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How often can a beginer or anyone use the Aneros MGX and not irritate or harm the prostate ?
  • norm348norm348
    Posts: 10
    I am new to using my MGX. I used it for the first time last Friday. It was pleasurable but nothing  more . I used it again on Monday after reading a lot and prepared as best as I could . I had a much better experience and I had small waves of pleasure that were wonderful and it repeated it self on and off through my session . So on Tuesday  I used my MGX again. I had great hopes.This time I felt slightly sore during the adjustment period and the session really almost did nothing for me.  What do think?
  • ZoopZoop
    Posts: 31
    I don't know whats going to actually harm the prostate, but the simplest thing you should remember when using the Aneros is this:
    If you feel pain or soreness, take a break (at least a day) and try again later. Don't start a session while still sore.

    Some advanced users claim to be able to use the device daily without soreness, but I think beginners are more prone to soreness/desensitization, and its recomended by most people to ALWAYS take at least a day break between sessions.
    You also want to make sure you're lubing up sufficiently, and be extra careful about lube drying up if you're leaving it in for extended periods of time. A dry aneros probably could hurt you, but a well lubed one should not if used properly.

  • norm348norm348
    Posts: 10
    Thanks ZOOP I appreciate your thoughts and comments. Do you have any thoughts on the length of a session for a beginner ?,
  • about 1h to 90 minutes are recommanded often on the board, but this depends on your body. if you begin to feel sore - stop. if you are not in the mood anymore, try to focus again, otherwise stop. just set an alarm so you can find out your ideal time for further sessions.
  • norm348norm348
    Posts: 10
    Thanks haunamatata
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140


    The Aneros provides a gentle form of prostate stimulation that isn't generally associated with any large scale soreness.   If you are experiencing this kind of soreness there are several things that you may want to consider.  First, the intensity of contractions that you are using.  Be aware that it is not necessary to use strong contractions with the Aneros, as a matter of fact, many people have found subtle contractions to be the most productive.  The path to the MMO is often characterized by period of awakening of the prostate.  It is not uncommon for users to experience very subdued sensations during this period.  Rest assured that this changes over time as one becomes more accustomed to this form of stimulation.

    The second factor that you might want to consider is the type of lubrication that you're using.  Inadequate lubrication can produce irritation.  Copious lubrication is a must and finding a personal lubricant that you're comfortable with is essential (some users experience cramping with water based lubes).   The third issue is the time element as others have said.   While 60 or 90 minute sessions may work for some new users others will find this tiring.  Listen to your body and stop when you have discomfort.

    All this having been said, understand that the anus is muscle, a specialized muscle (sphincter) to be sure, but a muscle nonetheless.  And like all muscles it can become sore from over exertion.   The same can said for the other muscles in the pelvic group as well.  As Zoop said, when this happens, take a break and allow yourself some time to recover. 

    Stay with it!

    BF Mayfield

  • norm348norm348
    Posts: 10

    BF Mayfield

      Thank you for your helpful comments and the time you took in replying. You gave me some good suggestions and information for me to apply.

      My soreness was mild . I think it was my prostate that was a bit sore . The intermient discomfort was located just above my pubic hair region in the middle of my abdomen.

     I am using a water based lubricant . I read about in Wiki the fact that the lubricant chemicals can be absorbed by the body and that does give me some concern.  I thought I would continue the water base lubricant and increase the amount of it . I hope my body will not have issues with it..

     I was pleased that in my second session I did experience mild but definite waves of pleasure that did repeat  it self several times .I'm sure like many novice's you question if my body and mind has the ability to increase the sensations and eventually reach your ultimate goal. I found your comments encouraging

    Best Regards