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What are these contractions and how can I use them
  • xtimedt69xtimedt69
    Posts: 577

    I have been doing a modifed version of the Quick and Dirty Path to the Super-O and adding the shallow breathing outlined by Alex_xxx. I am getting some really great feelings but no super o.

    I concentrate on moving the device with my PC muscles in a subtle and small way and I get a really good feeling that builds and then all of a sudden out of no where I get this involuntary MASSIVE contraction that pull the device in to it's limit, This contraction will hole for several seconds when it happens it takes your breath away and it feels amazing and it often results in the release of precum from the penis.

    These cycles start withing just a few minutes after insertion and will repeat several times a minute and the cycles will last for 45 minutes to an hour, after whiich they will simply subside and then nothing much happens. When they happen they are always sudden and no warning.

    I like the feeling, but what are they and can they be used in a useful way?

  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 809
    Hi @xtimedt69, I am curious. Did you use the Aneros Tug of War technique as outlined in Quick and Dirty Path to the Super-O? I have in my recent sessions and it has taken my sessions to a much higher level than ever before.

  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 550
    You know what @xtimedt69.. I think the "quick and dirty path" has it outlined already. I read this one mor time:

    "The first time you pull off this “unbalancing act” you’ll probably get some interesting sensations which will no doubt be short lived, because the first time it happens, and you feel it, you’ll naturally try and control it, and the ride stops. The trick is to back off your grip just enough to trigger the muscle imbalance, and then hold it there, that's the only thing you need to control the hold, but it takes a little skill to manage that. After a few attempts at this you’ll get the hang of it, and the fun will truly start to begin. This is when you may start to shake, start breathing heavy, and otherwise notice new things. Your anal sphincter may also spasm at this point and pull the Aneros in, this is good. When the spasm subsides let up on it slowly and as the Aneros slides slowly down, it may trigger yet another one, this is the beginning of the Super-O."

    I believe this feeling we`ve both had is the spinchter doing it`s own spasm pulling the aneros in..
  • xtimedt69xtimedt69
    Posts: 577

    @Alex_xxx @BigGlansDC I have tried the easy release, as soon as the movement starts and that tickle begins it contracts again. I am not complaining it feels awesome. They just happen on their own.

    Usually, the little tiny movements just start again all by themselves at this point and that builds to the super contraction.

  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 550
    Have you tried to hold them off?

    Sometimes I get these reflex super-pull-in-contractions within the first minutes of putting it in. I found out that it`s more like an "itch".. I can actually keep it from becoming that contraction, and that brings on some entirely new good sensations...

    Others just come without any forewarning and does what you experience..
  • xtimedt69xtimedt69
    Posts: 577

    @Alex_xxx They just come on with no forewarning. I am laying there and then BAM!!!! The Aneros is halfway to my throat, I gasp and then it holds for a few seconds and when it releases I let let it just relax to about 20%. Then the think starts twitch, I get that little tickle and then it all happens again. Sometimes at the deepest point of the contraction I will expel pre-cum. Sometimes after an hour of this I have expelled quite a bit. It is perfectly clear liquid. Almost looks like lube!!!


  • xtimedt69xtimedt69
    Posts: 577
    I can get that rolling thing going pretty good.
  • @xtimesdt69 I am having the same thing with my eupho session however after about 10 of these when they happen my pelvis also joins in on the act!
    The aneros flys in hard and my pelvis moves like I am trying to ram my cock in something hard.
    This can happen as single thrusts or can after a while become one large thrust followed by thiny little thrusts but as fast as i can go, until i gain control again. Guesss my prostate likes being poked repeatedly:)

    I reckon its just a phase you are going through and it will morph into something else as mine is.
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 550

    I don`t really think this reaction has anything to do with what you`re prostate likes. I actually have the a different take on it. To me it feels like the prostate is not something that vi can consiously stimulate. It will have to be stimulated WITHOUT concentrating on stimulating it while we still are stimulating it... most likely because bodily functions of the prostate is 95% controlled by the subconsious. When other bodily reactions occur, the prostate steps in to do its thing - usually. That is why I don`t think the prostate "steers" your subconsious reactions to give yourself that pleasure.

    It is much more likely to me that this is a reflex created by some kind of muscle contraction we`re doing.

    The same spontatious reaction you get when you suddenly realize that you actually have diarrhea when trying to fart and almost pooped your pants. Hehe.. I`m guessing almost everybody has had this experience at least once in their lifetime.

    Pardon my french btw..
  • Ummm @Alex_xxx step back mate and have a look at the big picture ;)
    Have you ever heard the term "what the heart wants"?
    It to is just a organ and technically has no consciousness but millions of people before you have said that their heart want something. Are they all wrong? No my friend they are simply saying that their heart is connected to their consciousness and there for is part of it, and can then tell you what it wants and what it likes, Just like the prostate can too.
    So yes the prostate can steer its massage pleasure via the subconscious.
    (just a though, no malice ment towards you) Its sometimes hard to tell with typed words. :D

    And NO! You are the only one that has pooped your pants ever! hehe only joking thats where the word "Sharted" comes from  part shit, part fart (shit-farted).
  • xtimedt69xtimedt69
    Posts: 577

    @braveneworld I started that pelvis thing yesterday. It happed without me even knowing it and I got some good feelings. Now here is the thing, after a while (might be an hour, or it might be more or less by about a half hour or so) it just stops. The tingle stops, the prostate just stops giving any good feelings

    @Alex_xxx you are not the only one brother, that is why they make these:


  • @xtimedt69 bugger it! Sessions have all gone bad lately! Eupho dances for awhile with orgasms and the massive contractions and pelvis thing but like you it is just going dead.
    I insert progasm and it is very sluggish but I relish the feeling of just having it in there.
    Honestly It feels the best when i have got the progasm in and then get typing on the forum.
    Either you guys are real sexy or it just takes my mind of the aneros and my body does its thing.
    No massive contractions but buzzing and general good feelings radiating from my rear.
    Hope this rut does not last long, as progasm was rocking my world for awhile there.

  • xtimedt69xtimedt69
    Posts: 577
    @braveneworld I feel your pain. It is as if the Prostate just shuts off.