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4 simple things that may be holding you back
  • mrminutemrminute
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    Through the few years of using my MGX I occasionally discovered little breakthroughs along the way; in particular mistakes or things that I changed for better results.The next paragraph is purely background on myself so feel free to skip ahead now to the 4 reasons - that's what this post is about. This is neither perfect nor objective and is all arguable - it's simply a list of things that you might not have noticed before that may help you over the edge. I've avoided talk about arousal, positions and rewiring because that foundation is a given since this forum is already a massive wealth of info.

    I'm a new member here but have been an Aneros user since 2011, when I got myself an MGX. I was lucky enough to almost reach an SO in my first few uses, but I'd been into self prostate massage and curious exploration for several years beforehand so I went through little discomfort then. And like everyone else, I'd had bad times as well as good along with a very long period with virtually no results whatsoever. During that time I tried to remember what I was doing so right in the beginning but couldn't recall enough, so I started again in a way from day 1. So, what went wrong during that time? If you're in a similar phase, what might be holding you back?

    1) Your P-Tab may be giving insufficient pressure: 

    This refers mostly to the MGX, with its hook-like P-Tab which some people, myself included, found irritating to the skin. A popular fix was to place a folded tissue on top which was great - however if you do this, check how thick you're making the tissue. I downplayed the importance of P-Tab pressure before and was getting enough decent feeling from the inner part massaging the prostate, but I didn't realise the difference harder pressure on the perenium made. The folded tissue I used kept the tab comfortably in place but it really reduced pressure, so in the end I tried without it and realised that the correct pressure not only made a big difference - it was a key in helping me over the edge to an SO. 

    Lastly, everyone's different but for me the key was P-Tab pressure in the general area, not strict focus on one spot - if you're stressing out trying to find a sweet spot, relax and press the tab into the area - if you feel a slightly weird internal discomfort, your spot is probably fine. So, if you're using a folded tissue and don't feel enough pressure, use a smaller and thinner sheet or if comfy enough, try it again without tissue.

    2) You might be mixing up your contraction types:

    I'm a big fan of CaveOfMystery's "Quick and Dirty Path" method (, however something that I doubt has only happened to me was a bit of confusion over what type of contraction is which. This has been answered before in this forum so I won't go into details, but think about the contractions you're using. While using the above method, I assumed the contractions needed for the "tug o' war" thing were two "pulling in" contractions. I'm using these simplified terms to illustrate the action. Whilst these sometimes worked well, for several months I hadn't realised that the competing contractions should actually be a "pulling in" combined with a "pushing out". 

    I'd gotten confused by the names "anal" and "rectal" when applied to contractions, as "contraction" often implies something being withdrawn inwards. When I did this method the way it should be done, i.e. making "pulling-in" and "pushing-out" contractions compete with each other, the improvement was tenfold. So, are you only using these "pulling in" contractions? If you were unsure of the difference between rectal and anal contractions like me and are struggling, try combining "pulling in" and "pushing out" contractions, pitting them against each other.

    3) A scuffed Aneros might be irritating your prostate:

    Aneros products are generally extremely high quality and seamless, however a few of us have felt a seam before, or maybe we've scuffed the texture through sanding or scratching. Take a good look at your Aneros. Are there any tiny spots or scuffs? If so, you might not notice them but the mild irritation they may give your prostate can detract from the experience. You may still feel good but notice a certain overstimulation down there. Don't worry - try the condom method (slipping a condom over the Aneros) which should smooth the texture perfectly. I always do this nowadays because I prefer the feeling anyway. The condom will stay on properly - no need to tie it at the end. Don't use extra lubricant to try and smooth any scuffs! The lubricant allows the Aneros to move more freely and slickly - it doesn't cancel out scuffs, it makes them worse. That sharp seam can now slide along faster and act more like a blade than a scratch.

    4) You may be thinking of SOs as only one "group" of sensation:

    This point is by far the least simple and most open to interpretation, but to me it's the most significant. When we talk about an SO, we might think of it as a certain group of "super sensations" which have a recognisable buildup, feeling during release and a certain method to achieving them. I can say from only a few years of use how wrong I was to think that way. There's only one point to take in here, and it's what has been said here many times before: don't think of an SO in terms of certain predictable sensations or a predictable buildup. Go looking for pleasure and when you feel it, just follow it no matter whether or not it felt similar to when you last had an SO or were getting close to one. I'd go as far as to say that there are different kinds of SO with distinctly different feelings. Not predetermined types, but different kinds of experience:

    1) The first SOs I had came from intense concentration on watching arousing media and controlling my contractions - I'd be manually pushing and pulling them even when they fluttered with involuntaries. I'd wrap myself in a fantasy based on what I was watching and the more vividly I imagined myself participating, the closer the SO seemed to come until I became fully erect, shook violently and lost myself in an SO. This type was very sexual, based on concentration, imagination and was easy to get close to but extremely difficult to push into the SO.

    2) The next type of SO happened by accident. Feeling tired from an uneventful session, I propped a pillow under my backside, laid back bringing my feet up and used a contraction to hold the Aneros in. Still on the pillow I sat up to adjust something, laid back down and then put my feet straight. This position locked the Aneros in tight on my prostate while the back handle got caught on the pillow, tugging the Aneros back a little. Before I knew it, small tight involuntaries started, and the Aneros started to almost vibrate as it couldn't move properly. This triggered a massive, overwhelming wave of pleasure which caused my legs to shake rapidly and lasted for several minutes before I stopped from exhaustion. I became erect but this SO was not sexual at all - the pleasure was a whole-body sort and I was not focusing at all on anything that aroused me, nor did I really feel too aroused despite being hard. I have never been able to replicate this SO.

    3) This was at once the most and least intense SO I've experienced. One night I fell asleep with the MGX still inside me and suddenly woke up aroused but completely flaccid and in a half-waking state. I wasn't holding a contraction nor had any involuntaries started but my entire pelvic region felt alive. I could feel the Aneros so subtly pressing my prostate, throbbing gently with each heartbeat. Waves of heat passed through my body, followed by intense, totally non-sexual pleasure and despite being totally relaxed, my heart rate was increasing fast. The sensations felt like being between anxious shivering and almost dreamlike pleasure. I could feel myself wanting to moan. I stayed in this state for about 45 minutes before it gradually faded away. This was least intense because I needed absolutely no movement to start it, and most intense because it was pleasure on an entirely different level than the above two.

    4) This is the SO I can reach more easily nowadays, through a combination of my own contractions and the "Quick and Dirty" method. This feels equal parts sexually arousing and pleasant to the body, and comes gradually through constant relaxation and involuntaries - each involuntary contraction feels like a smooth hammer gently tapping my prostate until each tap explodes into a wave of pleasure. It feels slightly less intense than the above three, but wonderful anyway and lasts for several minutes.


    So I'm not sure how to wrap this post up, but I hope this has helped a few people take a quick look at the way they're using the Aneros and try out a few subtle changes if needed. The above changes were exactly what I found one-by-one to help me reach an SO, after I forgot what I was doing do right in the beginning and had to work up to it again.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    @mrminute, thanks for all of the information.  I just happen to be in a state of duds for the last few months and have been trying all kinds of different things to get back on track.  Hopefully your information is useful as I will try some of your ideas.  I'm very interested in your contraction method, and kinda confused about the pulling in/pushing out.  Hopefully you could elaborate on this if possible.  Thanks!