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    Does anybody know how a vasectomy might affect the quality of Anal play?

    I have a Eupho with a Helix Syn on the way.

    Thanks for your reply.

  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 578
    I've not had a vasectomy, but from a medical standpoint, I can't imagine any way that the procedure (once you're fully through the healing period) should affect the responses you already have with Aneros use.  Cutting and tying off the vas deferens does not interrupt the neural processes either externally at the penile level or internally in relation to the "male G-spot" as related to the ability to have orgasms.

    Hope your procedure goes smoothly and that your recovery is rapid.
  • rumelrumel
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    JOY_LEE said:

    Does anybody know how a vasectomy might affect the quality of Anal play?

    Welcome to the Aneros Forums,

    You need not fear a vasectomy causing any interference to enjoying anal play or an Aneros. It is a very simple procedure to cut and seal the two small vas ducts where they exit the scrotal sac before they enter the pelvic floor cavity. There is no impact on the pudendal, penile or prostate nor the nerves serving the anus or rectum areas. I've had the procedure done and can attest to it NOT affecting the quality or response of erotic anal stimulation.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • ineverknewineverknew
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    just make sure you doctor shop, I've had 4 people that I know of have complications from that procedure.  Nothing major, but still, who wants an idiot poking around in there that has no clue!
  • BadgerBadger
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    It's best to go to an experienced urologist; I had mine done about 7 years ago, and it was such a pleasant, uncomplicated experience, that I wouldn't mind doing it again, it was so painless.  He used the needleless, scalpelless vasectomy.  There was no appreciable pain, only some small, gentle snaps like from a small rubber band on the scrotal sac.  I felt some tugging, then a smell of electrical burning, like a toaster charring some bread or something, and then he was done.  I held a magazine between us so I couldn't see what was going on, and we had a pleasant chat during the proceedure.  I iced it for a while on the way home, while wearing tighty-whiteys and loose-fitting sweatpants.  When I got home, my wife couldn't see where the incision had been made, and in three days, we could have sex and I was hefting my ATV out of a snowbank (shouldn't have done that, but no harm).  I had prepped the area beforehand with Arnica Gel to minimize bruising and swelling, which probably helped.


    I started using Aneros devices after my vas, so I don't know any different, but the feelings were still good.  Since my pinched nerves affected my prostate and anal area inrecent years, my sensations now are quite muted, but still get a good sensation now and then.  I'm hoping that since my surgery, I'll regain some sensations.


    It seems to me that someone here had their prostate removed and still find pleasure with Aneros devices anyway, but I'm not sure.  Anyone know who that might be?

    Posts: 2

    Thank you all for your honest, sincere input (no pun).

    J Lee

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,834
    I was snipped by my flight surgeon (a board opthomologist by training) some 40 years ago.  Due to macho spirit I was back to flying off 'the boat' that afternoon.  But, didn't get the stitches out for two days.  As a result I healed slowly and probably had a bit more scar tissue that the average bear.

    All of the small impulse pains during impact sports vanished within six months.   Recommend that you settle down with the ice packs and stay off your feet for a full 24-hours.  

    The feeling of total freedom when you know you're sterile is a monster boost to libido.

    Prostate-wise, I'm better off for my age than any of my male relatives.  All round good deal !
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,036
    Like rook I have had so much joy knowing I can be totally spontaneous, my partner has also been free of the responsibility of taking pills etc. We can at any time be totally joined. These were two of the best snips I have had.
    I was snipped 40+ years ago by a GP who was affected by polio and had only one fully functioning hand so I had some bruising, but he did a good job. My friend was snipped in a fertility clinic and it was so good, quick, painless, and simply done. I suppose because the practitioner had two hands (ha ha)
    In those days we were warned by silly researchers that gorillas who had vasectomies had heart problems - I cannot imagine who would want to run round giving gorillas vasectomies. Just another scaremongering student trying to get a PhD I suspect.
    Never at any moment in the last 40 years have I regretted my snips. My wife is so proud of me as well and is very happy with the "blanks" I fire! Freedom, Joy!
    BTW I think I am more sexually active than many of my peers, and my PSA has gone down from 3.2 ug/L to 2.2ug/L in the last 12 months.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 578
    As to the gorillas who had vasectomies having heart problems, I heard this one guy say after he had his circumcision it was almost a full year before he could walk.
  • I've only used an Aneros after already having a vasectomy and I can report with great confidence that they're freakin' amazing.
  • WiredWired
    Posts: 83
    I respect every ones choices and I'm not 100% sure of the op's intentions of the thread. I would like to add that the deer exercise for woman can stop a woman's menstrual cycle and be completely reversed. She will find increased sensitivity of her breasts, and retain much energy lost in the fluids she secretes. There are other health benefits for her, and the added benefit of no contraception for couples.
  • ChopTankChopTank
    Posts: 6
    While I had my procedure performed 28+ years ago, it was only within the last couple of months that I/we discovered my prostate.  Oh, I knew of it, but nothing of the 'power' of it.  Am a 'freshman' or first grader relative to getting to where some of you are, I am looking forward to the process!

    When people have asked me about my vasectomy I have always responded, and believe, that it was the best thing I ever did to/for myself.

    As has been mentioned, first and foremost, it removed the 'fear' of bringing any little ChopTanks into the world thus allowing a new freedom.

    Second, and most important, there was a 'change' and enhancement to my orgasm.  Best I can describe it, it was as though the pulsations of the prostate trying to 'suck' the sperm from my testicles, was noticeable.  This is to say that there was an added sensation internally to my orgasm and it was most pleasurable!  Over time it became unnoticeable as it was now the norm.

    I  was 'back in the saddle' the same day and have never gotten off the horse since!
  • GoodVibGoodVib
    Posts: 28
    I was warned of swelling post procedure and PPH recommmends 2 pair of tidey whiteys & frozen peas in between them, I used zip lock baggies, okay to refreeze & reuse. I didn't eat the peas latter but it did control swelling. I did fake a grimace & limped out the reception area for the scared young guy waiting, till the receptionist chided me, I walked normal the rest of the way out. A cheap joke, as I look back on it.
  • ChopTankChopTank
    Posts: 6
    I do believe the "warned of swelling post procedure and PPH recommmends 2 pair of tidey whiteys & frozen peas in between them" warning is precautionary medical/legalese now-a-days.

    The 'slit' is so tiny in most cases that you get almost no bleeding and if you the chances of any swelling are miniscule.

    As for the 'sucking' remark a couple of responses prior, here is an excellent explanation:

  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777

    I had mine done about 7 years ago, and it was the scalpel-less, needle-less method.  It worked great!  The needle-less numbing part felt like a very small rubber band being snapped on the base of my penis area, and while he was tugging away, we were making small talk while I grazed a magazine.  I then smelled something burning, and he was done!

    I wore the ice-pack part way of the ride home, and my wife checked me out for bleeding; she couldn't even find the slit where he operated, it was so small.  There was no bleeding, except for a small, insignificant spot in the band-aid.  I spent the rest of the day relaxing, and in a couple of days, I forgot about the restrictions and tried to lift my ATV out of a snowbank, until a twang of pain reminded me to stop.

  • MMO_RPGlolMMO_RPGlol
    Posts: 242
    @wired what's the deer exercise for women? Link please? I want to look into that!