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How Close Am I?
  • RigelOrionRigelOrion
    Posts: 27
    Just had an Aneros Helix shipped to my hotel room, after reading about them here on this forum. I had this entire thread to read on the flight and knew I had several days to try it out. The tips here were excellent, I could hardly wait to get to the hotel. I even picked up supplies for enema cleansing and a nice applicator to insert lube as needed (both are a big plus in this).

    After three days I've spent a lot of quality alone time with the Helix. It fit me very well, and I'm already a regular practitioner of Kegel exercises (and very aware of the anatomy and it's response). Dildos have always been fun but never gave me the sensations I've felt with this Helix. I am quite a fan.

    So far I've not yet achieved the elusive Super-O, but I've definitely experienced the mini-O's described here, so I must be close. Relaxation is definitely the key, and distractions no matter how small affect the performance. On the plus side I've had the most amazing, explosive orgasms I can recall having - turning my penis into a shooting semen sprinkler. I will continue to search for the mighty Super-O, and am enjoying the exploration.
  • Hey all, been a while since I've posted.

    As you know, I got the Helix a few months back (give or take) and have been using it often. Yesterday I did an 1.5 hour session with it, and during it there was a moment when an intense feeling came over me that felt good. It wasn't a super-O and it didn't cause me to shake, moan, or anything... but it was like a surge of energy going through my whole body, felt like I was floating. I also noticed that it felt like my prostate was hugging the helix as if it was craving more of it.

    It lasted for about a minute or so then faded. To best describe it, it would be like edging your way to an orgasm and then suddenly right before going over the edge the feeling subsides completely. This happened about 25 minutes into the session, I kept going and had a few moments of tingling sensation but nothing like that.

    I was curious how close I may have gotten to a super-O and if this is a common feeling that others have?

    Thanks all!
  • A couple of months after I posted my first message above, I ordered a Progasm Ice. Just as it arrived I had my first Super-O with the Helix. I've since added an MGX and a Helix SYN to the fleet, and gave away the original Helix to a pal of mine.

    The MGX is now my favorite, and I've had two years of amazing play with these devices. Looking forward to trying out the new Progasm Jr. My Progasm Ice is fine, but I think it just misses the spot.