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My effort to slow or even shrink prostate enlargement
    IF you are after the coveted big O, the dry O, the super O, or whatever else it is called, DO NOT read this article.  It will definately mess up your rewiring process and take you in the opposite direction from where you want to go if you are after that elusive O.

    DISCLAIMER: This is not a recommendation of any sort and is not based on any medical facts, it is only a true discussion of what I have experienced using toys from this and other sites in the last six weeks or so.  It is very descriptive so be warned.

    SO!!, the last finger wave I got from the company doc, he said your prostate is enlarged but even.  At 58, I have the classic get up to pee every hour at night feeling like my bladder is on fire and only a tablespoon or two comes out.  Back to bed and up again in the next 45 to an hour to repeat the process.  I purchase this book called "Healthy Prostate" which, among'st other things like a serious change in diet, discusses prostate massage as a potential benefit.  I start looking around for mechanical devices to maybe perform this massage function and end up at the Aneros site.   I go spelunking around in here and find all kinds of toys that have the potential to do just what I need, massage the prostate.  So I immediately settle on the Pro-gasm classic and immediately burn up the visa card getting it here.  Almost busted waiting on the Fedex man to get it here.

    Anyway, it was just as I imagined, smooth, and fairly large by some standards, tapered in the right direction so as to pull it in when contractions are made.  I was use to playing with some toys based on past experience with a significant other (read pegging) so I was not worried about the size of the pro at all.  The first time I inserted it, I fell in love with the new toy.  It was rubbing me in places that I never new I had.  After about a week or more of playing with it for a couple hours at a time, I decided to take it to bed with me.  Did the usual very good prep of you know where, coated it with Sacred Earth Massage Cream and sent it home for the night (inserted).  The next morning, I woke up very relaxed and I did not realize until later that I had only gotten up to pee twice the whole night long.  WOW!!!!!  I'm not quite sure what that thing did while I was asleep and I thought at first that it must just be a fluke.  So I repeated the same trick the next night and for five nights in a row.  Guess what, the same effect as the first night.  Woke up VERY relaxed and not near as tired.  Went to work and all was good.  So that has become standard practice for me now at least four times or so a week to wear it to bed.  I'm not sure what it is doing and maybe it is in my head but I'm telling you it does something to relieve the 45 minute need to pee all night so take it for what it is worth.

    Now, on the my latest experience this past weekend with the Pro and another toy I bought from another site.  Don't know if I can say it on here or not but someone can remove the name is I am not permitted to.  Anyway, someone on here mentioned a site called adam4adam.  So I went there just to snoop around and found this little jewel for sale there:

    I again burn up the Visa card getting it here overnight because I was going out of town and wanted it to "ride" along with me on my trip.  SO along comes Saturday night and I am sitting in the motel room chatting on here as usual with the pro installed doing it's thing feeling real good to say the least.  I suddenly remember that this new toy is in my bag (suit case bag, not the bag you were thinking about) and I immediately get it out, unwrap it and go to studying it.  I pull the battery insulating strip out and hit the switch and almost dropped it on the floor.  It has a real fast pitch vibration frequency and vibrated my fingers clear back to my knuckles.  (OK, here is where the "descriptive" part comes in folks"   Of course, my anus immediately immediately went into over drive and I was performing contractions like crazy.  This was making the Pro go into overdrive and the parts were screaming lets go.  So after I come to my senses and figure out what I want to do, I move over to the bed and of course lay down.  The new toy came with a sample of Doc Johnsons Anal lube so I proceeded to lube up the new toy with it generously.  I carefully removed the Pro and inserted the new toy gently since it was a little larger than the Pro but not too much to cause discomfort.  I inserted it like in the pic on the site with the "handle" under the "P" tab location.  It sucked in nicely do to the steep taper just slightly past the head of it.  I got it seated real good and then come the magic part.  I reached down and hit the ON switch and it immediately sent me to about 30,000 feet into orbit.  HOLY CRAP!!!!!  That high frequency vibration went clear up my spine and sent an amazing tingle through my balls (I warned you about the descriptive part right?) that was nothing like I have experienced in 58 years.  I just laid there as if my senses had been drained out of me for like, I don't know, five or ten minutes.  My um er, little helper (read cock) was about to burst so I applied some of the Doc lube and started stroking slowly at first.  That didn't last long and I went into overdrive stroking.  Within about three minutes, or so it seemed, I shot more cum out of that head that I have ever shot at one sitting, or laying as it were.  I just laid there wondering what had just happened for some time as I let the feeling subside a little.  WOW!!!

    That's not all yet.  After my senses finally came back, I got up to go to the large shower in the room to clean up.  I look at the new toy and my hole starts begging again once I had the hot water running in the shower.  It is still well lubed up and my anus was still twitching and I said, lets try a different angle.  So I reversed it so the handle so to speak, was opposite from the first insertion and inserted it again in that direction.  Ever so gently worked it in and out a little while to massage the opening as well.  The combination of hot water and that toy going in and out was driving me over the top again.  After several minutes of using it in that direction, I reversed it so the handle was back up front in the normal position but held it a little lower so it would bump my prostate.  In about a dozen strokes of that in and out bumping the prostate, my cock was rock hard again so I grabbed and started stroking since the Doc lube was now super slippery.  HOLY CRAP!!!  Within about two minutes, I shot as much or more than I had the first time, and I almost passed out and fell to the floor I was so weak.  Again, when my senses come back, I finally pulled it out and I had not even noticed that the batteries had died at that point.  Finally got the strength to shower and clean everything up.  I dried off and re-inserted the Pro and laid down on the bed very well spent and relaxed.  I have no idea what that thing did to me but it was an incredible feeling I will never forget.

    I am using the Aneros toys for reasons other than what some are doing it for which is to achieve the super "O" which I understand is pleasurable from reading here.  I also know that some on here do not like vibrators and that they can numb the prostate and surrounding area taking away from the desired effect of achieving the super O.  I on the other hand an trying to get both the massage benefit and the increased flow the book discusses in the hopes of slowing, stopping, and potentially reversing the enlargement process.  It may be all crap, and there is no medical proof as I stated earlier, but this seems to have the desired effect on me so far.  Those two ejaculations moved more fluid than I can remember moving in a long time so the combination of the Pro and the P Spot toy did something.  More research to follow.

    If you're thinking that this was a made up story to get people hot or whatever, I can assure you it is not made up BS.  This actually happened and I can feel tingles right now just thinking and writing about it right here.  Again, I have not idea what I did or what I stumbled across here but I plan to further the research for a while at least.  If it will keep me out of the urologist office and keep me from having all kinds of unnecessary tests, also in the book I am reading, I will try it for a long time especially if those are the results.  Hope you enjoyed the read and I will follow up again in about a week or so.  AGAIN, this is NOT a recommendation, direction, or anything like that.  It is just  the facts of what I discovered using these two toys.  

  • kevindaykevinday
    Posts: 21
    wow  joel.  i want and need that so much
  • Just realize it may not do the same for you right away or maybe never but it will be fun to try.  I also know this goes against the main reason for using toys to achieve the coveted dry "O" and absolutely DO NOT want to take anything away from that but as I stated in the writing, that was not what I was after.  I may get there eventually but this has definately give me the results I was after originally.
  • kevindaykevinday
    Posts: 21
    yes joel.  it will be fun to try.  i want som pleasure
  • dieseldudedieseldude
    Posts: 5
    Went to bed with the pro installed the other night, before I accidentally broke the P tab off, and it must have been doing something cause the wife woke me up at about 2:30 in the morning saying I was making all kinds of noises and was I all right.  I said OH YEAH and drifted back to sleep.
  • LingamLingam
    Posts: 8

  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,210
    You have one strong butt if you can break a progasm! lol  Rock-ON dude!
  • Theme_GasmTheme_Gasm
    Posts: 805
    My Progasm and it! Awesome early morning set of orgasms!!! They just keep coming...and I'm not gonna stop em!
  • dieseldudedieseldude
    Posts: 5
    Further research update:  Put the ice in about ten last night and feel into a restful sleep.  BUTT, woke up at 3:30 with the ice tapping on the back door and the all important prostate wickedly and had a raging, well, you know what.  Since I got the house to myself for the weekend, went and got the super slippery pull over relief device that had a wicked slippery lube mixture in it already, pulled it on over  the, well you know what, and nearly blew the end out of the super slippery pull over device when the pumping and contractions started.  Holy crap on a cracker what a feeling!!!!

    OH, also finally got new batteries finally for the powered toy mentioned in the article above and re-used it for the first time since that occasion.  Didn't go twice this time but the first one was like turning on a fire hose when the flow started.  AND, when I first inserted it even without it being in the "on and vibrating wickedly" mode, it started a healthy flow of clear stuff immediately, so much that it dripped to the floor.  WOW again!!!!!  Since I am after maximum flow in my case, as stated in the article, I seemed to have found the right combination to do so.  And am having a large time doing so.  May not help the swelling or decrease the size of the prostate but it sure is getting flushed out.  A LOT!!!!  And I like it.   More later.