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Any opinions on the percentage of guys that can't actually do this?
  • JRS7JRS7
    Posts: 23
    Driving along today, and had a thought about this journey.  It's been very frustrating for me, seem to make progress at times, but now seem to have just topped out for the past several months.  Been about a year and a half since I discovered this site and bought my first Aneros, and now have 3 total.  I've had probably a half a dozen little prostate orgasms over that time (Mini-o's?), but not anything at all in the past 9 months or so.  And never a single orgasm with the Aneros inserted, all of the Mini-o's have come with nothing inserted.  I've tried to just 'enjoy what my body is giving' and don't try to make anything happen, always reading here.  I have begun to wonder if maybe I just can't get any further, and wonder if I should just give it up.  I understand what the 'Involuntary contractions' are now, I will feel them 1 or 2 at a time.  Anything more than 1 or 2 for me is so rare as to suggest coincidence.

    Which made me think:  I wonder what the percentage is over the years of guys that couldn't do it, and gave up?  I realize I can't ask that question because any of them wouldn't still be here reading if that was the case, but I wonder if any of the longtimers have an opinion?  Do there seem to be large numbers of people that come and go?  Is this possibly something that is just for a few lucky ones, with the rest of us not having the ability to use our prostate in this way?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    Greetings from Norway!

    There is a poll on this forum of how long it took people to get there, but it doesn`t really involve those that haven`t gotten there... nor those that gave up.

    Now that I`m a month and about eleven sessions into this I have come to terms with it not beeing about the super O, but rather the journey like every seasoned aneroser here would tell you. As long as it feels good I suggest you keep doing it. Read, experiment and get to know your body and inner sensations.

    Personally I`ve gotten where I can`t wait until the next session. I actually get butterflies thinking about it. I never amagined I would become so caught up in this world of rear-end pleasure. I am straight as can be, so I`m amazed by this.

    Have had some interesting feelings but not dry orgasms, super Os or anything like that.

    I just enjoy my sessions and won`t stop anytime soon.

    Also.. I don`t think such a poll would be good for sales on this site, and it wouldn`t really show who can`t do it.... Just those who have given up.
    Last but not least, I really do want aneros to make money, so that they can keep researching, making and testing new designes for us and keep this forum open.
  • I feel you. I have been a serious aneros user for about two years. However I have owned the little sucker for about five. The first three years I only felt about ninty percent uncomfortably sensations and ten percent good ones. I had basically given up and just thrown it in my nightstand. But for some reason I stuck with it. The past two years have felt great. With every session a new and exciting sensation. I believe that tha forum played a great role in helping me recognize these new feelings. No orgasms yet though. My Involuntaries are just like yours . One or two and they are long gone. I did have what I believe was my very first mini o last night with my aneros in right before making love to my wife. I am scared to label this because I think worrying about the milestones are what held me back. I feel like you and I are around the same progress but the difference is that I am excited about it and you are frustrated with it. It may just be a point of view. Don't give up. Stay with it. I feel like you are closer than you think. I hope this will encourage you to keep going because we are all capable of accomplishing something great with this magical little device. It's just hard learning how to drive it.
  • xtimedt69xtimedt69
    Posts: 700

    I have been at this about 6 to 8 weeks. No Super O's, No Mini O's. But I do get an incredible feeling out of it that makes me yearn to do it again. Perhaps I started out with the desire to clean out my prostate and to increase prostate health, not as a sexual journey. So I had no expectations at all.

    But once I started, I got a LOT of additional benefits. To me it just feels good on it's own merits, tingly, not uncomfortable at all, some times amazing. I just relax and let whatever happens happen. Sometimes I let my mind get ahead of me, when it starts building and I think I chase off the advanced sensations.

    I am more active with It than some with about 5 sessions a week. Everyone has different approaches. I have a couple guys I talk to who must be rested, I have the best sessions when I am actually a bit tired, I relax more. When I am rested, then I am restless and I can not relax. I just lay there thinking.

    I have said elsewhere that this is the biggest "Mind F%^K" I have ever known. When I think about it less, I get better results.

    If I were to break it down for me it is more meditation than sex.

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    meditation,  yes !

    One of my first mentors, Arctic Wolves, had a 'sig-line' which read:   "Never regret what you don't have for that regret will destroy what you do have.  --Never give up!  "

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @JRS7 - That would be interesting information to know. But like you said, where not likely to ever know. If you want to talk in terms of results, you're actually farther along than I am. I've only had I think, two mini-O's in over six years of practice. I do get regular and consistent involuntary anal contractions. But that only developed in the last year or year and a half. Progress for some men like me comes in small increments over time. Because of this, I practice as often as I can, often daily, to try and speed up my progress. Other guys that experience this may not be patient enough to try and stick it out.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    JRS7 said:

    ...I wonder what the percentage is over the years of guys that couldn't do it, and gave up? ... Do there seem to be large numbers of people that come and go?  Is this possibly something that is just for a few lucky ones, with the rest of us not having the ability to use our prostate in this way?

    I've been a regular member of this forum for nearly six years now and have seen dozens of posts similar to yours lamenting the fact the author was frustrated about not achieving "expected" results. Several of those posters have avowed to give up their Aneros practice because of their lack of success. While it might be interesting to know the percentage of men who abandon use of their devices because they weren't achieving their desired results, I wonder if knowing that percentage would really help anyone. Would it motivate a man to be more or less patient? Would it motivate a man to learn more, experiment more or would he feel the odds were against him?

    There are several thousand Aneros Forum members but at any one time there are probably only a couple hundred who are actively posting. These are mainly the newbies who come here to learn the techniques which may lead them to the storied "Super-O" experience. Once they start to experience these on a consistent basis, they've learned what they wanted/needed to know and no longer post to the Forum. I think this is quite natural and is not an indication of abandoning the practice.

    There are "...a few lucky ones..." who seem to be naturally gifted with immediate and dramatic responses to their Aneros practice. Their testimonials are an advertiser's dream to create the 'sizzle' for future sales. There are also the members who readily progress in incremental steps over a period of time until they too achieve consistent results. There are the 'grinders' who are hopeful and diligently keep practicing despite their apparent lack of significant progress.

    I would guess that 95% of all men are healthy enough and have the physical ability to derive pleasure from prostate massage. Only a small percentage of those men are likely to pursue prostate massage as a routine activity. Of those that do pursue this activity, I'll bet that more than 2/3's of them are deriving pleasure from the practice, we'll probably never know the percentage of users who actually achieve Super-O's
    image Good Vibes to You ! image

  • xtimedt69xtimedt69
    Posts: 700

    I have a very dear friend and he and I have been like brothers for decades. 10 days ago I told him about my Aneros activity and the next day he ordered one. He started with it last Thursday has had 6 sessions on the second one was describing what I think were P waves and on Saturday Morning he described the building of Mini O's

    He has a very patient and Zen like mind capable of tuning out mind noise. He is already farther along than I am. But I don't measure my success by his and Truthfully I don't care for the word success in this activity, The first thing I did when I started this and read what other people had reported was to try to remove expectations and enjoy what I get from it.

  • HellyesHellyes
    Posts: 37
    I understand your frustration and doubt.  

    Here is one of my posts detailing my path and initial doubts:

    Since this post I have had many sessions, most with "lesser" results. Quotes added since the act of assigning and tracking milestones and evaluating how good it is almost always adversely affects the act itself.

    This forum is correct.  It is the act in of itself. It is your mental state and it is about letting go.  Good luck.
  • LinumLinum
    Posts: 227
    rook said:

    meditation,  yes !

    One of my first mentors, Arctic Wolves, had a 'sig-line' which read:   "Never regret what you don't have for that regret will destroy what you do have.  --Never give up!  "

    I would have thought that the most frequent reason for people giving up on the aneros, is their mental approach to their aneros use.  Some guys just don't seem to have the right approach, and therefore just don't get it.

    I have read here before, that Myers-Briggs personality type is a useful indicator of how easy or how difficult it is to achieve results.  As an INFJ - the J or judging aspect of my personality has definitely slowed progress in the past, but has fortunately been partly offset by my intuitive (N) side. If you have a type that has a **TJ (thinking and judging on the end), then you are likely to find the whole process a lot harder to grapple with, unless you have some super-good-luck right at the beginning (?).

    The more I go on, the more important it seems is the psychology of all this is.  It is quite intriguing really, because a certain amount of humility and abandonment of your ego, is more important than thinking your way through this, and pushing to get a result.  It is very counter-intuitive - but I rather like (even love) that irony.

    Good luck guys