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  • View Poll Results: Pegging? Voters: 142

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    Never. No way. Forget it 4 2.82%

    Maybe, maybe not 10 7.04%

    I would if she asked me to 51 35.92%

    We did it - don't anymore 9 6.34%

    Yes, we do it regularly 30 21.13%

    I've asked, and she won't 16 11.27%

    I'm afraid to ask 22 15.49%

  • PhilipPhilip
    Posts: 18
    I can't get enough pegging from my wife not sure if i have an overload of estrogen , not gay by any means i paint my toenails and shave everything except chest and when she pegs me it is overwhelming feminine feeling but it sure feels awesome.
  • cj187cj187
    Posts: 68
    Thanks Progra, sounds like it def a good strategy
  • cj;

    Aneros sex with my wife was the key to her getting over anal-phobia. Next step was pegging, and I'm happier for it. Good luck, man.



  • Good luck cj187! Remember to present it as something fun to do with you, as a bonus she gets to participate in...not like it's a disease. Confidence!
  • cj187cj187
    Posts: 68
    Thanks Ruby, sure it will work out. Any other tips?
  • @cj187 - I have heard many men echo what Dave said - normal intercourse with the aneros or a butt plug will show her how intense your orgasms are with anal stimulation.

    Most women get very intrigued and interested in something that brings that much pleasure to their partner. That's the first step.

    And if you have not already found it, I wrote an article:
    "Convincing her to try it".

  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 372
    And, go slowly.

    I think. I have introduced the Aneros to love making. Good results. She loves the new nipple sensitivity. I then introduced a "Bob" plug that has a ring on it that she can manipulate. Good results - I think. I'm still stuck to the ceiling. I'll let you know more when I can get back down. We'll play with that for awhile and see if there's more.

  • cj;

    One more important thing about getting your wife's buy-in: You'll need to make her night first. By that I mean she has to be so overwhelmed with the pleasure you give her in whatever her favorite sex act is, she will feel some sense that fair play requires returning the favor.



  • cj187cj187
    Posts: 68
    Thanks everyone, certainly food for thought.  That's very fortuitous, her favourite one, happens to be one of my fave ones too.

    That article is great Ruby, thank you, well the whole site is actually.

    Living the dream Xileh, happy for you.

  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 372
    Gotta say, I'm living the dream just as it is. I feel very fortunate and blessed for the person I get to share my life with. I will do anything for her.

    Getting a littler older, and some side effects from medications, has taught me to be able to give her pleasure, and enjoy it for her alone. I think Aneros has also helped me tune into that.

    Ruby, thank you for sharing. You contribute a great deal to many communities on the Internet. I hope that you feel appreciated, you are a special person.

  • Thank you kindly, gentlemen! I am happy to be here, and even happier to hear about men stuck to ceilings and congenially discussing the pleasures of their asses! Gotta love this place.

    Btw - found another tumblr you all might like:
  • @BF Mayfield - just saw your question about the Vixskin products from 2/12.

    Yes. A lover had the Vixskin Outlaw and he loved it. Nice texture - softer and more lifelike with a firm inner core. Sterilizable, non-toxic. One of the two skin-like materials that are made right (meaning non-toxic, sterilizable and nice feel) - the other is the Tantus O2 line.
  • cj187cj187
    Posts: 68
    Thought I'd check in and say what a wonderful shared session I had last night. Mrs CJ loved the effect the Helix had on me, and her curiosity is certainly piqued.
  • Piquéd curiousity is a lovely place to be...  :P
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    @Ruby Ryder - Love the tumblr you found! Thank you for posting it here. Amazing how the smile makes it look way more fun and attractive. :)
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,087
    Thanks for the info Ruby, much appreciated!

    BF Mayfield
  • cj187cj187
    Posts: 68
    Yes it certainly is, and I'm still enthralled by how hot it was too
  • PhilipPhilip
    Posts: 18
    Tumblr wow Thanks it has some very arousing pics
  • Has anybody tried the EVI with their strap-on for her pleasure? Let me know how it went. Please.

  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 717
    Speaking of the EVI, is there a Wicki or Forum for our gals who use them yet?  My wife tried hers once, and was not impressed at all, because she didn't know what to do with it other than insert it.
  • My wife says she has not figured out how to focus on her own pleasure during pegging because of the effort it takes. She has a new appreciation for the "top" role.

  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 717

    While I'm bumping this, I'm asking if anybody has any good stories about their escapades.  There are some of us who'll probably never experience this but vicariously.

  • Ruby RyderRuby Ryder
    Posts: 109
    Sadly, I lack a partner for practicing or trying out new toys. :-(
    I hope to get that situation "rectified" soon...
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    @Badger - You'll find a number of stories like this at:

    @Ruby Ryder -  Rectified, eh?  LOL   You may need to "analyze" your situation first. Wish I could help you out with that lack of partner thing. But until you buy that 3000 mile long strap on dildo, we're going to have a problem with our respective locations. LOL
  • Horny sluts play with guys assholes - 

    Hey Guys and girls,  found this vid from the site Love_is posted this may be the hottest vid. I have ever watched and very informative. Thanks Love,

                                                                                           Enjoy  W.

  • PhilipPhilip
    Posts: 18
    We have been pegging for awhile and i love it and she has grown to enjoy the control
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 854
    Similar situation with my wife and me, Philip.

    Here's a reminder to everybody who is into pegging and those who might try it: test the lube you plan to use beforehand. Last Saturday night, I made the mistake of letting my wife use the new "organic" water-based lube she just bought (sorry, don't have the name). While the sex was great, the resultant sore spot prevented any anal sex, including Aneros for 3 days. Fine, now.



  • Ruby RyderRuby Ryder
    Posts: 109
    No segue, guys. Just ran across a man who sent me a letter I will read on my podcast. In it he describes how he got into pegging and what fun they are having, which is always nice to hear. But he also mentions this:

    "Some of the physical differences are quite
    apparent. I now get much harder for regular sex much like I was in my 20s. I
    last longer, have larger amounts of ejaculate, and my prostate feels wonderful.
    Peeing is far easier and it is easier to completely empty my bladder. I did not
    realize my prostate was enlarging as I got older. I had no problem before but
    the difference is enough to really notice. I feel 25 years younger down there!"

    I wasn't aware that prostate massage/stimulation could have an effect on the quality of erections. Can anyone speak to that, please? This man (he doesn't mention his age) does not own an Aneros - he is only doing pegging - and only about 10 times so far.

    I am awed and heartened by the effectiveness of prostate massage for BPH - however that massage is performed.

    Thanks, Guys!

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    @Ruby Ryder - Nice! I think the thing is that people outside of this forum and who are not familiar with the practice we do here, don't realize that prostate massage is prostate massage. Whether you accomplish it from an Aneros device, a partners finger, pegging, using a dildo on yourself, or whatever else, it accomplishes much the same if you do it on a regular basis.

    I seem to recall a number of men in this forum that have mentioned better erections and a more sensitive penis from their prostate massage practice. I think for some men it really wakes up their sexual center so to speak. This is not unfamiliar to us. It's great and not totally unsurprising to me that this fellow can achieve similar results via pegging. I'm sure others will chime in for more varied responses. Thanks for sharing that letter with us here. :)
  • CheetahCheetah
    Posts: 0
    Hello, first time poster here. I am very excited to share our first pegging experience and the beginning of our Aneros journey, and I really hope that no one is offended by my graphic post. Please let me know if I am violating the terms of service or the general etiquette of the forum.

    I am a 33 year old woman in a domestic partnership with a 35 year old man. Our sex life has always been mind-blowing! We are deeply in love and very sexually adventurous.

    I love anal and he gives it to me frequently. A couple of weeks ago, I asked him if he knew what pegging was. He said that he did and seemed receptive (pun intended) to the idea. The next day, I asked him if he wanted to try it. He said he'd do anything with me. What a man! :)

    The idea of fucking my man got me so revved up that I went online and spent a small fortune on toys, intending to surprise him.

    I already had a Vac-u-Lock harness and a dildo from a previous relationship with a woman, but I'd never tried pegging. He was an anal virgin, so I didn't want to start out with that 2" width. I'd already tried to jam it in him one night after he DPed me with it during sex, and while he didn't run screaming, he certainly didn't find it comfortable!

    Here is a list of things that I bought, some of which will come into play (ha!) later in my post:

    Aneros Helix Classic
    Silicone Gal Pal (similar to the Feeldoe and Share)
    Vac-u-Lock Silicone G-spot dildo (what's good for the G-spot is good for the P-spot, I figured)
    Vac-u-Lock Crystal Jellie Prober (I know the concerns about crystal jellies, but this one is phthalate-free)
    Vac-u-Lock 8" "realistic" dildo (1.5" wide and also phthalate-free)

    As I browsed a retailer's website, I found the Aneros products and was immediately intrigued. I selected the Helix Classic and started learning about Aneros. I found this forum and spent hours reading - this thread, in particular. I got excited reading about people's experiences with pegging and Aneros use during intercourse. I was a little disappointed when I read that couples often had trouble using the "strapless" strap-ons, but I vowed that we would give it our best shot anyway - and have fun trying!

    I told him that I had ordered us some toys, and one of them was especially for him, but I didn't describe it. I spent the next couple of days reading the Aneros wiki and practicing the muscle exercises myself. I do Kegels regularly, but it was so different to try to move my PC and anal muscles independently of each other. I couldn't wait to show him what I'd bought, and I was looking forward to hearing about his experiences with his own Aneros practice. But first - our pegging adventure!

    Lo and behold, the package arrived yesterday! We weren't expecting it until Thursday, so we were thrilled. I had the day off, but he had to work, and the mail arrived about twenty minutes before he had to leave. I was secretly pleased that I would have a chance to unpack the box, wash all the toys, and maybe test drive a few things before he got home. I especially wanted to try out the Aneros, because it was such a unique toy and I'd been doing so much research.

    The first thing I tried was the Gal Pal. The pony end fit me really well and I got excited just wearing it. I wanted to fuck my man with it RIGHT AWAY.

    I got comfortable and started looking at pictures and videos of pegging. When I was aroused, I inserted the Aneros and did a few contractions to get the feel of it. I know that I don't have a prostate, but it felt awesome anyway. As I touched myself, I was flicking the p-tab with my finger to make the Aneros vibrate in my ass. It felt amazing and I got off quickly. I washed all the toys again and settled in to wait.

    (I want to note that I felt it was important to have an orgasm before my man got home, so we could just focus on him without worrying about me for that night's session.)

    When he got home last night, I showed him everything I had bought and told him all about the Aneros and how it's used. I also told him that I tested it out and I was sure he'd love it. We were both crazy excited. We got in the shower together, washed up, and had a steamy make-out session. Then it was time to hit the bedroom.

    He laid on his stomach and I lightly stroked his body from head to toe. I slowly licked and kissed his back and legs, and then I started licking him from his balls up to his ass. He was loving it and so was I! I kept rimming and massaging with my tongue until he was really worked up, then I slid my smallest finger in, just a little at a time. He turned over and laid on his back. I slowly worked my way in from one finger to three as he moaned his approval. I asked him if he was ready and he said yes.

    I inserted the pony end of the Gal Pal and I was so wet that it promptly slipped out. Shit! When I'd tried it on earlier in the day, I wasn't nearly as aroused. I understood then what forum users had been talking about when they said you'd have to have PC muscles of steel to keep this baby in. No matter. I held on to it with my right hand and worked the business end into my man's ass. Bliss! We were both so turned on. It was amazing to be fucking him with his legs in the air, the way that he fucks me, and watching his face as I slid in and out.

    We soon decided to try another toy, as the Gal Pal was hard to maneuver and the insertable length was diminished because I had to hold it in place with my hand. I strapped on my harness and attached the silicone G-spot dildo, with the curved end positioned to hit his prostate. This went much better. Taking cues from him, I soon found a good position and rhythm and fucked him while he jacked his cock. Amazing visuals for both of us... so hot!

    For the big finale, he fucked my ass and inserted the 8" dildo in my pussy. I was going crazy, but here's where he really surprised me: as he was filling both my holes, I thought he was going to insert the Aneros in himself, but he grabbed my big old dildo - 8" long and 2" wide - and stuffed it into his ass. Watching that drove me wild! I knew we had opened him up a lot, and we were both really into it.

    Shortly after I came, he pulled out and ejaculated copiously. We were both surprised and pleased with the sheer volume of it. He reported many sensations that I've read about people experiencing on the road to the Super-O. We are both very excited for him to start his Aneros practice, and in between, we'll be pegging up a storm!

    I hope that I can give him an HFO through pegging, as demonstrated in the Japanese video posted somewhere earlier in this thread. I'm sure Aneros practice will help with that. I'm also excited to try different toys, harnesses, and positions. I feel like this has brought us closer emotionally and physically, and upped the ante on an already scintillating sexual relationship.

    So, that's my experience. I look forward to your comments, and to sharing further adventures with all of you.

    In closing, I would like to say that I've been on a lot of forums, and this one has to be the most respectful and frank that I've ever seen. Perhaps Aneros users are more enlightened than the average bear. :)
  • @Cheetah Thanks for your great story. We are all one big family here.We love to talk about any sexual exploits here within good taste of coarse. I am not into pegging myself but would give it a good go if my wife was interested, but thats another story.
    Great to hear you both enjoyed it and look forward to many more posts from you and maybe your hubby.

  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,135
    @cheetah,  Sounds like a wild night!  You both sound very happy. Welcome to the aneros forum.
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 854
    Welcome, cheetah!

    Women are scarce on this site, so you're highly valued from the get-go.

    Glad to hear you and hubby are having some fun with this stuff. Note that HFO via pegging is rare in my experience, even with a LOT of warm up.

    Best Regards,

  • Hello everyone, I'm Cheetah's Tiger. I'm glad that she already recounted our recent adventures to you all, however, I thought that you might like to hear my side of the experience.

    First off, I would like to stress that we share a physical, emotional and mental connection that is stronger than I've ever had with any of my past lovers. Therefore, the level of trust and respect that we share is unprecedented for me.
    This played a big part in wanting to try pegging for the first time. Of course, curiosity played a part as well.

    After our package was ordered, Cheetah got to studying, as she told you. She read everything that she could find about relaxation, proper use and the heightening of pleasure, which speaks to the amount of respect that we share and the level of comfort that she wanted me to have. I still didn't know exactly what was ordered, but I had a hunch that I was going to have a lot of fun after it arrived.
    She told me that there were things for her, things for us and something special for me.

    When the package arrived, I had to go to work. Therefore, I had the whole day to anticipate what would happen that night. When I got home, I was raring to go (not really out of the ordinary) and after I saw what she had ordered, she told me that she had already come and that tonight was all about me. I was hard as a rock.
    We started out with me on my stomach and her rubbing her entire body over mine. Tingles all over.When the licking started, so did the moaning. It felt amazing. As she worked her fingers into me, I had a difficult time staying hard. It's not that it felt bad at all, but it presented more of a distraction than I had expected.
    I'm lucky enough to be pretty well endowed, about 9" when fully hard, so there's no "pretending" that I still am when I'm not. I didn't want her to think that I wasn't thoroughly enjoying myself because I really was. I'm a very sensational and visual person sexually and I couldn't see her or touch her, so I wanted to flip over on my back.
    Well, that sure did it. Instantly hard again.

    As she was pegging me, it began to feel better and better as I got worked in and loosened up. It was amazing. Eventually, my urge to fuck her was overwhelming. I told her that I wanted to DP her with me in her ass and one of the new toys in her pussy. There is a slight discrepancy in our stories because after I put it in her, I reached for a dildo.
    I knew that she thought that it was going in her, but instead I reached behind and put it in myself. I thought that her eyes were going to pop out of her head. After it was well positioned, I grabbed another one and put it in her pussy. I knew that she had said that it was "all about me" that night, however, a big part of my sexual experience is making her come, and did she ever.
    Immediately after she came I pulled out and literally soaked her. I've never come that much before, obviously, I had enjoyed our first real pegging experience.

    I'm really glad that she did a lot of research about relaxation and proper technique. I think that it could have been uncomfortable if we just tried to figure our way through it alone. Thanks to everyone for their tips and suggestions.

    That was two nights ago. Last night was even better because I used the Aneros. I'm going to let her give her account of it first, then I'll post about my thoughts on last night's adventure. For the sake of anticipation, today I'm smiling from ear to ear.

    Glad to be part of the forum.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Welcome Cheetah and BeardedTiger!  So happy to have the two of you here. Thank you for sharing your experiences. That's really amazing and special what the two of you have with each other. And I look forward to hearing more about your adventures together. It's always great to have the female perspective here, and I wish more would join in the conversations. And she did a great job in learning how to comfortably approach giving anal play to you in general! :)

    Somethings that come to mind from your posts:

    Please try and keep this particular thread about pegging, and make your own new topic in the forum or Blog area for your Aneros experiences in hope of trying not to let this specific thread topic become diluted and off topic.

    Please educate yourself and read this following link before buying any other toys:

    So the Misses learned what a lot of women end up finding out with using the strapless double dildo models. Definitely get a harness that accepts double dildos unless you plan on working your pelvic muscles to be really strong. The Spareparts Joque is a very well made and popular one that I can recommend.

    The Misses might also be interested that Aneros makes some toys for her. One is the Peridise, which is a unisex anal stim toy. And the other is the EVI, which is sort of the vaginal equivalent of their prostate massager's. A way for her to learn to have G-spot orgasms if she doesn't already, and exercise her pelvic muscles.

    And you Sir, I recommend you browse the forums and Aneros WIKI here to get yourself informed as you start your Aneros journey. And feel free to ask questions along the way. Were all friendly here and enjoy talking about all sorts of sexual topics.

    Thanks again for joining us here. :)
  • TurnrowTurnrow
    Posts: 154

    To Cheetah and Bearded Tiger.

    I greatly enjoyed the female-male account of your hot erogenous love making.  I surely wouldnt want to dampen your enthusiam for posting how you two go about giving each other exquisite pleasure in this new area of your lives. 

    As someone said, blogs do not invite comments as much as forum posts.  So I encourage you to either post your pegging escapades here or in a new thread as it is seldom we get to see and learn from both a female and male participant and to profit from their experiences.

    Say both of you and welcome to the Aneros boards.

  • Thanks to everyone. We really enjoy hearing everyone's feedback so we'll most likely keep posting on various threads, depending on the theme of our most recent adventure. Furthermore, We decided to also start a blog. Our romps seldom include only one theme so it will be easier to recount all of the details in one shot. We hope that you will all follow us there, as well.

    Our most recent adventure climaxed with the Aneros but only after a solid two hours of pegging. We were very eager to try some new things that we've learned. We started off much the same as the first time, with me on my stomach and her working me in. It was much easier to concentrate this time. She loves it when I'm on my back with my legs in the air, so we soon switched to that position and she gave it to me good. Again, she was using the harness with the new silicon dildo.
    This went on for quite a while because we were both so worked up and enjoying it enthusiastically. Then she said that she wanted to try something. She had a chair in the room. She got up and seductively walked over to the chair and sat down. Then she said, "Come over here, I want you to ride me like I ride you." Well, I think that we found a new favorite position. We have a wall length mirror that we positioned the chair in front of so we could both watch as I rode her. It was amazing for both of us. She really enjoyed this position because I could control the speed and pressure and she could just enjoy the ride. This was also great for me because when it felt uncomfortable, I could easily adjust myself on her and when it felt great, I could really go crazy. It was awesome.
    I'll recount the rest of the adventure on the blog. I would strongly suggest that everyone try this position. It was the hottest and most far.

    Thanks again for making us feel welcome and like a part of the family. Hints, tips and suggestions are always welcome and appreciated.
  • CheetahCheetah
    Posts: 0
    Hi again, everyone! Thank you for your warm welcome, advice, and suggestions. I am on my way out of town and will resume posting next week. I'm going to miss my Tiger while I'm gone, but I'm sure he can find some ways to amuse himself... ;)

    See you next week!
  • The only time bending over in quick dry cement might be fun! :-))
    pegging cement.jpg
    218 x 231 - 7K
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    @BeardedTiger - Awesome! And thanks for the update. I'm happy for you two and also politely envious. And please don't feel like you can't share an Aneros experience that was part of your pegging session in this thread. I'm just trying to gently discourage people from sharing just Aneros stuff in this thread since it is dedicated to pegging.

    Sounds like you two are enthusiastically jumping into this! The chair position you both tried is one that user Ruby Ryder has recommended quite a bit as being fun, erotic, and also great for women new to pegging, as this gives her an opportunity to rest and not have to do the thrusting while she's building up her strength, endurance, and fine motor control of the hip rocking thrusting motion.

    @Cheetah - Safe journey's to you! And I'm sure he will. He might even have some thing new and hot to show you when you get back! ;)  And thank you once again for taking the time to participate here in the Aneros forum. I know for a fact that most of the men here truly enjoy having women speak their mind and share their experiences here. :)
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 717

    I'll recount the rest of the adventure on the blog.

    Where is this blog?  for some reason, I just can't seem to find it.
  • The Blog will be posted tomorrow. I've been busy since Cheetah left.
  • The blog is up now. Please post comments there, as well. I have a feeling that Tuesday's entry will be pretty exciting. I've got plans for when Cheetah gets home.
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 854

    I've looked for your blog, but can't find it. Please post a link.



  • Here's the link,

    Working on the next post now.
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 854
    Thanks, Tiger.

    Great blog entries. You two ought to enter the Sex Olympics, make a movie or something.



  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 854
    Long amateur pegging video. Very realistic. Worth watching:

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,711
    At long last we've gained our "Apprentice Ticket" in the "UPP" (Union of Peggers and Pegees) :big grin:

    I "proposed" from afar--while on an overseas trip.  In a call home I asked for some industrial strength ass play when I got back home, outlined a few details or which toys to use, and said I'd be "Eternally Greatful."  

    No mounting or harness work yet.  it was all simple 'sawing' with two of our dildos and a gloved finger massage after 90 minutes of mixed couples foreplay.  I don't forsee any bare-handed action but this was way beyond my fantasies of the last three years.   Gloves I can live with :)

    By the fourth stroke, orgasmic energy shot from my prostate into my Dan Tien, Chest and Crown like a shot of hot quicksilver ... after that I quit counting and was penis unaware !  

    Imitation is indeed a grand form of admiration.  She seems to be duplicating many of my copulatory moves and thrusting rates.  She is also adding some artistic "micro moves" in the routine.. tiny strokes that I bet she'd like to experience.

    This adds a new avenue of communication between us that we've missed out on for years.

    Damn, I like this!  ... rook