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Other times for using the Aneros?
  • I've been scanning the forum looking for the answer to a couple of questions and have not come across it. My apologies if it's there and I missed it.
    1. Does anyone wear their Aneros around the house during the day or evening? Not sure I'm comfortable wearing it all night and don't have 2 or 3 hours to lay in bed during the day. So, would it be beneficial to insert it and do things around the house for a couple of hours?
    2. What about inserting the Aneros during sex with your wife or significant other? Seems like this could be a good experience, but not sure of the possible upside or downside of this practice. Anyone doing this and care to share their experiences?
    Thanks in advance!
  • kevindaykevinday
    Posts: 21
    i have slept with the porgsam in me and haave walked with it in. occasionally it has slipped out
  • Es0422Es0422
    Posts: 4
    new user here, but will chime in.  Have done now twice while doing sex to the wife. Is very pleasant!  The first time I put in to go to sleep and found it very enjoyable woke up very aroused and with my first p-waves, proceeded to literally caveman style take my wife in a frenzy.  Major increased arousal and volume into her was great.  Second time inserted just before sex session, very arousing during foreplay and great massage during actual sex, definitely noticed it and enjoyed sensations. Helped a bit to get focus off penile orgasm and was enjoying sensations during.  
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    @OneEyedWillie I have had intercorse once with my wife.
    She came into the room looking for sex after I had been having a 3 hour session with my eupho.
    Needles to say I was a little turned on after 3 hour and I shot my load within seconds of inserting into her.
    First time that has ever happened. It also did not help that this is the first time I had sex in about 1 year.

    Wearing around the house. hmmm Waste of time if you are looking for the proper aneros orgasm bliss, you will not get there but it can be a good experiment.
    Progasm feels great to walk with but it will work its way out.
    Helix with the tail cut off is good. It stays in and you can do things.
    I have done some house work, fed the farm animals and even rode the quad bike with it in.
    It has good feeling and bad feeling if you knock it.
    I would not really recommend it, if you fall there is a possibility of injury.
    If it broke and disappeared upwards then the hospital trip would be terrible.
    Sleeping with it is fine.
    I have slept with the progasm. Not recommended at all way to big.
    Sleeping with the helix or eupho is fine. Use a minimum of 5mls of lube maybe double it even but recommend vasoline coating the aneros.
    Done it many times takes a little getting use to but in the wee hours can blow your mind.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    @oneEyedWillie,  walking around the house with the aneros in is not going to provide that much pleasure IMHO.  The pleasure, if your new, is going to be very subtle at first which will take paying lots of attention to that area of your body whilst relaxing.  Not saying you cant do that, be my guest, but if your goal is to become rewired and enjoy prostate pleasures, its probably best to concentrate on just the one thing.  Many people including myself find even watching tv or porn can be distracting enough to render a session meaningless.  

    Having sex with your significant other is definately a better step in the right direction, though again it may not provide that much pleasure until you have been using the aneros for a while and have developed pleasureable sensations from it.  That being said using an aneros device can produce incredible super tradional orgasms!

  • euphemisticeuphemistic
    Posts: 961
    I leave the aneros after a session for a while and go about my business. It feels good as I continue to massage my prostate and remember the prostate orgasms. I take it out when these sensations pass.
  • Thanks for the input. As far as walking around the house, i can see where it would not be very productive. Guess I was just thinking out loud on that one. One of the first times I ever used my Eupho Syn was with my wife. While I did not notice much, she seemed to think I was a bit firmer. I'll keep experimenting and see where it leads me.
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    I've gone for a walk, worked around the shop, slept with it in, and had sex with my wife.  All worked rather well.  The Helix and Maximus worked rather well for sex, as does the Tempo, but the Progasm likes to push itself out, both during sex and during a session; something about its size and muscle contractions.  Wearing underwear definitely helps hold the Progasm in, and doing squats makes it thrust in and out used to be quite stimulating.  But with my extensive nerve damage from the spinal bone spurs, I don't get a lot of pleasurable sensations there anymore.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    I have used the Eupho (Classic) during sex with my wife and have found that it improves the experience remarkably. On one occasion several months ago, I actually had a dry O shortly before having a conventional ejaculatory O (while lying on my back).
    Afraid to say that I haven't yet been able to repeat that experience but I live in hope!

    Have never worn an Aneros device while carrying on normal activities. It seems to me to be unlikely to produce much in the way of benefits.
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    My GF came home and caught me with it in today, so, the sex is great. BUT, I wouldn`t recommend moving alot while using it because my prostate at least is sensitive. It desensitizes it in the short run and I needed a break to get back into the game.
  • I tried it while on a walk on the treadmill today. The speed was alternating between 3mph for 90 seconds and 5 mph for 30 seconds. the 5 mph felt like I was getting close . I will definitely experiment some more.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 390
    For regular sessions, I go for the Helix Syn. For over nighters, I like the Eupho Syn. It's smaller size works better for me. I can't sleep with the larger models for long. For sex, again the Eupho Syn allows for aggressive activity without discomfort.

  • I've worn my Helix Syn during walks to the store. Its was great, but you really have to focus on the sensations or they'll go away. Walk slow. The Peridise, on the other hand, doesn't care what you're doing. It'll just keep going ^^ I slept with my Helix Syn a few times in the beginning (i'm still rewiring). It was great at first, but I started getting desensitised. Try it maybe twice a month, two days in a row, if you didn't have a session those days. Again, I have to recommend the Peridise. I have found that the Peridise doesn't leave me feeling fatigued when I wake up. Instead, the muscles feel rested and I'm fully charged for more. Try sleeping with it 2 or 3 nights, then one night off. I'm currently using the second smallest Peridise BTW.
  • Hi all,

    Newbie that just received my Helix syn like a week ago. Being a commuter and spending 2hours+ on the bus every weekday, I have tried have it inserted while relaxing in the bus eat. No problem sitting with it, the spiral at the back of it does not hurt, just a little odd feeling. No real "Halleluja"-feeling, but still nice pleasure maybe a "mini-O" at the most. Hard to relax in a bus seat that is not overly comfortable. Best position is probably the one recommended lying on your side in bed.

    I have also tried it while riding my bicycle, this is not overly comfortable and your prostate is more or less massacred more than massaged. Not recommended!

  • Be careful.. not much nerves there and that makes the prostate easy to bruise or damage without noticing..
  • I'm not really one for sleeping with one, except for the the Persidise set.  Those make for some really sweet dreams and love the aftershocks the next day.

    I HIGHLY recommend having one inserted during sex.  My ex girlfriend used to ask me to put Progasm in during sex, said it made my performance incredible.  Also feels great having your prostate stroked while performing intercourse
  • Best so far, for me, has been just simply lying facedown on my bed, one leg angled so slightly lying on one side. I had a VERY nice session last weekend, the trouble is to quit and finally get some sleep !

    I would not say that I had a super-O, as they are described by others on the forum, but an extended  period of very intense pleasure that just will not "release" in a ordinary orgasm with ejaculation.

    But the exact position to make the Aneros hit the "right spot" seems to be a precision matter, only millimeters can be the difference of just a "nice feeling" to intense, quivering pleasure.

  • Today I had a GREAT session in the bathtub. The warm water helped me to relax more than I normally could. Now I'm thinking about hot-tubs and heated indoor pools. A 3am soak at a cheap motel might be exactly what you need. I know I'm going to try it, and soon ;)