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  • Hi all!

    For those of you who have tried more than one aneros model, is there any one in particular that really "gets the juices flowing"?

    I'm not a big producer of precum (some, but only a few drops when very excited) and I've always wished I produced more! I've read a few reviews indicating that the progasm may be the way to go...but additional advice from users would be really helpful. I'm new to the aneros line but have experience with anal play (gay guy), so I'm thinking I could handle the progasm if that's my best bet!

    Thanks for any & all advice!

    Oh, and if you could include how much precum you typically produce without using the aneros compared to how much you produce with, that would be awesome. Thanks again!
  • From my limited experience, I'd say the peridise, for me, wins in this respect hands down. It seems to produce plentiful amounts of precum. 
  • Thanks! Do you usually precum when you're not using aneros too? Trying to get a baseline comparison...
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    i have the progasm, helix, and eupho.  They all produce precum, but yes the progasm does produce more mostly cause i think it presses harder on your prostate.  i also can produce precum without any device in during an aneroless session.  As far as amounts, hard to say, sometimes up to 1or2 cc's at the most.
  • Thanks man!
  • I never produce much pre-cum either. Sometimes none at all during these sessions

    Last week I had a really good session with my helix and I produced so much pre-cum. There was a small puddle of it and my cock was thick with it.

    As with @aneros_user86319 the peridise has also produced pre-cum for me in the past. 

    I think it depends how aroused I am though, and avoiding ejaculation for 3 days or more means that I'm more likely to produce pre-cum during a session.
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    Pretty much an mirror image of ineverknew, same tools same amounts with the odd ocassion of a bit more maybe a thimble full in total.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 577
    I experience absolutely no relationship between amount, if any, of pre-ejaculate production and intensity of amazing orgasms.  Some of the most incredible sessions with orgasms that feel like I'm ejaculating as intensely as I ever could lasting for up to over 20 minutes at the time typically produce not even a tiny drop.  I don't get hung up on it at all.
  • RastaYogaRastaYoga
    Posts: 53
    To my understanding, "precum" and "prostate fluid" are different. Precum is the silky, 'lubricant like', very clear gel (with a neutral or sweet taste) produced in the Cowper's gland... that usually comes out right after you are aroused sufficiently. The most of this I have ever gotten is about 2 beads or drops.  Prostate fluid is either a translucent or sometimes yellowish liquid (usually with an alkaline, bitter taste). Sometimes you can see marbled streaks of something (semen?) mixed in with it.

    I can have very delicate 'mini T orgasms' where I expel ~1/4 to 3/4 tsp of prostate fluid with the Aneros inserted, and sometimes - from training - without. 
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @Chicagoguy - My own experience has been that it doesn't matter what model Aneros I'm using. If the session is particularly good, I'll produce a lot of pre-cum.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    The Bulbourethral gland (aka Cowper's gland) produces emissions (precum) during sexual arousal. It is equally affected by psychological and physical stimulation. This gland is stimulated first upon insertion of your Aneros massager (prior to its contact with the prostate). In all my reading on this forum, there have been few references to any correlation between increased precum production and a specific Aneros model but there have been numerous reports about the general tendency for increased precum production due to any Aneros model (see the user Poll How much precum (Cowper's gland secretion) do you produce?). IMHO, which specific Aneros model you use makes little or no difference in precum production.
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  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    Since precum is produced by the Cowpers gland and not the prostate, I have observed that the Maximus model seems to produce more of it than usual and I have put that down to the unusually deep penetration provided by that model, coupled with its size.

    I also remember that the very first time I inserted the Progasm Ice, precum seemed to be flow freely although that only happened the first time. Maybe I don't notice it now because I only use this model very occasionally.

    I agree with rumel, the amount of precum seems to be more related to the degree of arousal rather than which model (if any), one is using.
  • Thanks for all the responses thus far! Keep them coming, please! This is very helpful.