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Something else!
  • EclipseEclipse
    Posts: 3
    Just had an amazing session and thought I would share the experience with you all.

    I have been using Aneros for about two years with some good, some great and some average experiences.  Not sure I have hit Super O yet but it's fun trying!  I don't get a lot of time where I can safely get a good session going - other people sharing the flat.

    Anyway this weekend my flatmates are away.  I have had a couple of good sessions with the Aneros, actually particularly good.  I was then looking on the internet to see if there were any other things I could try.  Found a article about a coat hanger which was quite useful in that it was talking about the best sensation being on entry/exit.  Couldn't find a coat hanger that was suitable so no luck there. 

    I did see that we have a toilet roll holder.  It stands on the floor, with a round base and a long rod pointing up and a round bit on the end which is the handle.  The round bit is a about 1 inch in diameter and the rod less. 

    I thought I wonder if I lie on my back and push the round bit inside me I could then play with the sensation of entry/exit.  I did just that.  I managed to move gently back and forward pushing and pulling the item inside me.  What a great sensation.  I kept doing it and then it just seemed to take over.  It was fantastic.  I got a number of p-waves and climaxes a bit like using the aneros.  Really very good.  It reminded me of the advice that the aneros is a hands free device and so was this, my body moving was causing the movement not my hands.  It was quite possible to change position a little and the stroke - all with great results, and a lot of precum.

    I then tried lying on my side - which was good.

    I then tried on my front.  Wow!  Now this was something else.  I tried some up and down pelvic movement, felt fantastic.  After a bit it took over and I was thrusting and thrusting against the carpet and it felt incredible.  After a few minutes I realised my penis was being stimulated by the thrusting and the contact with the carpet and thought this could result in ejaculation.   I carried on, changing the thrusts a little and the stroke - this was brilliant, I did not ejaculate but I think it could have been possible.   The sesation is not like the aneros for me, it's more about a wonderful thrusting feeling but it does have similarities.  It needs more work and I am the man for the job!

    What a brilliant discovery and a real addition to my world of stimulation - not a replacement to the aneros but a nice addition.

    Now I was very careful.  The item was clean, it has a good cleanable and smooth surface, and I was very careful to make sure that no damage was being done (by regular checks).  I think that any experimentation along these lines needs to be taken very very carefully.  I may have discovered a new device here ... off to the patent office tomorrow then!

  • I have been laying on my stomach with the Aneros for quite some time now.. I even go so far as to place a pillow under my abdomen which helps adds a little pressure on the prostate from the outside. I like to watch porn during and laying on my stomach makes that a little more comfortable.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,210
    @emancipation, have you ever tried fetal position on your side?  I never cared much for this, but recently love it, though you do need a pillow between your legs.  For me, if i dont use the pillow i end up with an erection which tends to kill things.  Give a try sometime.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @Eclipse - You may enjoy the pegging thread considering what you were experimenting with. I do though highly recommend that you purchase a material safe dildo to thrust in your anus and rectum rather than experimenting with potentially dangerous household items.