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The waves and breathing
  • BigOluverBigOluver
    Posts: 255
    Hey guys here again to explain my three month journey so far. I have had many Super O's and dry o's and they all feel amazing. i am really in-tuned with my body. I know what turns me on and I know what turns me off. I'm starting to get really good at edging with my device in even though i came by accident a few times but the end feeling was still great. I have tried tantric exercise and breathing and they get me worked up very fast and good. So lately I have been reading about tantric erotic music to get you in the mode. I have a sexy playlist on my computer that i listen to while i edge but it just makes me horny and want to cum. But I actually have listen to a full 30 minute song and i wanted to explode. The waves and the breathing was so calming. But while it was calming it was also making me hot, ad then i start to gyrate then the breathing picks up and then my penis starts to pulsate. I feel the pre-cum just at the tip ready to slide down the shaft. I trying not to think and just my body go but I'm also trying not to cum by accident again. I read that you should look your dick in the eye and command it with your mind not to burst. But it was feeling so good. Every time a wave crashed on the song i got hit with a pure burst of pure blissfulness. Im shaking like crazy still trying not to cum. Who thought that a 30 minute song can do this to a person. I mean I'm pulsating like crazy. I'm trying to talk my self out of cumming. I have tears in my eyes but I feel so damn good. After the song ended I stopped. I slowed down my breathing and just turned off my computer and fell a sleep. I did not cum yesterday. this all happen yesterday. I have my device in now and as i type my mind is just going bonkers cause i still want to cum. I am trying to hold off til tomorrow but i don't think my penis would like that. The music the breathing the waves did me in. I loved it all. Has the music ever got anyone else that close to want to explode everywhere.
  • sandmann206sandmann206
    Posts: 12
    The only audio clip I've tried with the aneros is the hypnaerosession file. It starts off as a relaxing introduction, guides you through lightly touching your body & contractions then after a while just has sounds/music for the last half (it's been a while since I listened to it, but now I'm tempted to dig the file out of my old pc). There are parts where you can hear a woman moaning & echoing between the music which really got me going, I definitely remember that. 

    Do you or anyone else out there have any examples of erotic/tantric audio clips you like (title, youtube links etc)? I'm curious to explore erotic music more, I haven't really touched this subject in a while but it seems like such a great idea, especially now that my sexuality has grown from a few years ago
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    BigOluver & sandmann206,

    Many Anerosians reportedly use various musical selections as regular parts of their Anerosessions.
    A little over 4 years ago I solicited musical input in a thread titled Aneros Aural Accompaniment - WIKI listings? to start creating a composite playlist for Aneros users. Additionally, you may wish to check out The Aneros Audio Experiment & The Erotic Audio Challenge for some other audio ideas/selections.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
    Posts: 21
    There's an app for iPhone (so probably also for android) called "White Noise." Has things like sounds from a beach, heavy rain, lawn sprinkler--things like that.  And it's a timer too.  So you set it, and it plays the sound for the time you set, then shuts off.  Perfect way to time my sessions. So ti's just me, the relaxing sounds, and the aneros. No porn, which is the big thing for me.