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Multiple nipple orgasm and prostate health?
  • zniehznieh
    Posts: 12

    My nipples were actually neglected. Then I figured that with more pressure I should get better results. I was pressing very hard and I got some pain/pleasure results. Then following my stupid idea I got two nail brushes and attacked my nipples receiving an increased sensitivity. Felt sore for 2 days. Now I have the result.. no pain but immensely pleasurable feelings.

  • CockadoodleCockadoodle
    Posts: 397

    I just realized that I have been over-stimulating my nipples.  Man, that slow flick method mentioned earlier is just the ticket!  Man does that speed things up for me, believe it or not.  Really good.

    Had a wonderful nip session last night...orgasms, with and without erection, went on and on and get the point.

    Good tips, boys...this is a great forum.

    Cockadoodle...learning something new all the time.
  • legace
    Posts: 128
    Try using a folded paper towel to stim your nips. Also use it on other parts of the body , almost no force required  -just the weight of the paper towel . Helps with finger fatigue as well because the paper towel gives you extra reach. i usually fold it so its about 1.25 inches by 4 inches, do what ever feels right for you. Sometimes making it wider is good for stimming the entire breast. Another favorite spot is the perineum, the paper towel gives you the reach you need.

    Personally whenever nips get wet i lose all sensation, so i use baby/talcum power on nips.
  • WuerstchenWuerstchen
    Posts: 189
    Thanks, Legace, for reminding me of my own discovery from a year or so ago--talcum powder on my breasts and nipples during a session.. This is especially useful in hot sticky weather. I also prep my breasts and pubes for the epilator with talc. By making the skin extra dry it eliminates abrasions.
  • Linum
    Posts: 186
    This is a fascinating topic.

    I would never have considered my nipples good for anything in the past - BUT - after several years of aneros use, followed by slightly less experience of temporary ejaculatory abstinence (and other Taoist practices), I have developed a knack for having dry-orgasms throughout sex. When my partners began to illicit dry orgasms by simply touching my nipples, I began to sit up and take note.

    Now, I can wake up in the morning.  I can begin to touch my nipples lightly, and my cock will grow to enormously hard and pulsing within seconds.  I don't have to think of anything or anyone outside myself to get a response. I will then get dry orgasms rapidly, one after another, on and on for almost as long as I can cope. Mostly my cock is hard, and there is a profusion of precum. Sometimes it is semi-hard.

    I usually begin by gently flicking the nipples, but the strongest sensation comes from placing my fingers on the end of each nipple, and moving my fingers so that the whole nipple moves round and round in small circular motions. As others have mentioned, the underside of each nipple seems the most sensitive. Sometimes gently pinching each nipple once it is hard, and a section of the areola, helps - but nothing rough here - less is definitely more.  I like Wuerstenchen's technique of moving in from my armpit to brush over the nipple, and will investigate this more.  I am discovering other areas, on my neck and ears in particular which illicit a similar multi-orgasmic response.  Isn't life wonderful?

  • WuerstchenWuerstchen
    Posts: 189
    Life is indeed wonderful, Linum, especially when one has discovered the ecstasy of nipple orgasm. The nipples are the gateway to fully erogenous, multi-orgasmic body. After awakening my body through nipple orgasm or often just nipple stimulation, I have had orgasms by rubbing my sternum, the undersides and outer sides of my breasts, the sides of my belly, the back of my neck, my thighs, and buttocks. With me any session usually involves orgasms from at least two of these areas, soetmes as many as four.