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Current coupon code?
  • Hi, like (I assume) all of us I'm on the Aneros mailing list and get emails about promotions. I got one recently for 20% off your purchase, and I think it's still active for a few more days. Unfortunately I deleted it so I don't have the coupon code. Would someone mind giving it to me? Thanks!!!
  • CTCT
    Posts: 75
    Hey Mr. Binks,

    Yes, it's a Halloween special for 20% OFF.

    The coupon code is: HAUNT

  • That's the one...thanks a bunch!!
  • Hello, just signed up today for this site. have not got any promotional coupon codes or anything yet in email. Would like to know if there is a current Coupon Code I may use for reducing the cost of multiple purchases over $200.00
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    @aneros_user91867 theres not as far as i am aware.