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Some questions about Kundalini
  • JspadJspad
    Posts: 172
    About a week into my journey, I had an exhausting but interesting experience, and for a day I could feel this energy at the base of my spine. You can read about my experience here:
    I searched online and learned of Kundalini energy. It's been about a month since, and I haven't felt the energy since. Anyway, here are some of my questions.

    1. Is it likely I'll feel this energy again?
    2. What can one do with the energy?
    3. Does anyone else have any experience with this?
  • WiredWired
    Posts: 83
    I appreciate the importance of this discussion and its relevance on this forum. However I believe this topic to be somewhat controversial and perhaps should stick to a more topic specific relevant forum. This topic's information should Definetly be made available on this forum, and i believe it is already fairly well covered with several discussions and links available. Although i believe the aneros as a tool to begin the process, id like to point out that the journey being opened up to you via the aneros, is one of its own accord. The aneros would seem to unlock the potential to move forward. From that point on, i feel the 2 subjects distance from each other. With that in mind i think the role this website should play, is one to help you begin your journey, given its something you want, you should pursue outside of your aneros sessions/research. It is not a small thing to commit to and this becomes very apparent once you begin.
    this commitment is required in all aspects of your life to truely progress.

    "1. Is it likely I'll feel this energy again?"

    Just like you i felt this surge of energy when i began aneros use. I then felt fine for the next 8 months. After that i felt the "proof" before doing any research. I began to feel my chakra Very strongly, even when not meditating (at this point i was purely meditating for relaxation to begin my aneros sessions), I didnt know about chakra or the energy within them. But i felt it strongly for several days. I felt it so strongly that when it rose over my crown chakra and down my face it >MADE< me gulp. Every time, Once every 5 seconds. Like a wave of force creating involuntaries in my throat. I knew i had found something, and then for me little convincing was required.

    Will this happen to you? I really dont know, and suggesting that it would simply because it happened to me, seems foolish. I think not only your spiritual but your sexual (so very closely related) journey is unique to you, and you will get from it what you want, given you chose to pursue what you really want with full comitment.

    3. Does anyone else have any experience with this?
    A good question, if there are more people out there experienced in this, please let us know.
    This is a great book. If you are interested you should read this.
  • JspadJspad
    Posts: 172
    Thanks for the link, might get the book at some point. I have to admit, this is all very interesting.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,832
    My experience is close to that of Wired and I still keep the piece of tooth that broke apart from a jaw clench.  I believe the energy flow "invaded" a Cranial Nerve and triggered that clenched jaw.

    Most of us don't read much of Chia, Chang or Wile early in our journey.   As a result we are not prepared to deal with surprises of this sort.