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advice needed
  • kevindaykevinday
    Posts: 21
    i have got an aneros and need guidance. So after I lube up and insert it up me i just go to bed and lay there. Should i do anything but lay there. how can i awaken my prostate guys
  • JspadJspad
    Posts: 179
    It takes time for most people to learn how to feel stimulation there. I'm two and a half months in, and I haven't awakened my prostate yet. Don't get discouraged though, as pretty much everyone here says that it's all more than worth the wait. Best of luck!
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    @kevinday, I suggest that you set up a pattern how often, but make it regular. Prep, insert, find the most comfortable position, e.g on your back or on your side, stay in that position for a while, be patient, relax and give yourself some time. I think it is important to settle down and not be confused by posts that are about great experiences.
    Sort out what is the best lube, which Aneros you are going to use and the best uninterrupted time and how long. As everyone's says you don't awaken your prostate - it will awake you. Now there may be small things you can do to help your progress but only after you have given you prostate some real time for it to see if you are serious in committing to the the long journey.
    For most there is no instant gratification, so don't expect it.
    It may be weeks even months before your prostate even is aware of the Aneros. Never the less there will be nice feelings, but they may initially be very slight.
    I wish you well on the journey. Remember consistent baby steps.
  • WiredWired
    Posts: 83
    "As everyone's says you don't awaken your prostate - it will awake you." - @isvara

    I havent read that myself, However completely agree with that. Good advice