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Newbie that needs help!
  • Hi 
    I am a newbie to Aneros, but not anal play.
    I have helix and his brother Helix syn, first progasam and just got sgx.
    My problem is I squeeze my sphincter muscle hard and fast. I am 5'7 and I just the sgx to start
    with the basic. I spent thousands on PES system and this took years to learn. This is way better from what 
    everyone has been saying.
     Any suggestions 
    Thanks Mark

  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    The spinchter is a muscle that is superhard to finetune, and I have the same "problem". But once it gets tired it`s easier to control it. Try getting it tired then try the rolling motion in "a quick and dirty path". You might also want to try different breathing techniques.. That worked for me :)
  • praxyonpraxyon
    Posts: 17
    @lovetherush - When I do as many very strong voluntary contractions as I can (until my PC muscle becomes exhausted), I then get very strong involuntary contractions that give me massive Os. Some people on these forums refer to it as 'autof*ck’. You will be able to use this technique for longer periods of time as your PC muscle becomes stronger.

    When doing a strong contraction, try to pull in the Aneros toy as far as you can with your PC muscle.

    This technique works better for me than the 'rolling motion' technique mentioned by @Alex_xxx.

    Hope this helps.