his girl) and help
    him get ready for a trip to Danmark with a handful of his fellow

    Have done so now he is safely off. Did
    some shopping and now I have decided to 'share the night and my
    experiences' with the aneros community.

    'Elefant trumpet sound' from Pachyderm

  • thanks for sharing.
  • PachydermPachyderm
    Posts: 5
    Hiho Aneros-ians!

    Am in Thailand with family, finally got the resort's wifi to function. Little privacy. Therefore no sessions. Some interesting moments before our journey, still. Will be back in the telling at the end of july.

    OK caught two nice fish (broadhead catfish) from my favorite pond. The larger around 3 pounds.

    Yours Pachyderm

  • PachydermPachyderm
    Posts: 5
    Hello, fellow Aneros-ians!

    Am back in the - at the moment not-so - cold North. Some short sessions, uneventful. Have to work myself back to the status before our holiday (4 weeks). But I will keep in mind that sudden 'strokes of luck' can just happen like mine with fishing on my favorite pond just a week ago!

    That nice fellow of over 4 pounds swiped the bait and took off like a submarine. Went all over the small weedy pond and I there alone with only my old trusty long fishing rod (without reel)! Managed to guide the fish ON TOP of the weeds where I could grab it. Five people had dinner off that fish.

    Will be back now on a regular base, hopefully with pleasant progress news.