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4 months of progress
  • JohnspikerJohnspiker
    Posts: 10
    So I bought my first aneros back in I think jan 28 this year. I got it in the mail on a saturday and as I got it in the mail, I was already excited about using it. My penis started to get hard just thinking about it as I unwrapped it. I thought I would be shaking like people using the aneros on video. I used it and felt nothing. I had done some prostate play before this but the aneros was different. Over the next month, some pee sensations grew as I had more sessions. I had one session where I got like 10 or 12 waves and this was the first one where I started to get precum leaking from the device. Still no orgasm yet. I went on to sessions where I did nothing. I just laid there and let it work. Well it didnt move in and out. There was one of these sessions where the pee feeling was actually growing. It got to the point of where it felt like I had to pee. Well instead I was getting harder and the pee feeling got more intense. This was over 15 minutes to this. Well the point where it felt like I had to pee turned to where I got that Im gonna cum feeling. My heart was beating and I was breathing hard and It felt like Id shoot any second now without my hands but it just went away. I never knew if it was a dry orgasm or if Id ejaculate. I went through a time where I felt nothing but I kep having sessions anyways. 

    Well yesterday, I used the aneros on my bed. I have learned it helps if I move it up and down although I have thought of buying a progasm. Anyways, after moving it up and down on my prostate, it felt better and all. No erection at this point except only when I inserted. Well after 20 or 30 minutes, my tummy started to tickle like a few sessions before. My legs started to shake some, I was breathing hard some and I looked down thinking Im gonna explode and it got a little bit more intense and dripped some more drops of precum but than it went away until I finished myself off with my hand. Was I on my way to orgasm? Am I making progress at all? Sometimes I can't tell if this works or not. Ive had a few sessions where I felt I got close but never went over the edge. Ive been trying to have more sessions where I refuse to ejaculate at the end.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    I think your on the right path.  Sounds like your doing everything correctly to me, though you may want to try and relax more when the sensation of cumming starts, though I know this can be difficult cause our bodies are wired to tense up like when we ejaculate, tensing up can cause the aneros to stop, so learning to relax into the feelings (if that makes sense) will yield better results in the future.
  • JohnspikerJohnspiker
    Posts: 10
    It's weird I just can't get over the edge and all. I thought ya Im doing it all right. It all seems like Im gonna cum really hard and than it just stops. No hand at all but it's annoying. Feels soo good and than it's like gone. The precum at times get crazy in the amount. I try not to tense up and it just goes away. 

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    You have espoused the same frustrating sentiment as many other newbie Aneros users. You are hanging on to the thought processes associated with traditional penile masturbatory behaviors leading up to the PONR (Point of No Return) or "Edge", but with prostate play orgasms there is no "Edge" (see my post to 'donniebrasco' - There is no EDGE).
    You need to learn to "Just Let Go !"
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    Sorry @Rumel, after having seen alot your posts about there not being an "Edge", I have to say I disagree. 

    Rumel is a world of wisdom, and this is probably the only place I disagree with his wealth of knowledge.

    The edge I experience is not what you feel when having a traditional orgasm.
    I have alot of buildups without this edge, this is why what I experience is my edge.
    It`s like falling off a cliff and the body does it`s own thing without me being able to stop it. It`s a point of no return.

    So what happens to me when I build up to an super-O is what alot of people say is a super-O. Pulse goes up, waves of shivering, tensing, movement of the aneros and all the good feelings.

    When I fall over the "edge" my body goes into a mode where the blood rushes even MORE than it does in the original Super-O. Then I get a release (this is the ege). The release is a surge of electricity emminating from my abdomen/prostate area. It washes over my body like every singel neural-receptor connects with electricity all the way out to my fingertips and toes. It`s both incredible and remarkable. I get exhausted after this and light headed.

    I can have traditional super-O`s like everyone describes them. But this edge I can only fall over one time in a session, and I rarely get there, unlike the the small and big regular Super-O`s I get. 
    I`ve only had four of them so far in my journey, and it really is all about going forth when the super-O hits.. not stopping but doing what you`re doing and increasing movement, pressure, breating or whatever it is I`m doing at the time.

    When I got this feeling I thought THIS was the super-O. What I didn`t realize was that not many had this surge, and still said it was a Super-O.

    So I guess, that if I have this cliff, it`s reasonable to say that I`ve actually hade an OTE-Super-O (OverTheEdge Super-O).