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prostate health and T levels
  • kevindaykevinday
    Posts: 21

    I went to my doctor for a prostte exam after a blood test which said 2.4. He examined my prostate and pronounced it healthy and a nice size..  I asked him about maintianing prostate healthy and he said he knew nothing except to h have a healthy and active life.  I never mentioned about aneros or mentioned about prostate massage or masturbation.  i then went to bed and lubed my hole a lot and and the syn. and feel asleep.  Never felt anthing. When i got up it slipped out.  Did i use too mch lube or should i clench my muscles.  Should i try the progasm guys.  i have the syn in me and am rding it and is smoothly sliding and its pleaseant but nor orgasms. I know Wertscher has a group.   How can i join it. Any advice guys. I also am going to have a l blood test for low testostorone levels


  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 602
    Remember to ask them what the units of measurement are next time. "2.4" on its own is meaningless without knowing what it's measured in reference to. It could be teaspoons per Olympic-sized swimming pool for all you know. Different parts of the world use different units, even in the medical profession. The only way to compare is to know what those units are (and what was measured).
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 994
    Sounds like. 2.4ng/ml. My last PSA was 2ng/ml

    Age. Serum PSA (ng/ml)
    40-49. 2.0
    50-59. 3.0
    60-69. 4.0
    70-79. 5.5
    ref prostate
    the above reference scales the PSA to age for normal
    Levels not age scaled
    - Normal PSA: 0-4 ng/ml
    - Slightly Elevated PSA: 4-10 ng/ml
    - Moderately Elevated PSA: 10-20 ng/ml
    - Highly Elevated PSA: 20+ ng/ml