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  • TimC February 2004
inquiring before purchase
  • I am looking at buying this especially if it does what it says here but I first would like to know does it help with premature ejaculation? This is my main concern I want to be able to please my wife longer. She tries to be supportive and say that it is O.K. but I know better. Know what I mean?
  • TimCTimC
    Posts: 14
    Short answer is it might or might not. Sorry but it all depends on you and what is causing the PE. Using the Aneros will give you better control over yourself and this may result in greater control over your climax. But it will take time.

    However, you may also find it beneficial to use the Aneros with your wife - try inserting it and, once settled, have your wife sit facing you and allow her to massage your penis. Start at the base and her hands should pull up the shaft towards the head, letting go just before it touches the head. Don't do this yourself as you want a steady, slow rhythm to build and doing it solo will probably casue you to speed up to get the climax faster. A definite NO! Keep her doing this, using each hand alternately, for as long as you want. You will almost certainly ejaculate much more than you are used to - this being due to the Aneros assisting your prostate to empty. You probably won't get hard at all but this will be better as your wife should simply keep up the massage until you climax once, or even twice more (this may however make you sore - both penis and prostate). Golden rule: stop if it's sore as there's always tomorrow. If you do get hard then you may experience soreness sooner. Keep doing this over a period of a week or so and you may well find that your PE diminishes if not disappears. Also try to signal to your wife when you are very close to climax as she can "pinch" your penis just under the head to stop you - however this takes practice to get the timing right and expect the first attempts to fail. But enjoy the climax - there will always be other opportunities to try again.