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Aneros History - and a helpful fantasy?
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,353
    Hi guys,

    After listening to CT's interview I got to wondering about that early era of High Island Health when the Aneros inventor started to learn that the device offered much more than a self-administered therapeutic prostate massage.  Who was the *first* person to realize that the Aneros caused sexual excitation?  Who had the first orgasm with an Aneros?  When was it, and with what model?   

    And... here comes the fantasy... What was it like for men who purchased an Aneros for the original intent of medical massage when they started to realize that something extra was happening.

    Imagine being one of those early Aneros users, and not aware of the sexual component of the device.   You are a fairly conservative fellow who is just trying to get relief from some symptoms down there.  You were selected for a trial run of the device which includes being assisted in its use, in a medical office, by medical professionals who are helping develop the device.  You are in a room similar to a massage room and there are nurses, doctors, whatever, in there.  They are offering you instructions.  First they are helping you relax.   You are on your back on a massage table with the Aneros is inserted.  You are nude except a towel covering your privates.   A nurse uses her hands on your head, chest and thighs in gentle motions to get you to let go.  She tells you how to breath.  You start to relax.   

    Then she says it is time for the prostate massage.  "Please concentrate on the perineum tab and how it is pressing into you.  Do you notice a slight tingle?  Concentrate on that.  Doing so might cause you to contract a little, pressing the tab in deeper, and giving you more tingle.  Just let go... let that tingle grow.  Keep your legs relaxed.  The tingle will stay there even if you do nothing."  You notice it feels really nice, that little tingle.  You feel yourself contract and the tab digs in.  It feels like a special squeeze of your inside.   You wonder if this is working... the therapy, if it will help your symptoms.   You have faith in the nurse.   The tingle grows and you feel it pressing more.   

    Suddenly you realize that this isn't just a tingle.   It feels... sexy.  Woah.  That is not good.   This is not that kind of situation.    Why is that happening.  The nurse says "Please just relax Mr. YYYY."   You try to listen to her and put those thoughts out of your head.   But that tingle is back and it wants you to feel it some more.   You find that somehow that tab almost feels like it is digging into you gently on its own.  Weird.  Oh, kind of feels good.... Hey... and suddenly with no warning, really fast, you get an incredibly hard erection.   What the fuck!!  "Just relax Mr. YYYY.   That is ok... it is part of the massage.  That is what happens.   Just stay relaxed and focus on getting the massage."

    But shit, that erection is intense.  And the tingling has spread... to your cock's head and to your balls.   This is totally wrong.  You're not with your wife at home.   "Relax Mr. YYYYY, open yourself up to the massage."    You are torn.   Your impulse is to spread your legs wider, maybe that will keep that tingle going.   But you've never spread your legs in your life.  Oh man, you spread them.  There is a kind of rocking happening with that device.  That part of you it is touching seems to be swelling and meeting the device in a rhythm.  Never felt anything like that before.  "More relaxing please Mr. YYYY, and please you need to relax your anus."   What!!! Did she just say to relax my anus.  Why is she talking about that?   You are feeling seriously stimulated by this device.  In fact, you are starting to feel sweaty, your heart seems to be racing a little and your breathing is changing.   But that is only supposed to happen when you are starting to climax with your wife.    You can't help it, you let your anus go a little bit.  When you do you realize it wants to squeeze the device, and when it does you feel something you've never felt before.  Your anus feels, um, good.  You relax it again.  That makes it feel all warm and good again.  Then it squeezes.  Oh shit, when it does that the tingle from the p-tab intensifies.  Oh shit, that causes the anus to pucker all on its own, to kind of come in and out.  Your cock throbs.  "Please stay relaxed Mr. YYYY and focus on the massage.   What you are experiencing is part of the massage.   Please let your body do what it needs to give you a massage."  

    The intensity is growing.  Your anus is moving in and out on its own.  The device is pushing in and out of that spot.  You can feel it rocking inside you.  She is telling you to relax.  Your breathing is getting heavier.  Why is this all happening??  Your hands grip the sides of the massage table.  You feel moisture coming out of your cock.  "Please keep going Mr. YYYY.  You are doing very well."   Your legs start quivering as do your ass cheeks.  The quivering is bringing radiating pleasure to your cheeks.   You have never really even noticed them before, but now they feel like butterflies flapping in  pleasure.   You realize that the more muscles you let get involved the more intense it all becomes.   Muscles you barely knew you had before.

    It all mounts.  You are very embarrassed.  But you don't feel like you have any choice... everything feels so good, and so fucking sexy.  Oh My God.  Everything contracts.  You are having an ORGASM.  Shit what just happened.  "Please continue Mr. YYYY."  But it doesn't feel like it is done.  Another one!    Oh My God.  

  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    @darwin Please rewrite the story so that the nurse strips in front of you and gives a lapdance or something like that! haha ripper dude!
  • SaddleUpSaddleUp
    Posts: 33
    @Darwin: great fantasy! Variations on that theme will cheer me in the days ahead...
  • WiredWired
    Posts: 83
    Oh I'm going to use this! Nice post