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New Product Review: Behold...the SYN !
  • strugglerstruggler
    Posts: 43
    I already have so many models but this 40% off deal is sooo tempting. Aneros why do you do this to me????
  • Well, the best way to get rid of temptation, it is said, is to give in.  I tried to order the Vice and Tempo this afternoon.  Spent a horrible amount of time.  When i clicked on the final page to complete order it simply went to a blank page, on which i waited for a long time, and it went nowhere.  In frustration i finally gave up and decided to forget the whole damn thing.  I f it is possible to order by phone and i can find the number i will go that route.  Maybe i'm simply not supposed to get them, Struggler, like you i have almost all models except these two and Muse, which i am not interested in.
  • strugglerstruggler
    Posts: 43 do get it? Don't? Do you own a Syn?

    I have the Vice and Tempo myself. Haven't used the Tempo in a while, wish I could sell you mine. The Vice, though, is good.
  • I couldn't remember where i had posted my complaints about ordering, so i just posted a new thread: WARNING....
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hi Takaya, :)

    I'm sure you will get your money back. Give them a call if you need to. Here's their contact page:
  • zangzang
    Posts: 42
    Hi Takaya, i had problems when i placed an order. Mine were different, my house number did not show up on my billing details. I have sent 3 different e-mails at aneros support and someone called la kisha contacted me to say that my details had been amended. I'm sure someone will get back to you.
  • DMDM
    Posts: 12
    In my experience they pple at Aneros/HIH are very tangible and not wanting to rip anyone off..flick them an email or give them a call and I am sure they will sort your problems out.. they are nothing to be afraid of and will help you as much as they can.. I am sure
  • i left a message on 713 680-8840 Sat and aneros called me back today.  no duplicate order came today which is a good sign.  i ordered on 7/11 and was delighted to receive order on Sat the 14th already.  the 3rd duplicate had only been pending on my credit card and the credit card apparently were able to stop that one since it is no longer pending nor charged.  I'm sure that second charge will be taken care of by aneros, and if not credit card.  if an order comes i will not open it but return as refused.  i tried the vice yesterday and like it.  i wud call it vibe
  • The Helix is very easy to scrupulously clean, just throw it in a pan and boil for two minutes.  How is the Syn sterilised?  Can you still boil it?  
  • i guess i am not scrupulous, in fact i know i have no shame or guilt.  i simply wash my aneros, all models, with anti-bacterial hand soap.
  • Hi guys

         Syn!    It is best Aneros ever.

         I  found a baggage in my mail box this evening.  Two new Syns were in it that I ordered a week ago.    I began a session as usual Aneros session intend to test session. 

         The Syn send me a unexperienced sheets of wave of orgasm soon. A phone call stopped the session. It passed almost one hour.  It might be good timing to stop. But the phone stopped calling as well. What's going on!  I felt desire for urination. So as to do it, I removed Sync and I entered bath room then sat down on the seat then tried to open urethral spinster. A strong orgasm did strike me stead of pee.  I'v never gotten like the strike. 

           I'm a little less taller than 5-05.  So, I like SGX most and the other Aneroses are usually go too far in. But a Syn isn't like the other larger Aneroses.   A smaller boys friendly Aneros has come.

  • RomWriterRomWriter
    Posts: 8
    Hey guys,

    I have had the first Aneros (hard plastic) and then moved to the VICE.  When I got the email about the SYN, I jumped on it.  I ordered it that day but had mixed feelings about it.  I had never had a Helix version.

    The SYN is perfection.  I think anyone could use this device.  I had never before gotten anything really from the first Aneros and the VICE just didn't do it for me.  The hard plastic and the pinch of the tab just made the first ones uncomfortable to use and made it so that relaxing was impossible for me.

    Now the SYN arrives, I waited a few days to get use to the idea once again.  (I hadn't used an Aneros in a while and thought I was finished with them.  My body and curiosity had other ideas.)  I finally lubed up the SYN and didn't felt that uncomfortable insertion like with the hard plastic versions.  It was like a velvet caress going in lubed up.  Once inside, I started having spasms of the anus and PC without even trying while using the deep breathing techniques.  I got a pleasure wave, finally, from the device.  My first ever.  (Since then I've had more each time.)

    If the SYN can do this the first time inside of you, the Aneros people should be given an award.  The tab doesn't hurt anymore and neither does the device itself.  The soft caress as it goes through the anus is softer than a finger.  You can't describe the feeling of it actually when inside of you.  It is like a tender caress of a lover against you when idle, but when it starts dancing, it is pleasurable softness in a touch that doesn't poke or prod like the hard ones, nor does it hit and keep constant contact like the VICE (in me at least).  It moves in a way that can't be described except as unusual to the others.  It is a softer touching and stroking than the hard ones or the VICE.  It is ecstasy for your body, I think.  Unlike the others, I find myself wanting this device more for the experiences and softness.

    All I can really say is "TRY IT!"  You will fall in love with this device and it would be good even for a newbie at this anal stuff.  It isn't a waste of money since you will use it, unlike the hard ones and it doesn't inspire fear like the bigger VICE does (before getting use to it).

    God might have created man and woman, but not equally in the orgasm area.  Aneros has created something with the HELIX SYN that has made us equal at last in the orgasm area with pure multiple pleasures each session.  If God is a male, He must have inspired this invention for all males.
  • DandelionDandelion
    Posts: 1
    Hey RomWriter, 
    Just received my Syn in the mail and I couldn't agree more with your descriptions. The gliding sensation of the silicone, in combination with the slender profile make inserting this thing unbelievably pleasurable! I also have a Vice but unfortunately I have gone through 2 vibrators malfunctioning already! Still use it without the vibrator though because it's basically a silicone Progasm. 

    Keep us posted on how this continues to change your overall aneros experience...I've only had 2 sessions with it but I know the Syn holds big promise...

    I hope the next in the Syn line is the Eupho!!!!! Anyone agree?
  • TipherethTiphereth
    Posts: 146


    I would love to see the eupho remade !!! That thing realy makes me moan loud ; )

  • TakayaTakaya
    Posts: 3

    Hey Love_is, Zang & Paul,

    Thanks a lot for your advice. I got reply from CT and received the overcharged money already, although there is about $30 lost due to money exchanging ( I'm not in the USA ). Hope they could give me a special discount next time :p

    Btw, I used 'International Global Express' to deliver my stuff, and how to track it? My order is on 12 July but I havn't received it. I can't wait to try the Vice....

  • TakayaTakaya
    Posts: 3
    Um...Half an hour after my post, I received my stuff...Can't wait to go back home...
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Talk about a difference of black and white!!

    I enjoyed my first Syn session early this week after it arrived last Friday. Very fond on my Vice, I was very happy with the texture and feel of Syn, and particularly the flexibility of the P-tab arm.

    From the first insertion I was afraid that it was locking up in my rectum as my Helix did repeatedly years ago until I set it aside. I had to get up and walk around a bit to get something, AND SUDDENLY!!! Syn was VERY MOBILE and the massaging and wide ranging stimulation points and varying pressures on my prostate had it dancing a vivid tango!!! Dries and Supers ramped and pitched and popped in chains, mixed with periods of prolonged Still Body Os that were extraordinary.

    My intent for the session had been for an initial trial, and yet Syn continued to bring more and more variety and I shifted to an online session with some friends as I moved into a BPH therapy session. I could sit upright in my office chair with Syn VERY COMFORTABLY!! and rock a bit with the most extraordinary prostate massage!! I could lean back and quickly a great auto*F began and expanded!!! 

    This became the most extraordinary BPH therapy session to date, great pre-cum from the best milking of my prostate ever, and an incredible extended Super-T OOOOOOO))00000 that produced more heavy duty shot strands of semen covering my chest and abdomen: absolutely the best prostate clean-out and "clearing the pipes" ever for me!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have never had a better mixed session, that is dry orgasmic ecstasies for that long, followed by the unprecedented BPH therapy blow-out.

    Syn feels like a fantastic mix of Eupho, Tempo and Vice!!! Syn is an immediate top aneros model here. I can hardly wait to see what it can do next time....  and the next....:):):):):):):):):)

    all the best ecstatic energies and physical stimulation orgasmia at all levels and the best of prostate health all


  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    What a terrific experience with the SYN, and what a wonderful review too!    IMO the SYN is the ultimate Aneros of the mid-sized class, and perhaps the best in any class!   As I touched on previously, there was a great deal of thought that went into developing this product, literally everything about the original Helix was considered and refined in one way or another.  More responsive, better balanced, more comfortable...the SYN has it all.

    BF Mayfield
  • I'm not sure yet if i consider the Syn the creme de la creme becuz once rewired i have gotten terrific sessions with each model. Have to admit i have used none other since got Syn and Vice.  I notice the handle on the Syb seems to sink nicely into my crack that it doesn't seem to hit the bed when on my back, altho i still tuck a pillow under my butt to be sure the tool has full play.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    after nearly two months of ownership I finally had a chance to use -syn for couples sex.   Three years ago I started having sex with a Helix, but soon switched to an SGX for ease of movement and a more 'free' ejaculation when we climaxed.   I was pretty convinced that SGX would be a permanent part of my sex life.

    For this session I hadn't BM'd or douched for over 8 hours so injected a couple of cc's of Slippery Stuff (diluted with a bit of water) and slathered the toy with Vaseline.  Then, it was off to the races.

    -syn is a new ballgame during sex.   The flex p-tab found it's way into the posterior of my ball-sack and provided a constant but gentle stim that I've not had with any other Aneros toy.   The slippery nature of -syn and the softer directional rigidity allow it to slide freely but maintain nice prostate contact.   The general level of prostate stimulation was higher than I receive from SGX and we expended more frequent pausing to prevent dry-Os from going wet.   My eventual ejaculation had far less back pressure than I get with a standard Helix or Maximus.    This is a 'keeper' for sex !

    Nice work Aneros !

    P.S. note:   -syn seems to ride further up in my canal so I'm never contracting.  rather I find I'm occasionally shoving it downward to ease prostate contact.   Nice.

    Late add-on (3 months later).  All of my Aneros toys are now riding further up my canal than they did last summer. Perhaps this is an evolutionary part of the Journey.  Or, perhaps my body has learned something valuable from my -syn experiences. 
  • buttfunbuttfun
    Posts: 60
    I've had a great time with the Syn, but honestly... I've really enjoyed the vast majority of items from the Aneros line. I try and switch them up every so often depending on my mood, and that keeps them fresh for me.image :)

    In terms of cleanliness, regular soap, and I use a water based lube.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Well my good friend rook!! ...and all you others who have found the unique joys of couples sex with your Syn Yn!!

    Mrs. a and I have just arisen from a 2+1/2 hour session of ecstasies and new variations of energies orgasms with me riding Syn throughout!!! Highlights:
    • after great nipples and oral foreplay, Syn was inserted and feels like it was custom designed for my Ecstatic Energies Canal (anorectal alimentary canal :) ) I still love most of my aneros models, butt after this morning Syn is the Universal Leader.
    • seemingly endless energies flows from our penile/vaginal slow sex with the Bio-Electric Sex active/still alternating rhythms according to intuition, and Syn starts auto*F thrusts and I am "the meat in the sandwich" with a more gentle, yet highly erotic, sense of "done" with great beauty..hhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm...aaahhhhhaaaaaa..... yesyesyesyesyesmmmmmmmmmSyn/Mrs. a..mmmmmmmmmmmahahahahahahhhmmmmmmmmmmmm.........
    • and Mrs. a feels the Syn action through me and it triggers kundalini energy flows in both of us!!!...MMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm.....
    • and so many new subtle and sublime variations on energies orgasms, when...!..!!
    • we both go into elevated floating bliss still body Calm Seas Os for extended meditative ecstatic reveries and modest deeply relaxed UU (universal union) until...
    • resuming more BES rhythmic play and !! :D :D....
    • "What is That!!" and Syn is able to trigger either prostate-centred OR anal-centred (PorA) Dries and Supers in me AND they send uniquely focused energies ecstatics into/for Mrs. a!!~~!!~~!!~~!!.....
    • and WOW do we have great fun playing that back and forth, back and forth,!!~!!~~~!!~!!~~~!!!!~!!!!~!!!!.....
    • until we also add in the mixed P+A variants that we had been enjoying all along!!......
    ••• and it becomes apparent that Syn has also been once again doing its extra special medical prostate massage and I need to shift into a BPH therapy "clear the pipes" session mode!!
    • AND Mrs. a helps juggling my balls and sucking on my right nip to speed up the triggers and I JO a huge Super-T clean-out after more than a week of abstinence and she kindly runs a great hot bath for us both!!

    She is now as impressed with the sharable joys of Syn as I am!! Syn is now by far THE BEST for us in couples sex that includes riding an aneros!! :D :D Syn Yn!! SYN YN!!

    all the very best amplification of couples sex and energies orgasmic ecstasies with aneros riding and less sessions too all


    as we rewire
    we are all reconnected

  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    @artform: All I can say is, "Wow!"

    I don't have a Helix Syn myself, and don't plan to for at least another month, but after that description it's definitely on my wishlist. ;)
  • Damn,  I need a cigarette after that description artform !!!!   And I quit smoking years ago...
  • AbyssAbyss
    Posts: 1
    Finally! my first aneros the SYN arrived. I also noticed a small seam vertically around the massager will it affect the experience and safety of the device, and should i try to smooth it?
  • Hi Abyss,

    Welcome to Aneros Forum. I do not think the small seam on your Helix Syn will affect the experience and safety of your device.

    I began using the Helix Syn last June 6 for the first time. I believe that model is a perfect introduction to Anerosing and other Aneros models such as the Maximus and Progasm.

    I hope you enjoy the Helix Syn!

  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 888
    Hello, all.

    I have the Syn and use it regularly, all-night about once a week. The Eupho, Vice, Ice and Duke all get a bit more use. As I mentioned in my post months ago in this thread, I was interested to see how Syn would feel during intercourse. Last night was the first coincidence of wife-wants-sex and Syn-already-inserted. 

    The Syn felt great, but it did impede ejaculation a little; not as bad as Helix or Ice, but enough that I don't plan on using it during intercourse again. Of course, if what you want is delayed ejac so you can keep pumping, Syn will have that effect. For me, Eupho is still Number One for partnered sex.


  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    Loaded with my 20mgs of V, finding SYN made a significant erection difference and with a wife who is happy if it works, I had a good strong tradition orgasm. The SYN feels much less aggressive (hard) than the SGX and Tempo. This was sort of unintentional but I will certainly try it again.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Thanks ten_s_nut/Dave!!

    Your variations of the couples experiences with Syn I personally find helpful. Because mrs. a likes the "bumping" she gets when I have Ice, Max, Vice, and even Syn in(Yn!!), I haven't tried couples with Eupho (that I recall, and I think I would!!) and so there may be fresh territory to explore, thanks Dave!!

    With our shift in preferences to the fantastic dry mutual multiples, shared both physically and/or "beyond", from ejac wet finales, the physical inhibition of ejac is a much lesser factor for us, yet it is good to know and I will keep observing when we do choose to go for it.

    all the best you two in couples aneros adventures and couples all


    as we rewire
    we are all reconnected

  • RapidiRapidi
    Posts: 1
    Hi guys!  I have an Aneros Progasm and love it, but this discussion thread makes me want to try the SYN, if only to get rid of the uncomfortable p-tabs of the Progasm.  But here's my question:  I have wanted to find a massager that I can wear for an extended time, both inside and out and about.  The Progasm doesn't lend itself to that, again because of the p-tabs primarily.  B Mayfield's original post said the SYN is suitable for extended wear when going out, but the design of the SYN has a "curl" to it that would appear to make it difficult to wear that way, particularly sitting down.  Has anyone had experience with the SYN wearing it for an extended time?  Does anyone know of a massager that can be worn this way?  Thanks!
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi and welcome Rapidl!!  :D :D

    I have worn my Vice (without vibe is better) outside and shopping at Mall etc. Syn will do that even more beautifully is my guess and I may be trying that out in the next few days!!

    Length of time inserted depends on lube durability – don't get dried and stuck!!

    all the best inserted hiking and all variations perambulating ecstatically all


    as we rewire
    we are all reconnected

  • Love lubes....
  • I'm still pretty new to this. I'm looking forward to reading more comments.
  • GoodVibGoodVib
    Posts: 28
    I believe it was this thread that got me to order a syn, I started with clone and got a progasm next. It is a tight fit, the syn is about half the size, I agree with "dance" it moves nicely. Syn works for walking, sleeping etc, progasm, not so much...I still use both but mostly ths syn now, I'm a newbie ( one month) and still rewiring...
  • Hi there,

    Aneros newbie here, my Syn was ordered a couple of days ago and is waiting to be collected at from the post office tomorrow! Here's hoping the gf is out for a few hours tomorrow so I can test it out!

    Looking forward to my new toy and hopefully learning something new!


  • td1973td1973
    Posts: 2
    Hi all,
    Just ordered my SYN. Sprang for next day shipping so i can use it this weekend. I'll post when I get a chance. I'm a newbie but I really love my vice. The syn sounds very nice, to have a little less constant prostate pressure such as what the vice provides.
  • Please make a eupho syn. There are so many of us that love the eupho and giving us the texture of the syn would just be sublime.

    Bump this thread if you agree....
  • CTCT
    Posts: 75
    @knotrealname - stay tuned :)
  • AkiraAkira
    Posts: 33

    Orderd mine yesterday. I hope it come's in next week...

  • is vaseline an appropriate lubricant? 
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    Since it is not a silicone lube, it should be fine.  If you're asking about your anus, the man who discovered Vaseline, Robert Chesebrough, ate a spoonful a day for over 60 years, until his death at 96.  Just spread a thin coating over the Aneros, to minimize what rubs off upon insertion and stays on the outside.
  • All I can say is WOW!

    I'm new to Aneros and I purchased a Progasm Ice only a couple of weeks ago. I've had about 10 sessions with the Progasm and have been progressing nicely. However, after reading some of the posts in the forum and chatting to a few of the very helpful and friendly guys in the chat room I just had to try the Syn.

    The Syn arrived this morning so I had time for a test drive. Within literally a few seconds I had a smile on my face. The Syn seemed to fit like a glove and my first sensations were that of love and I felt that I really wanted to cuddle and caress my wife (although she wasn't there at the time!). The Syn, maybe because of it's size and softness, felt more loving and tactile than the Progasm. I positioned myself on my left hand side and made myself comfortable with my right leg bent and my left leg fairly straight, but relaxed. I started to feel a direct pressure on my prostate and this felt good. I then tried on my side with both legs bent towards my chest and this had me feeling 'exposed' to the Syn and also felt quite nice. I then tried on my back, firstly with legs close together and then with legs wide apart. Again this produced some good feelings. I then tried on my right hand side, which is not normally one of my favoured sleeping positions, but within seconds I knew that I had found a very nice position! I stayed like this for maybe 30 minutes, it may have been longer. The sensation that I first experienced was that of a direct pressure on my prostate. I relaxed all of my body as if I were melting into the bed. Then I had the wonderful sensation of happiness and a blissful feeling that seemed to start in my prostate and then move to my feet and calfs and work it's way up through the very core of my body. Unlike previous Progasm sessions I didn't shake much. I would relax deeply for maybe 90 seconds and then I would feel this wave of pleasure starting in my prostate but then flowing up from my feet and surging thru my body. My hands were tingling and I felt so happy. This happened maybe 15 times or so, and even though I had things to do I had to keep going to get just 1 more hit.

    So in a nutshell I had a fantastic intro to the Syn. I'm not going to try and classify what I felt as this was the first time that I've ever had this sort of experience. One thing that was strange is that when I had finished I needed to pee, but my initial flow was very slow (maybe due to the stimulation that my prostate had just received?). But as I continued to pee I then got into a full flow which then seemed to last forever and felt quite satisfying.

    During the session I never had an erection and never felt at any point as though I was about to ejaculate. There was also no pre-cum leakage.

    That was all over 3 hours ago and I'm still feeling little sensations and tingles now!


  • tairytairy
    Posts: 51
    @ProGasmDave, great post. You described what my sessions with the Syn have been like recently - the best overall I've had so far. I reach a point where I'm very content, it feels very pleasurable, not in a rising climax sense, but in just a sustained feeling of wellbeing and happiness and pleasure. There seems to be a comforting/loving aspect of it to that I experience. 

    I'm single and sexually inactive (in terms of partners), but I get the sense that if I were to integrate the Syn into partnered sex and achieved the same sensations, it would lead to very powerful emotions and really passionate sex. I frequently watch porn during sessions, and anything that has more of a POV feel, especially with lots of eye contact, is incredibly intense once these sensations start to build up. Like there's almost something kind of transcendent about it and you perceive things as impossibly beautiful when you get that worked up.
  • wreckindwreckind
    Posts: 21
    What amazes me is how almost nobody talks about the new dream product : the Eupho Syn. Until now it was an unattainable fantasy (my imagination obviously made it better than the Classic Eupho which is my preferred one even if not always easy to maintain in the working position). I'll order it when it will be available on my favorite store. Is there a parallel world where it is being discussed ?
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392
    I'm waiting for delivery and had the same thought. Not a peep. Is it shipping yet?

  • Not 5 minutes ago my Aneros Helix Syn arrived by mail. 

    Prior to this I have been on the site answering my first two messages from other forum members, welcoming me to the site. I also read a number of testimonials to waste a bit of time until the postman arrived, which he did, dead on time. I must thank for their amazing free postage speed.

    Anyway, by now I was quite wound up and a little horny.

    I ripped open the bubble bag, two free Aneros Marksmen Lubes dropped out!...bonus!. I actually took a minute to look at the box. It was professionally designed and lavishly printed. I took out the Helix, it felt cold and hard in my hand I almost made an assumption that it was actually made of cast steel, but no out of the box now in the comfy warmth of the house it now feels sexily firm but pliable.

    I need this thing inside me, 

    anyway that will have to wait until tonight, we drop our daughter off at her pals place later today for a few days of parents, adult fun night!

    bbbrrr...can i wait that long?
  • ...Ok, waiting got the better of me.

    I lubed my Helix Syn completely and then inserted a Marksman lube and squeezed its entire contents inside me, that alone felt awesome!.

    Then, with my wife's assistance we slid, first the head of the Helix past my (tight and nervous) anal opening, it felt huge, but very nice and smooth, then between gasps I said "Go Hon, all the".
    My wife pushed only like 5 millimeters, then it sucked in to the hilt, making my wife gasp "Wow, it went in by itself"!.

    This might shock, but I am in a wheelchair, so all this took place on my shower chair which is an expensive swiss made shower chair with an ergonomically designed opening for use over a toilet etc. I have full feeling over my entire body like everyone else but my condition confines me to wheelchair. Just a qualifier, I am not hideously deformed or anything, I am not bad looking and I am lucky enough to enjoy a normal sexual life and have had a pretty normal sexual history.

    Anyway, I began working my pc's and tried working the Helix around and it felt good, next i began experimenting with precisely locating the Perenial Tab, that felt great, I found the best spot was right on the part of the perenium that is a raised, but subtle, fleshy ridge that runs from anus to scrotum, known as the "Raphe" (look it up, I just did).

    I had it right in the best spot...BUT...I really did not feel much happened.

    From postings on here and elsewhere, I knew this might be the case, but it wasn't until I ejected the Helix using my pc muscles that I became very aroused and did indeed have a very nice wank and quite a large ejaculation while under a hot shower. Later that night I felt more relaxed than i had in ages and I felt warmth and some tightness in my tummy from working my pc's, but weirdly I felt a weight of strain had been relieved somewhere down near my (I guess) prostate.

    I tried this first off in the bathroom so i could shower down if there was any mess, of which there was none. It was cold in there until i hit the shower, next time my wife and i can try it warm and cosy in bed.

    Summing up. This a "toy" for grown ups, I believe I have but only scratched the surface...I cant wait to use it again!
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Congratulations 4onthefloor and All!!!

    I got my Eupho Syn  (E-Syn) shortly after it was available, and it exceeds my expectations!!! (remember! No Expectations!!)  ;)  Here is my brief solo review from a larger post in my Aneros Blog here:

    "Eupho Syn is the most amazing Aneros model yet, given my earlier extraordinarily exceptional experiences with the Eupho Classic!!! 

    In solo sessions E-Syn feels so delicate soft and gentle, moving in small changes over and around my prostate area, and so compellingly sensual as it roves, that it feels like Shakespeare writing sonnets on my prostate; Leonardo drawing my prostate exquisitely on my prostate, mapping the circuits of universal ecstasies all over and outward from my prostate, out to encompass and reintegrate with all, ALL! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm The added subtleties of E-Syn do the impossible and outdo the fantastic powers of E-Classic!!! 

    And then, this morning, my dear wife and I decide we will take the morning so the morning may take us!! hhhhmmmmmmmm She very much likes the effects when I am riding any of my favourite Aneros models and she feels some of the effects I feel, transmitted through me to her!! This morning, for the first time, it is Eupho Syn!! "

    Read the rest of this and other recent Couples results with aneros generally and E-Syn in particular in my blog:

    all the most astounding leaps of full prostate awakening energetic orgasmic blossomings and connecting all


    as we rewire
    we are all reconnected

  • DMDM
    Posts: 12

    The Eupho Syn is now available in Australia so I have discovered recently  - I ve not seen it anywhere else.


  • .