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question for the straight guys.......
  • i'm in a serious relationship and it seems like this is gonna take quite abit of time before i master it. whats the best way to introduce this to your partner???? i'm thinking of buying her a vibrator then being like "now guess what i got for me???????"............any suggestions???
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    Not a bad idea, then you'd both have some fun. It's important to do it as soon as possible. I bought mine for medicinal purposes but that made an easier introduction because I emphasized how much it was helping (and it was). My wife probably was a little jealous of it at first thinking she'd be replaced! I assured her they were two totally different experiences and it seems I want it more now than before if that's even possible!! She got into it after she saw the action and knew she could be involved. Makes it much easier on you if you can draw her in as well.

    Some of our absolute best are shared times and she takes the "remote control" toying with me, brushing, pinching and chewing nipples, etc. She's learning what sets it off and enjoys the trip. If the partner's really into control then she may even enjoy inserting it.
  • zanyozanyo
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    Just ask her if she would do a prostate massage for you with a latex glove , tell her it is really interesting because if you drain it halfway you can stay hard for hours, and it's really fun to do and she will learn something.

    Explain to her what it feels like that there are three bumps and a really tickly part in the middle which is like a G. spot and maybe it will get her interest.

    If she is squeamish about all that, she does not find it appealing at all at least to begin with .
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    Can you or anyone explain the internal anatomy so that we know which bumps to look for? What are these three bumps? I know the middle one must be the prostate, but, what are the other two?