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An Aneros Autof**k Quantum Leap with the Maximus!
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    Hi guys,

    About a couple months ago, I began to experience a profound blessing from my Aneros sessions. I discovered from my Aneros models that if I allow each of my Aneros models to "neck" my prostate that the pleasure would build as my prostate would get rockhard, very much an erect penis. Then something amazing would happen, I would let go and let my Aneros models autof**k my prostate. Actually this process is similar to a guy riding a bicycle with no hands. Initially I discovered Aneros autof**king from Maximus, then my three Progasm models, and then finally with both Helix Classic and Syn. In variably, the ride would be wild, engendering pleasure immeasurable!

    Usually my Aneros autof**k strokes are quick and rapid, very much in jackrabbit fashion. When this happens with my three Progasm models, the Progasm pummels my prostate which in itself is absolutely wild.

    But Thursday morning, my Maximus caused me to take a quantum leap with Aneros autof**king. My autof**k strokes with Maximus were long, slow, and deep. I have never experienced sexual intercourse vaginally with a woman, nor have I had anal sex with a guy. But I wonder what I experienced Thursday with Maximus was very close to true, classic f**king.

    Have other guys on our Forum experienced Aneros autof**king? What was/is it like?

    Take care,

  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    Thom,  Ive had the autofucking with my prograsm.  It is very nice.  For me its a pretty steady pace, though with my helix it tends to do the jackrabbit thing.  I would say its similar to sex with a woman, though im not a woman, so not sure exactly how it would feel to her.  Never had sex with a man either, but have played around with inserting things in my anus.  So again not really able to compare that either.  Typically penetration with a penis is more in and out motion, whereas the progasm isnt really going in and out, its really just rocking back and forth.  Hope that helps.
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    Hi @ineverknew,

    I am curious in what position or pose do you use for the Progasm. Do you lie on your back with your butt on a pillow, or on your side? Or do you let your Progasm ride you doggie style, or do you lie on your belly and rock back and forth?

    There used to be a guy on from the UK with the handle Redbeard2000. He has three wild Xtube videos of him lying on his belly and rocking back and forth with the Progasm inserted. In that pose in his videos, he has some wild involuntaries.

    Generally all my Aneros session are held with me lying on my back and my butt on a folded pillow.

  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    Thom,  I generally lay on my back with my knees bent sideways.  It makes a diamond shape inbetween my legs, though sometimes i bend only one leg and keep the other straight.  I have also had this happen when lying on my side, sort of a fetal position with a pillow between my legs.  There are some times in this position the thing pounds the crap out of me and i tend to feel a little sore down there afterwards, not painful though.  I have tried your method of lying on a pillow, but tends to make my back hurt after a little while.  I also have tried laying on my back and resting my legs on the seating area of a chair or sofa, which is nice.
  • diemdiem
    Posts: 36
    I tried yesterday for the first time a doggie like position with my head on pillow. I imagined I was fucking a girl but instead of feeling my penis inside of her, I was feeling what she would feel but in my arse...

    I don't think it's the same thing but I asked my gf how it was when I was giving her those mind-blowing whole body orgasm when I finger her and she said all she feels is a point that is feeling good. It keeps getting better until she has an orgasm. As I was contracting my aneros and imagining having sex with her, I had this in mind and it seemed to correspond exactly to her description of vaginal orgasm that I ended having that feeling of being fucked... Anyway it sure is bizarre and it is probably not exactly what a girl or guy being fucked would feel like but I think it's quite close to in term of sensation if you have an orgasm while being fucked. You end up feeling only the pleasure point and it doesn't matter if that's a penis or an aneros.
  • Wow. I'm a little jealous because the "autofuck" is something I've always wanted to experience but it just hasn't happened yet.

    Not that I'm complaining about all the stuff that has happened, mind you ... :)
  • @diem was yours whole body? That's what I'm working on getting now. Expanding those meridians is tough!
  • what is "neck?" thanks
  • airbagairbag
    Posts: 137
    diem said:

    I tried yesterday for the first time a doggie like position with my head on pillow. I imagined I was fucking a girl but instead of feeling my penis inside of her, I was feeling what she would feel but in my arse...
  • ClenchyClenchy
    Posts: 224
    I also don't understand what you mean by "neck", can you describe it in more detail?

    I'm really trying to figure out this auto-fucking thing. I think I got close with the eupho. It was a very slow and shallow movement, but it felt great.
    I'd appreciate tips if anyone else has them.
  • @BigGlansDC - I'm curious BGD, what kind of lubing do you do? Do you prelube and if so, with what? And the same thing with what you use on the aneros itself. I imagine partial success with getting auto banged is being nice and loose down there.
  • Hi @Clenchy,

    As regards your question on Aneros "necking," I took my cue from what lovers do when they make out (viz. necking = neck on neck) in the early stages of foreplay before they get down to the main course of sexual intercourse. ;) So when I let my Maximus, Eupho Syn, Helix Syn, Progasm Junior, or Progasm tools lie upon my prostate, pleasure begins to build. My prostate begins to quiver, even "boil" with pleasure. Then my tool begins to move on its own in and out, "autof**king." I wrote my post on this one issue in March 2013 just as I beginning to develop techniques for free and easy action, which is absolutely pleasurable. However since last summer, the rhythm of my tools varies from session to session. I may experience fast or slow strokes, and also shallow or deep strokes. It is all so absolutely beautiful! ;) :D :D

    And @HopefulMMOer, since last winter, I have been using extra virgin olive oil as my preferred lube. I use the Pompeian brand imported from Italy. Yes, I always prelube again with extra virgin olive oil. Also I always try to take a BM an hour or so before my sessions. Doing that, as you say, enables me to be "down and loose down there."

    Hope this helps,

  • @BigGlansDC - A big help man! I've always struggled with the whole lube idea for fear of how intimate it is in regards to its contact with the rectum. I also imagine at one point it will get absorbed into the skin \ tissue. So I take it you haven't had any problems with the virgin oil? And would just any ole oil work? Thanks for the help!
  • Hi @HopefulMMOer,

    Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) has worked very well with me. But you need to realize that every brand of EVOO is not suitable for Aneros use. Please see @ineverknew's article on this which he posted on our Forum a couple months ago on this matter. In his article, he posted a link to a list of approved EVOO brands:

    Take care,

  • @BigGlansDC - Great stuff... I take it the domestic stuff from California is better then... And these brands as well... So just confirm, you've never had any issues? And what kind do you use?
    • Corto Olive
    • California Olive Ranch
    • Kirkland Organic
    • Lucero (Ascolano)
    • McEvoy Ranch Organic
    • Pompeian
  • newguy8newguy8
    Posts: 192
    So basically u just relax yur hole n let the model yur usin move in n out on its own accord...?
  • Hi @HopefulMMOer,

    I have not had any bad reactions from extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) at all. It works so well as a lube on all my models on my Aneros Team. EVOO is so sleek and smooth. It never dries out like Glide. @ineverknew warned against adulterated EVOO with additives that may cause bad reactions. 

    I use the Pompeian brand which is imported directly from Italy. An 8 fluid oz.--7 inch tool bottle of Pompeian I get at a local grocery for about $5-6 dollars. It lasts a long time because I use so little of it for each of my Aneros tools. Also I anoint my middle finger with this EVOO which I stick up my butthole as a prelube before I begin a session. Yeah, it is so hot that way! :D :D ;)

    newguy8 said:

    So basically u just relax yur hole n let the model yur usin move in n out on its own accord...?

    Relaxation with Aneros, @newguy8, is a gradual process that takes patience and practice. Likewise self-propelling of the Aneros tool inside you takes time. Just allow yourself to enjoy each session.

  • @BigGlansDC - Sounds like it fires on all cylinders so to speak... I just got back and have in my possession Pompeian imported organic EVOO - First Cold Press!
  • @BigGlansDC - Also, is auto-banging a prerequisite for a FBO \ SO? Can you get there without it? I would certainly think it's a telltale sign of great things to come though!
  • Hi @HopefulMMOer,

    oh ok, FBO / SO means Full Body Orgasm / Spontaneous Orgasm, I think. :)

    As regards your question, every guy is different. So I do not think that auto-banging is a prerequisite for the orgasm enumerated above. Just have lots of fun and pleasure with your Aneros tools and see what happens.

  • @BigGlansDC - Yep, I'm big on the acronyms! But as always thanks for the help!

    So you like what I got, the Pompeian imported EVOO?
  • Yes, @HopefulMMOer, I certainly like Pompeian imported EVOO. ;) It works very well as a lube and no adverse reactions whatsoever. It is sold at stores here in the Washington, DC area. I hope it is sold wherever you live. :D
  • Yep, no complaints so far, though I'm thinking of using an eye dropper with my next session to get more in.
  • Hi @HopefulMMOer, I think you are on the right track as EVOO as a lube.I hear that coconut oil is also good as a lube. I saw near the various brands of EVOO at the grocery store where I bought Pompeian.
  • Yeah I might give that a try as well, hoping it's an easy in person buy!
  • @HopefulMMOer, both EVOO and coconut oil brands are ordinary grocery items in most large cities. Even adult products such as AstroGlide are found on open drugstore shelves. No problem!
  • Haha, yeah I've seen the glide in drug stores of course... Just like, coconut and its oil was just never on my radar!