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Packaging information
  • WiredWired
    Posts: 83
    Ok so it's been along time since I bought my MGX so I can't remember exactly what was in the packaging. I remember being fairly impressed with the stylish box and knowing what I know now about aneros think it is well suited to the product inside. I would like to make a suggestion however. I don't think there was anything inside the box in the way of a users manual (if I'm wrong please let me know). I realise that it may seem a bit silly to have a user manual, but as the majority of us know, there's a lot to learn about your new toy. I think it would be a great idea for aneros to package their products with either a simple printed copy of the wiki, or even better to turn the collective information of the wiki and the well respected experienced users into a sleek stylish handbook to go with your model. There's a couple of issues I can see with this however, increased cost to the company and in turn the consumers and also the "why do we need to" outlook with consideration of this forum being a good source of information and a way for the consumers to rate and discuss there aneros toys/sessions. Now I agree that those are 2 good reasons not to. However with nearly a million sold the forums do not reflect that in terms of community size. I do also recognise the other aneros forum with different users. But I was wondering how many people bought one without research, tried it a couple of times and gave up on it. I'd like to hear some other thoughts on this, merely a thought I had during my workday today. Again if there is one already ill delete the thread.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    I notice quite a few new members of the forum are very frustrated that they do not get the instant gratification that they expect. I dont know where that expection comes from. It may be necessary to create the initial interest. There will be many more who don't get as far as the forum. It seems as if there needs to be some instruction or information that helps new users understand that it is a process of awakening that can take quite a lot of time in using and of using. On the other hand I can see significant problems with the descriptive language and the source angle/culture.
  • WiredWired
    Posts: 83
    @isvara For clarity sakes could you expand on this? "On the other hand I can see significant problems with the descriptive language and the source angle/culture". It's been a very long day for me (14 hour shift) and I'm struggling to properly digest that. I also have noticed alot of posts on this forum over the last year which had a lot of people expecting instant results. I would like to point out something I overlooked when posting my first post. Of course there are people who read the forums but don't sign up, giving a skewed results as to the sales compared to forum members. Also time has a similar effect. I wish I could paragraph my posts but I don't yet know how to hit the enter button my normal keyboard has at home, on my phone. Cut me some slack though. I've only had it 14 months.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    A few users will have been attracted by the health benefits
    A few because of help with BHP or ejaculatory dysfunction.
    Some a logical extension of Kegels

    Most will be attracted by the promise of enhanced orgasmic experiences. (Or will become so)
    Some of these will have had anal experiences or don't have a problem with it
    Others will be wary and some will have internal struggle with anal verses benefits.
    Some will have a religious struggle with anything sexual let alone anal.

    The difficulty I mention is how would an extended information booklet approach the use of an Aneros and be able to keep it sufficiently neutral yet "medically" accurate. Remembering most men have little knowledge as to what is at the inner end of their dick! And many males don't or can't read.

    I am still working on this. I am trying to find what has been helpful to me, what I like to know, what is encouraging and what is off putting. So I am only really thinking aloud but I really appreciate your post.
    So much for now. 14 hr shift that's long!
  • WiredWired
    Posts: 83
    Oh a good thought indeed. I was only looking at this from the pleasure side of things. And now that you have mentioned that I think this discussion has probably already been had with the staff. Probably running into that problem and choosing not to include such a manual. Indeed 14 hours is long and I'm still up, I will give this some more thought tommorow.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    I agree with you that more information is needed in the product packaging regarding using these prostate massagers (they are more than just sex toys)

    There have been a number of discussions over the years regarding the development of an instruction manual, a user's primer or similar guidebook to aid men in their quest to fully utilize these marvelous, yet inscrutable, little devices. However, there are a number of issues facing the manufacturer (HIH) which makes printing such a manual problematic.

    There have been independent guides proposed which have been shown to lack credibility as discussed in the Aneros userguide... thread. There was the Concise Aneros Instructions... thread which had its own shortcomings. I authored the thread Is it time for an Aneros Beginner's Primer? which touched upon the issue.

    Part of the problem with developing such a guide is the number of paradoxes involved with techniques and the diversity of users desires and expectations for their usage as @isavara alluded to in his post above. If the manufacture formalizes an instructions set which is too specific, they set themselves up for lawsuits by people claiming breach of an implied warranty of functionality when the product doesn't perform to their expectations, despite them strictly following the "printed instructions".

    My first Aneros model came in a clear 'clamshell' packaging with cardboard backing and printed on it was a simple set of instructions for getting started. There was no reference to an informational forum or a WIKI (the WIKI didn't yet exist). I only learned about the forum resources from other investigations while surfing the internet. I agree with you the documentation which now comes with Aneros packaging could and should be expanded to, at the very minimum, direct users to locations where more detailed information can be obtained.

    Paper and printing is pretty inexpensive, certainly the current printed insert could be expanded to include the whole Getting Started section of the Aneros WIKI without incurring much cost. Additionally, the printed insert could place more emphasis on referencing the Aneros Forum, the Aneros Learning Center and especially the Aneros WIKI as resources for tips and information to aid a man's Aneros journey.

    Because of the complexity and sheer volume of relevant information surrounding prostate massage (whole books have already been written on the topic) and the use of Aneros massagers, I don't think it is practical or useful to overload a new user with too much information at one time, especially with his first model. It is likely to be a real 'turn-off" to read a detailed manual about the intricacies of the mind-body interaction which the Aneros devices inevitably invoke. I think HIH needs to strike a balance between providing too little and too much information for new users in their packaging. As a person becomes more interested and experienced, then knowing where more good information can be obtained is important, so that linkage should also be present from the very beginning.
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  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    I'm going to be the "maverick" in this thread.  As a systems and techie guy I know all too well that humans, particularly those who are looking for instant gratification with the product, fail to RTFM.  I am no exception.

    When the Tempo arrived I was an 'early adopter.'   I learned in the Forum what my bros had experienced (all good anal O's).   I opened the package, glanced at the brief instructions, lubed up my new toy and..... nothing much happened.

    A couple of weeks later I saw another post from a gent in Australia and noticed that he was triggering his keen results following several sets of Kegels.   I looked back at the Tempo instructions and noted that the manufacturer suggested Kegels.   There it was in simple black and white.... Kegels !

    Yup, the toy has worked well ever since.   I think printing something as complex as the Wiki would discourage most guys.

    Just keep it brief and simple to ensure safety with the product.

  • i bought my aneros after lurking the forum for a few days. the online store i bought from was really fast so i got my helix discreetly after 2 days with a mini-manual from aneros and an extra 4 pages manual in my mother tongue from the shop, which basically was an extract from the wiki with good advice for the "getting startet" and "what comes next" parts. i dont think every shop has such a good customer service, so there could be a better printed manual, BUT i think im right when i say most of us bought the aneros online, so most of us can easily read the best manual - the wiki - online. a better (unmissable) information sheet, which directs to the wiki could be the answer to most beginners questions.
  • WiredWired
    Posts: 83
    Some good ideas and points. I agree that to have a detailed booklet would be a turn off. My thoughts on the booklet was that most people are going to open the box, throw the booklet aside, lube up and go for a disappointing ride. Only then to pick that booklet back up and begin to read. If they are still unwilling to read it,, I think they are probably to lazy to be helped. I do think your idea @rumel @rook is important though, just enough info to get you going, with references to the wiki, and forum. Balance would certainly appear to be the challenge. So I propose this; instead of printing a booklet with the information, instead they print a booklet regarding what is needed to progress. I mean that they put in the bare minimum to get you started, accompanied with suggestions that increased research and knowledge will greatly improve your chances of pleasurable results. Finishing up with references as to how they can attain the knowledge. The key to this would be the wording of which does well to highlight the need for research, but in a way that doesn't sound tedious or boring. This booklet should help inspire those that have not already been reading online, to cherish the knowledge that's available to them for free online. As I see it there is very little people that can intuitively learn how to use this and anyone that's serious about it will have to read. Those that don't want to cant be helped, but that shouldn't prevent the knowledge from being offered to those willing. The more I think about this, the more I think that the turn off issue is not a good one to prevent this booklet. I am yet to read those threads as I'm at work, it'll have to wait till tonight.
  • WiredWired
    Posts: 83
    Oh that's good to hear @hakunamatata. I did also buy mine online and like you I was on the forum for a couple of days prior. I did however have a terrible prostate massager from another brand. I don't believe I got such a booklet but I also can't remember who I bought my Mgx from. Perhaps instead of a booklet you could put a short or forward somewhere on the packaging with the minimal amount of info required to start people's learning journey. More focused towards inspiring the learning aspect of this toy, as opposed to the content itself.
  • there also could be a bundle set: aneros + book (rumel already mentioned printing costs for a more detailed oversized manual)
    if there was a book it should be more than a manual. it think of it as a mixture of "the multi orgasmic man" with a health section, general aneros wiki information and an "experienced users guide" on different techniques like the quick and dirty path and similar threads.
  • WiredWired
    Posts: 83
    I see another problem arise with that idea hakunamatata. I think the book if indeed aims to be detailed would be huge task to put together. What I've learnt from my aneros is that this toy has a lot to do with a lot of different aspects of my life. To be truelly comprehensive this book would be very very very long. However if put together intelligently and with the goal of being comprehensive, would be like a sex/health/spiritual/breathing bible. All of which are so closely related but taught to us westerners as seperate subjects. It would take enormous efforts to put together and refine the information trying to balance what's relevant to the toy whilst avoiding inadequate information to make that section irrelevant. Although they are so closely related perhaps should be sold in an aneros series of books. Each book leading into the next covering the huge amount of content. This however strays far away from my original suggestion and would be very hard for the company to achieve. I feel it would be a great addition to the company, but possibly not a profitable one (unless they really nail it (unlikely given the enormous amount of info to be processed)). Perhaps instead there should be a way to submit references, and have the community vote for what books get referenced on the package, to avoid writing them all themselves. Lots of ideas! Not many good ones lol :P