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Try every model
  • I notice lots of posts in which the person is expressing frustration because they are not getting the promised results.
    I know it is expensive but I've discovered that each model produces dramatically different sensations and results. Therefore, you really don't know which model is right for you until you try them all. And, it is very possible that if you only try one model you will never achieve the results you read about on the forum. And, your comments will reflect an opinion that isn't really accurate AND you will have shortchanged yourself, too. I purchased all 4. If you've read any of my other posts, you already know I prefer the MGX, one of the least expensive models.
    I think I can isolate one reason I like it best. It has ridges molded into the portion of the stem just above the base. Those ridges provide a great feeling on the sphincter muscles. For me, the most intense pleasure is experienced at the very back of the sphincter. None of the other models provide this stimulation. It is very similar to the feelings you get from a french tickler condom. Additiionally, for me, the MGX hits the prostate in just the right place. When you first insert it, watch out, because it is mildly painful and makes you feel like you gotta pee. Relax for a few seconds and those feelings are replaced with a feeling I can't really describe. It is similar to an itch, but, a very enjoyable itch.
    The Maximus is my second favorite. However, it is a distant second.
    As a gay man, I've had lots of experiences with dildos, butt plugs, etc. I was one of those who felt that the bigger it was, the better. Therefore, it has been eye opening to achieve such great pleasure from such a small device. This has caused me to change some of my tactics when with a partner. I spend lots of time fingering him, to the point of teasing. Sometimes he cums from that session alone. If he still wants to go for more, I now have him lay on his belly, which allows me to better aim and place the head of my dick on his prostate. I use very short strokes so that the tip of my penis doesn't go any deeper. He will go wild trying to push himself back onto my dick in order to get it deeper. I move back, too, which thwarts his efforts. Soon he is almost demanding that I give him the whole thing, which I gladly do!!!!!!!!!! Our sex life has achieved a whole dimension!
  • I have the MGX, Maximus and the Helix, and I prefer the MGX for the same reasons you do, but I had the MGX for 6 months before buying the Maximus and Helix and think that my body is more used to the MGX