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A bit of nostalgia... B Mayfield's very first post!!!
  • supportsupport
    Posts: 231
    B Mayfield.

    The man, the living legend of our Aneros forum and foremost expert on the use of our products. Was B Mayfield born into this world as the omniscient professor we know him as? Though it would be easy to think so, for our new users, it may be comforting to know that he was once a newbie as well. And to prove this, we'd like to point out B Mayfield's very first post. You can find it halfway down the 2nd page of the Guestbook Archive Part II sticky thread, back when the forum wasn't even a forum but a humble guestbook:

    Something interesting about B Mayfield's post is that a couple years ago when we were combing through our testimonials and guestbook entries for quotes to add to the front of our new packaging, one of the quotes we chose was B Mayfield's “all of sudden my entire body was awash in a blissful intense orgasm that quite frankly defies description” from this post. WOW. How is that for great writing? It is one of our all-time favorites.

    From the variety of posts on the forum, it's clear that different techniques will work for each individual, and it's a good idea to try as many different techniques as possible on your journey with the Aneros. However, the one piece of advice that is truly universal, and given by many of you is one that B Mayfield also gave in his first post -- relax.

    “One last thing I came to realize is that you must not try too hard to “make this happen” the same way that you could if you were masturbating yourself to a traditional penile orgasm. The method is to experiment, relax and just let it happen.”

    What we love and appreciate about B Mayfield is that he genuinely cares about helping others reach the level of success he has had with our massagers. And the fact that his writing is so articulate and detailed makes it fun to even send a question his way because you know you will get a great response. It is a huge understatement when we say that the forum (and bee-line, for that matter) wouldn't be the same without his contributions. So here's to B Mayfield, and a repost of his very first entry into the forum for your enjoyment.

    The Aneros Staff

    Name: b mayfield
    Comments: I am heterosexual in my 40's. I have experimented with anal stimulation in conjunction with traditional hands-on masturbation for years and found that it could greatly enhance the magnitude of orgasms. From time to time I was even able to get close to an orgasm by indirect prostate stimulation. This put the idea in my head that it might be possible to have an orgasm by direct prostate stimulation alone. I have always had my eye open for something other than dildos and phalluses, as these things didn’t really work for me, besides I always felt odd in using them. I was looking for something that was anatomically designed for stimulating this area directly and precisely. As it turns out I was looking for the Aneros. My first experience was truly incredible. The device was easy to insert and after several minutes of getting accustomed to it, I started experimenting with contractions of my anus as outlined in the online instructions. It felt so good, I could actually feel the Aneros stroking and pressing against my prostate and I had total control over it. After several minutes of holding and releasing contractions, I became aware of a second sensation arising from the perineal stimulator on the outside of device. Soon thereafter, I was able, by holding a medium size contraction to produce sensations from both my prostate and perineal area at the same time. Suddenly this feeling started to build and strangely I could feel more pressure on my perineum, as the device was being pulled deeper into my rectum seemingly on its own! Then, my anus started to quiver in spasms. With each quiver and quake I experienced incredible tickling and tingling sensations, I soon realized I was having an anal orgasm. Soon the sensations became more deeply centered in my rectum, then in my whole abdomen and all of sudden my entire body was awash in a blissful intense orgasm that quite frankly defies description. (But “out of the body” might be close) It was on a completely different order of magnitude than anything I had ever experienced, alone or with a partner. Furthermore the sensations continued for what must have been a full five minutes! By the way I failed to mention that all of this occurred without any stimulation of my penis, in fact, I had no erection at all! This was only my first experience with the Aneros. The second time around I had a little trouble reaching the same place, so I decided to read some of the user feedback. This I found very useful. First, I created a stabilizer for the perineal stimulator using the radiator tubing and paper clips, as I saw suggested. Secondly, I made sure to use more than ample lubrication. In my case I found a small syringe that I had from when I had dental surgery (the kind you use for rinsing out your mouth with a stream of water), and filled it full with KY jelly. I then carefully inserted the tip into my anus and dispensed the entire quantity of lubrication into my rectum. In addition, I also lubricated the Aneros for easy insertion. Once inserted the Aneros was completely submerged or immersed if you will, in lubrication, allowing for maximum freedom of movement inside my rectum, with maximum stability outside for the perineal stimulator. In this way even the minutest muscular contraction could be translated to the stimulator both inside and outside. In addition, I found my own innovation, which I’d like to pass along. In the Aneros’ instructions they mention something for advanced users involving arching your pelvis upwards while lying on your back. While I did find this position very pleasurable it is very difficult to maintain for very long. I used a dense (hard) foam roll that is about 6 inches in diameter, underneath the small of my back, just above the buttocks. I had been given this foam roll while I was in physical therapy for a back injury. With this roll in place, it elevated my pelvis so that with my feet flat on the floor and my knees bent, my body was at an angle with my pelvis being the highest point. This has the effect of taking the curve out of the spine and somehow repositions the Aneros in the rectum. This seems to place the Aneros at the optimum position for these “tidal wave orgasms”. One last thing I came to realize is that you must not try too hard to “make this happen” the same way that you could if you were masturbating yourself to a traditional penile orgasm. The method is to experiment, relax and just let it happen. The truth is that there are many pleasurable sensations along the way and you shouldn’t miss out on any them. In my most recent session I had no less than six full body orgasms and multitude of mini orgasms over a two-hour period. It was really just 2 hours of unending waves of orgasms; small, large and tidal. At the very end of the session I decided to masturbate myself to an ejaculation with the Aneros still in place. All I can tell you is that, as you will see in the manufacturers description of the product they say that you will “completely empty your prostate”. Well they got that right! The amount of semen I produced was staggering. My penis got so hard and so large I couldn’t believe it. And as I was coming I could feel the Aneros stroking and pressing against my prostate with each rhythmic contraction. It was just unbelievable. As a matter of fact, my anal contractions became so intense that the Aneros came flying out of butt across the bathroom that I was lying in, followed by a stream of KY! Yes it really happened. An anal ejaculation? No,… but it must have been something to see!! I couldn’t, I had my eyes closed at the time. Discovering the Aneros stimulator has been nothing short of a life-changing event. Yes, I really mean it! There is something tremendously empowering about knowing that you are can give yourself this intensity of pleasure. In closing, all I can say is that anybody who hasn’t experienced the Aneros just doesn’t have a clue of what their bodies are capable of. Thank you

    P.S. Note to the manufacturers. You need to get this device reviewed in Men’s Magazine’s and get the word out. Aneros should be available in drugstores as far as I’m concerned.
    Wednesday, March 12th 2003 - 11:21:41 PM

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460
    To the Forum members, Support and B.F. Mayfield,

    While utilizing one of the new features of this improved web site (namely "view unanswered posts") I came across this one that I thought others might enjoy reading as much as I did. I just couldn’t resist responding to this post.

    Brian, in 4 ½ years, you’ve lent a helping hand to a great many, now very happy, dedicated Aneros users in achieving levels of pleasure we didn’t know even existed. Thanks for the sharing!
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,335
    Hear hear!

    yup, that "seminal" post may be the reason we are all here. in addition to the aneros team's brilliance in designing the device and supporting this very successful forum, as well as having just the right healthy open attitude about the whole endeavor, it is quite possible that Brian's insights and commitment to education have made the aneros the success it is today.

    so, raise your mouse to the aneros team and to their star customer and evangelist, B Mayfield.

    and, thanks rumel for unearthing this and bumping it up here for us to look at again this two years later. probably should be dragged out and toasted to again a couple of years hence!

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460
    While researching some other reference material I came across this post originally posted in February of 2005 to which I responded in November of 2007. As @darwin suggested, and I agree, this should be dragged out every couple of years to be re-read by all the new members. It's been more than 5 years since this was last seen so it is overdue for re-posting.

    'BF Mayfield's original post occurred in March of 2003, so this marks his more than ten years of truly dedicated contributions to knowledge and continuing education. He has been a mentor to thousands of happily satisfied Aneros users, I consider him my mentor and a good friend as well. We all owe much of our understanding about the use of Dr. T's wonderful Aneros invention to him. If you wish to get the most out of your Aneros model, heed well the council offered in the thousands of posts he has authored on these Forum pages.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • WiredWired
    Posts: 83
    I think it's great the staff recognise not only the community, but it's pillars too. Good vibes all around.
  • hulahula
    Posts: 234
    I owe BF a great deal. His explanations helped me to learn how to use an Aneros very quickly.