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What DOES (or might) happen if you take a nap with your Aneros in?
  • Would that be sort of like sleep learning?
    If you take a nap with your Aneros in, would your body maybe be rewiring itself while you're sleeping?
    I don't plan on ever doing it when I am going to sleep for the night with or without work the next day.
    I mean though, if you say, set a wakeup alarm for maybe 90 minutes, put the Aneros in, and just relax and take a nap.

    Would this be helpful to get your body to more easily rewire itself better or faster?

  • xtimedt69xtimedt69
    Posts: 700
    They don't recommend it but I have slept with it. I didn't sleep well because it tickles you all night. Some guys sleep fine. Do not do it with Progasm. Too big. Ask @braveneworld

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    I'm a little surprised by your inquiry into this approach given the early success you were gifted to receive. This question has been asked numerous times over the years but I don't think there is any definitive proof that it is advantageous. Numerous members have tried (myself included) and some regularly do (see posts by 'ten_s_nut') sleep with their Aneros massagers in situ.

    "If you take a nap with your Aneros in, would your body maybe be rewiring itself while you're sleeping? ... Would this be helpful to get your body to more easily rewire itself better or faster?"

    I do recognize the powerful effect the subconscious has on our learning and behavior patterns but I am doubtful this practice (sleeping/napping w/Aneros) is a particularly useful practice to accomplish any kind of accelerated rewiring. IMHO, it is when one is in a relaxed mental state with clear consciouness that the learning lessons conveyed by the body are most readily adopted for future use and progress. It is when we have an open mind, free of preconceptions & expectations and receptive to accepting these new sensations that real progress happens.

    Even if some sensations were to occur during these naps, how effective would you be able to incorporate them into your rewiring process? Your conscious mind has to be an active participant in this rewiring process to get into your zoneros.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • Hi rumel.
    I must admit that it was curiosity after reading some of the posts that made me ask.
    I figured that it might be as you say. Your conscious mind has to be an active participant.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 578
    Nothing, really--for me at least--and as pointed out wouldn't recommend it with the large models.  Sometimes you'll forget with the smaller more comfortable ones and fall asleep and wake up a couple hours realizing it's still in there.  I've never awakened with any pleasurable sensations when this has happened though.  It's something you have to work on while awake to learn the sensations and how to amplify them into dry orgasms.
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,101
    Well I am one of those people that sleeps with the aneros. (only occasionally).
    With the progasm never again! It caused a terrible roid flair up which has not gone completely after a week so far.

    As for helix and eupho no problems at all.
    The helix is what I started with and It gives me weird erotic dreams in which the aneros is in the dreams itself.
    I believe that sleeping with the aneros in sped up my rewireing. It is like it changed the way my rear works.
    My rear as soon as I relax in the slightest way starts to twitch as if the aneros is in there.
    If I lay on my side that is it, a anerosless session starts, I have no say in it. 
    It is not every night that things happen.
    I have been awoken due to orgasms sometimes.
    I have awoken in the early morning and the the aneros has started a session and because I am so relaxed things happen that dont happen in normal awake sessions.
    I would suggest that the eupho is the best for sleeping with.
    I have not tried a helix syn thought it might be softer.
    I have woken up sore and I have woken up horny and I have woken up tired as hell but then other times fefreshed.

    I love the feeling of the aneros after a session as it twitches away for hours and you just drift off to sleep as the p-waves gently pulse through your body and then if you awaken in the night the waves are still going of if not just think about it and they start.
    Some nights have been the best in my life. The aneros has made slow gentle love to me all night long.
    Other nights nothing and others iterupted degrigated sleep.
    Miss aneros has a mind of her own and you will never know what she is going to dish out!

    Advice Lube is key!
    Coat the aneros with Vaseline and prelube 5 mls in your butt of your favourite lube. I use waterbased lube but sometimes add a silicone lube chaser. 1ml. 
    You wont dryout with that combo.
    If I had to sum it up its like a babys pacifier over extended periods. If your butt is wired just so it just relaxes and sucks on the aneros constantly with content!
    If you try it I hope you feel the satisfaction that those of us that do get as it is a beautiful thing.
    Like all of this it might not happen first thing!
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    5ml with lube?? crazy.. if I go over 2ml I have to take a dump IMMEDIATELY and get a feeling of having diarreah.
    Slept with helix twice.. woken up tired and without results so far.
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,101
    @Alex_xx sounds like you are sensitive to the ingredients of your lube and/or have not had a clean out first.
    I seem to not have any problem with my lube ingredients and it is so cheap too. I must be lucky in that respect.
     Maybe you should try a different lube just to see what happens.
  • spyegspyeg
    Posts: 24
    @Alex_xxx Then you are sensitive to the ingredients of your lube (as @braveneworld mentioned). There's a particular lube that I've tried that gives me an immediate need to defecate upon even the slightest amount (even if it's just a lubed up finger). I've also tried lubes that I can put in more than 5ml and have no problems for hours upon hours. You just need to find a lube that your body agrees with.
  • TickleTickle
    Posts: 31
    I fell asleep with the aneros in (not intentionally) in the first week after I bought it (helix). i reckon I must have been asleep about an hour an on waking I couldn't believe the feeling I was getting down there in the prostate area. I will try to describe it but words just won't come near. I awoke to feel what only I can describe as something that felt mechanical/electrical, it was like a constant buzzing but along with that there was this steady heavy pulsating thing going on, so like two things happening at the same time. This feeling was what I can only describe as unbelievably erotic to wake up to and I actually thought at the time that this must be impossible. Upon waking and becoming more aware this feeling kind of eased off and stopped probably through my conscious awareness intervening with the process which kind of disappointed me a bit but I was still feeling in awe of what i had just felt. Since then (about 4 weeks ago) I havn't had a repeat of anything similar to that event even though I have fallen asleep a few time with the aneros in hoping of a repeat of it. But if thats a little taste of what this thing can do then I certainly won't be disappointed.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    @Bravenewworld.... Interesting comment on dreams.  

    For the last year I have had short dream snippets of some unrecognizable person handing me an Aneros toy.  Most times it's a female but sometimes a male.   No particular model but usually white.  I don't awaken.  The dream moves on to something else less memorable.

    Most times I'm not inserted when this happens.  No clue what the symbolism might be.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392
    I took a week off prior to a PSA test. That was really difficult.

    So following the morning test, I can't stand it any longer, pop it in, and took a somewhat distracted nap. The Syn was really moving around. Later, I wake up to my missus crawling up on me and messing with some REALLY, REALLY sensitive body parts. She supports and participates in my practice, but didn't know I had it in. It was a pretty intense afternoon.

    So, my conclusion is, napping with your Aneros is just fine. Pretty darned fine.