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Pre lube question
  • rohnez19rohnez19
    Posts: 20
    Hi all,

    I have been using my helix syn for about three months now. Still having very little success, but I know it's a long process. My question is: how much pre lube should I be using? I use astroglide natural and insert a syringe to get the 10ml of lube up in there. More, less? I just feel like it's not moving as much as I would like or think it should. Thank you!!
  • CockadoodleCockadoodle
    Posts: 400
    Hi, rohnez, welcome to the forum if nobody has said so.

    Lube...well that's always a tricky question, because every guy is different.  However, in my experience, you don't need anywhere near that much lube. 

    I would say cut it back to 5ml for starters.  You don't say if you have a problem with any lubes so I'm going to suggest that you use some Astroglide Gel rather than the natural.  Prelube as usual, and then give the Helix a nice coating of gel...just cover the whole thing.

    The problem with too much lube is just that...too much lube, you have to be careful when using as a good hard push may result in a messy bed.  And clean up is a bit of a chore as well, ESPECIALLY if you haven't cleaned out real well before your session.

    So try a bit less and see how that works.  You should have plenty for a good long session.

    Good luck.


    PS part of the reason I like the hard acetyl toys is so I can use a thin coat of Vaseline and some Astroglide X...very slippery and lasts for hours.  But with the syn, you're pretty much stuck with water based stuff and/or non-silicone based lubes.  FWIW
  • ZoopZoop
    Posts: 31
    Yeah 10ml seems excessive. You might want to try out other lubes too. I always found Astroglide way too watery and would move away from where I needed it, but I haven't tried their natural variant, just their other glycerine-free kind.
    I myself started with coconut oil, and then vaseline + coconut oil. These days I'll use  vaseline + waterbased lubes. Coconut oil can still be nice, but its a bit messy and tends to come out in the toilet messily (and will harden around the bowl) the next day.

    Also Cockadoodle, Vaseline works fine with the Syn too, although it is harder to clean off entirely without a bit of a film being present next time. But still me and other members have used it without any problems or obvious degregation. Oil-based lubes don't degrade sillicone, its just sillicone lubes you need to be careful with.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    Just 3ml KY gel injected by a syringe, (designed for administering medicine to small children), with an attached 5cm plastic tube does it for me.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 390

    I have found a little oil based lube with a coating of a water based lube works well with the Syn models. They seem to hold the lube longer. A bit of Vaseline or !Yes lube will last for hours for me. At his time, I don't pre-lube anymore with the Syn models. As for the movement, that may come in time as your muscles develop.