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Have I damaged myself. Colitus and Diarhoeaa
  • kevindaykevinday
    Posts: 21
    Hi Guys.  I need advice and help an answer to a question please.  Does anal play with a anal beads, man magic wand vibrator massager and a aneros helix syn massager cause diarhoeea and colitus.  I have had sessions over the last weekend from last Friday when i got my stuff and i cant say i have had experiences of ecstasy with it From Sunday afternoon at 2pm to Monday morrning at at 5 am.  I have had 11 episodes of diarhoeaa on the toilet and am feeling sore inside.  have I damaged myself internally.  Have i caused my self to have Collitus and Diarhoeea. I need answers and advice.  PLEASE EMAIL ME AT KEVDAY100@YAHOO.CO.UK.  many thanks guys, Kev
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    The kind of play that you have described does not generally result in colitis and/or unabated diarrhea, unless that is,  one is previously compromised or has engaged in this activity in an unsafe manner.   Using contaminated toys for example (introducing foreign microorganisms into the rectum) can cause problems.  In lieu of self-diagnosis, or polling the forum membership   I'd suggest that you make an appointment with your own physician, particularly if your symptoms persist over the next several days.  (If you should develop a fever,  see your doctor immediately )  

    BF Mayfield                                                                     
  • WiredWired
    Posts: 83

    What Lubricants are you using? Diarrhea can be cause by using the incorrect types of lubricants for anal play. I would like to suggest the correct type, However i am unsure atm that anything is a good choice. At the moment i use Cocoa and shea butter. But recently i have been reading that the saturated fats in these can be harmful to the prostate. If anyone else has done sufficient research into lubricants could you please note the best choices here? There are many Lubricants (I cant for the life of my figure out why my text keeps changing but i cbf fixing it, so bear with me.) available that claim to Natural but you should be cautious of this, because common sense shows thats there plenty of things in nature that should not go into our behinds.

    Below is an exert from the book The Tao of Sexology - the book of infinite wisdom by Dr. Stephen T Chang. Ill be typing it out so it wont be word for word as i attempt to shorten where i can.

    "When Choosing a lubricant, be sure to choose one which does not contain the following ingredients.

    FD & C Blue #1                       Iron Oxide
    P-hyrdoxyanisole                     Lead Acetate
    Triethanolamine (TEA)              Toluene
    Diethanolamine (DEA)              Dibutyl phthalate
    Acetone                                  Coal tar
    EDTA                                      Phenol
    PVP                                        Sodium saccharin
    BHT                                        Sodium Carrageenan

    These ingredients are well-known cancer causing agents. Absorption through anal tissues is extremely fast, so more caution must be excercised when reading labels.
    These ingredients appear frequently in many products, such as skin cleansers, body or hand lotions, soaps, facial creams and lotions, shampoos, shaving creams, make-up, tanning lotions etc. Repeated absorption of these ingredients through the skin is very dangerous.
    Furthermore, saturated fats- such as petrolatum, mineral oil, cocoa butter, coconut oil, spermaceti, lard, lanolin, other animal fats, and so on -  are very bad for the prostate gland. If these accumulate in the prostate, cancer may result."

    It goes on a bit further but this is mostly what we are interested in i feel. Considerable consideration should be taken when choosing such a lube as im sure the last thing any of want to do is to damage our Anus or Prostate.

    Given that you may have already done research into lubes and have a suitable one for you, I shall turn attention to Cleanup. I think its fairly obvious that you should clean your aneros toys immediately after use given the chance. I would highly suggest that you do not use a toy that has not been cleaned before use. Theoretically its possible to do this with no negative side effects, but more realistically will almost always result in disease/infection of the anus given you continue this practise without cleansing the toys first. However what is not so obvious is the subject of anal cleaning. I think alot of people neglect cleaning there anus because they have the mindset that cleaning up there is dirty to do. Realistically not cleaning a part of your body is as dirty as you can get. Warm water is sufficient and several products are available for this purpose. Without one you can use a small ammount of lube and some tissue paper inside of the anus to wipe the walls clean. The food that we eat rots and turns toxic. You wouldnt eat a rotten apple would you? Well whilst the apple go's through your system you extract the qualities you need whilst disgarding the qualities you dont want via the anus. This left over food is full of toxins that we need to get rid of, and by not properly cleaning the anus, allows them to pass through the rectal walls(these are thin) and can even penetrate the prostate, leading to various types of prostate problems/diseases. Unclean anus's are susceptible to infections. This may be what has happened in your case. You can get several creams that are effective at defeating anal infections, and you can apply them to your aneros for easy insertion into the anus (Be mindful that certain creams can harm your aneros toys, And if you are using any of the SYN products, i would avoid application via aneros altogether). I wouldnt suggest you continue aneros use until you have cleared this problem.

    I feel these are the 2 most likely candidates for your situation. It wouldnt hurt to see a GP for a check up.

    One last thing ill mention as it is topical, Is that the walls of your rectum are not very sensitive and its possible to damage them with anal play without realising. Additionally if you are using a lubricant that has a numbing agent in it, this effect can be exacerbated. I hope this has helped
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    @wired,  using natural lubes like shea butter, extra virgin olive oil should be ok.  Also these lubes are not coming in direct contact with the prostate, they are only coming in direct contact with the lining of your rectum, as the prostate is protected behind this thin lining.  Is any of the lube your using getting in contact with the prostate? I dont know, maybe someone here more knowledgeable about the human body can explain.

    Also you said," One last thing ill mention as it is topical, Is that the walls of your rectum are not very sensitive and its possible to damage them with anal play without realising."  I hope that was a mis-type, as the walls of the rectum can be very sensitive.  From the way your sentence reads I assume you just typed that wrong, but wanted to point it out.
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    Kevin... go and see your GP if symptoms persist. If you develop fever, go immediately -- perhaps go to the A&E department of your local hospital if it's out-of-hours.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Hi Kevin,
        I'm very sorry to learn of your afflictions.   I think the above posts cover most of the probable contributing factors.  Brian and twll's suggestion of a doc's visit shold the symptoms continue are paramount.  Making sure that all toys are washed thoroughly before and after each use are most important..

        A Forum poll from several years ago indicated that about 20% of men here are sensitive to lubricants that contain glycerin, as do many Vaginal lubes.  I'm one of those and have suffered IBS from regular use of glycerin --- that took several weeks to develop though rather than being an instantaneous response.

    blessiings and, get well soon !
  • xtimedt69xtimedt69
    Posts: 700

    FYI, when I started this I used a lube called "jo" it made me sick as a dog with the runs and gas for days. I felt the same way he did. It wasn't fun. Someone suggested a lube change and I started using a different brand without the Glycerin and it went away.

    I am no doc, but it took me about 4 days to clear up after that other lube messed me up.

  • WiredWired
    Posts: 83
    Ineverknew - On what basis do you find those lubes (shea butter, Extra virgin olive oil) to be 'ok'. Now i appreciate that as far as i know, they seem to be the best choices, But if they are still not good for the prostate due to saturated fats i think that we should persist in getting a lubricant to properly facilitate aneros use. Yes the lubes you use do and will with continued use get in contact with your prostate. The walls as you said are thin and absorption of such materials happens quickly (comparitively). I saw a thread here on the aneros forums after doing a google search, which had alot of information about lubes. Now i havent had time yet (There really is ALOT of posts and ALOT of information) to read it all, But from the small ammount of skimming through it i didnt see anything mentioned about saturated fats in the products. Perhaps im wrong about this though, and once i have a chance to get through the thread, will change this post to suit.

    last thing ill mention as it is topical, Is that the walls of your
    rectum are not very sensitive and its possible to damage them with anal
    play without realising."

    This was not a mistype. I admit its not written with the most clarity so i will try to reword it.

    Keeping in mind the difference between the anal canal walls and the rectum walls. The rectum walls are fairly insensitive to pain when your at perfect health with no infections etc. This insensitivity can lead people into overdoing (either to rough, or to much) anal play without being fully aware of the damage being caused. Now i wouldnt suggest that you could do tremendous ammounts of damage without pain, But certainly you can do minor damage and will more than likely feel the pain once its to late. The walls of the anal canal however are much more sensitive because of a much higher amount of nerve endings present. I hope this Clarifies what i meant.
  • Glycerin can cause reactions like that. It's fine for vaginal sex (for many women), but it irritates the rectum. In fact, one common treatment for constipation is a glycerin suppository, not because it lubricates things and makes a bowel movement easier, but because it triggers muscular contractions.

    Olive oil and shea butter work well. Or you can use a silicone lubricant, or even a glycerin-free water based lube.
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    Personally I don't think there's any harm in naturally saturated fats. The harm is in artificially hydrogenated fats and oils.

    Back to the original request: Kev has said in chat that he has an appointment to see his doctor tomorrow afternoon.
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    I`ll  have to agree with @twlltin.

    Some of the fat you digest can follow through with you`re BM. If you have a really big meal of junkfood and chips you`ll notice that your poop get`s loose instead of firm as with a high fiber diet. There has as far as I`ve seen never been any talk or research that proves that the anal or rectal canal can absorb fat. It is designed to do the opposite, use fluids to help expel what comes down that way.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    I am sorry to hear about your discomforting situation. I agree with 'B Mayfield', 'rook' & 'twlltin's suggestion of seeing a doctor immediately if you are in acute pain or suffering from a fever or other severe symptoms. When it comes to your health I believe it is always best to be cautious rather than to egotistically ignore a problem and have the situation get worse.

    As the other responders have noted, taking care to thoroughly clean your insertable toys before and after each use will greatly reduce the likelihood of introducing harmful pathogens into your body.

    The lube issue is a much discussed topic on this Forum and I am as concerned as 'Wired' about the immediate and long term effects the chemicals in the commercial personal lubricants may cause. 'CharlieGlickman', 'xtimedt69' & 'rook' noted the effects of glycerine (a common component of personal lubricants) to which many men are sensitive (myself included). Be sure you are not using any lotions, cremes, gels or liquids which are labeled "FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY" as an Aneros lubricant. As 'Wired' noted, the lining of the rectum readily absorbs chemicals into the bloodstream and to a much lesser extent those chemicals could go directly into the prostate as well. One does need to be aware of this physical property when choosing and using any anal lubricant.

    @Wired, I think you would enjoy reading through the Bestlube... thread for a discussion on the health aspects of some frequently used lubes, additionally, please see my post regarding fats in the natural oils we use as lubrication.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    @wired, I said those lubes were "ok" from what I have read here on the forums, as far as being somewhat all natural compared to over the counter sex lubes that may or may not have nasty chemicals in them.  I think @rumel put it nicely by stating that in essence we ARE the study group and noone knows for sure what long term effects this constant insertion of lubes into your anus may have.  So noone knows for sure whats safe and whats not, but my bet is with the natural oils.  If I'm wrong in twenty years, I'll recant on my death bed! lol.

    I didnt know that lubes could be absorbed into your prostate, thats a new for me.  I knew anything put into your rectum can be absorbed into your blood stream.  This is good though, this is how we learn.  Most of my comments are in my mind opinions as I'm by no means an expert, so I appreciate your comments and concerns.

    As far as the rectal/anal skin being sensitive, i understand what your saying, you were talking about pain that can develop from abuse or irritation.  I meant these tissues were sensitive in the sense that they can be easily irritated by either wrong lubrication, not enough lubrication.
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    I've heard that water based lubes often contain the nasty chemical dihydrogen monoxide.
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    Of the water-based lubes, Slippery-Stuff Gel is one of the best; it's also the most anal-safe that's been tested.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    While it is true that lubes containing glycerin can have a purgative effect, it is unusual for this to carry on for such an extended period of time.   "Eleven episodes of diarrhea" sounds like too much to attribute to the lube that you were using, as does the internal soreness that you wrote about.   Bear in mind that you would have likely voided most of the lube in the first or second bout.   By the 5th or 6th, most of the solid waste is gone.  When one has diarrhea for longer than that what comes after usually amounts to losing water.  This is something that is more typical of infection from a pathogenic bacteria or virus.  

    Another possibility might be that you irritated an internal hemorrhoid.   Hemorrhoidal flare ups can sometimes irritate nerves in the anus and/ or rectum that trigger peristalsis (contractions of the bowel and rectum).  When this occurs the irritated nerves can actually perpetuate the condition as the cramping brings more pressure to bear on the inflamed tissue.  Doctors will sometimes prescribe topical analgesics to quiet the nerve irritation which indirectly alleviates the cramping.

    Of course this is speculation.

    Again,  if this is a continuing problem, see your physician.

    BF Mayfield 

  • WiredWired
    Posts: 83
    Ineverknew - Ohhh i see what you mean about my post now. With what you said in mind, I re-read my post and saw what you meant. Thanks for the clarity. Also to make my opinion clear, I agree with you on choices of lubes. But i feel like i wont be happy until i have a perfectly designed 100% safe anal lube at my disposal. (wishful thinking im starting to realise)
    I certainly hope you dont meet your death bed because of the lubes you used! haha.
    That being said i am yet to read the threads rumel has linked (thanks for that), and hopefully i can find some good information in there. Like yourself i am no expert on anything really, and welcome all challenges to my ideas/opinions. If i have said something incorrect then i appreciate people not only informing myself, but anyone else that may have taken my information as truth.

    Alex - Thats an interesting post. I hadnt thought about it in that way. This will give me further direction for investigation, assuming i dont find what im after in rumels links. Thanks
    EDIT: I have done more research into fats being absorbed into the rectum walls and from an article of rectal feeding it appears that your correct. Apparently they dont feed patients fats rectally because they do not sufficiently absorb, However this doesnt state that they dont absorb at all, only that they are not sufficient for feeding a patient. I have contacted the company that published the book and have asked them to clarify there reasons for putting this information in the book (im not confident that ill get a reply though). If they do come back with some good information i will post it here. But until then im leading towards it being fairly safe to use products with the correct types of fats. Thanks again for that outlook.
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    My guess is that shorter chain hydrocarbons (ie. oils) would be more readily absorbed than longer chain ones (ie. fats). Natural oils/fats tend to be mainly triglycerides which need to be broken down by lipase and bile further up the intestine before they can be absorbed. Then there are such things as Olestra...

    Other constituents might pass through, eg. the small, volatile aroma molecules.