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P-wave control
  • WiredWired
    Posts: 83
    Hello to everyone on the aneros forum,

    Ive been a reader for some time now, after purchasing my Maximus roughly 7 months ago, and would like to thank you all for all the information provided as it has certainly helped me to progress on my own journey. I have not yet reached the elusive Super-O but certainly have some promising signs that im getting close. Although i do have alot of questions ill keep my first thread centered around P-waves. My first experience with P-waves came after awakening my prostate only say a week after purchasing the maximus. I woke up at night after a session or 2 earlier that evening, to find I had a very nice feeling within my stomach/pelvis. This lasted a minute or 2, and seemed to drift off as i became more aware from waking up.

    I had not experienced these again until several days ago (which was a big motivator for me to get back onto the forum and post up a thread). I took a several month break from my aneros use mainly due to dissapointment with my aneros sessions, But as of late i have made a strong concious effort to enjoy my aneros time regardless of the end goal. I know this has been said many times before, But this made ALL the difference to my sessions. Removing expectations allowed me to focus on what WAS happening instead of what wasnt. This has had a big impact on my awareness of my prostate and i believe moved me much closer to the end goal of a super-O. Ok so thats out of the way; heres where im at.

    I have been succesful in producing P-waves only Without my aneros (I find the aneros terribly distracting). I must first become aroused, the more, the better. once aroused i am able to focus clearly on my prostate, and can then begin what feels like small contractions of my pc muscles. if i do this whilst concentrating, arousal will cascade from my prostate into my penis which feels nice, and then in turn generates more arousal. This arousal is what i can eventually turn into p waves. The way that i did it was to watch a suitable flick, and focus strongly on the arousal within my prostate, This made my dick very hard (i mean that the porno provides a small ammount of initial arousal, But focusing on my prostate takes this to a new level). Once the arousal has built up to a much higher level, I have been able to take my focus off of my now swollen prostate (i mention this because it becomes MUCH easier to recycle arousal once my prostate is swollen) and apply focus to the end of my penis. To my suprise i started to generate Very pleasent feelings from the tip of my penis through into my abdomen. I did this for roughly 10 cycles enjoying every one before getting an idea! What if i try to send these p-waves to my balls?! Wow. Even better, I spent similar ammounts of time learning about these and for the most part just enjoying them. Ok so heres the final part to my rant, and my main point i want to raise, I finally tried one last thing, I tried to generate P-waves in my upper left arm, Using the same techniques, and with no more effort i was easily able to bring the p-waves up into my arm. I will be investigating further, But was wondering if this is the normal response to P-waves and is being able to chose there location normal.

    TL;DR  -   Can most people who are able to generate p-waves without an aneros, send p-waves to specific locations in there bodies?

  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    sounds like your on the path to me.  I hvent personally tried much with p waves, but I know some of the other guys on this forum have been able to just what you are talking about, forget what its called, sexual chi or something, which allows you to do just what your describing, maybe they can chime in hear and help you out.  I dont know much about the subject.
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    it's all in your head.. and I mean that. if you truly achieve mind over body and even control your subconsious.... then you can even change the pulse rate from each of your arms. no, arm pulse isn't nessiceraly your hearbeat.
    so you can fool yourself to feeling something, like the pwaves. its the same as contracting your muscles consiously. but physically there is no such thing as a pwave to the arm... unless you mean that your muscles contracted invoulantary in a specific order all the way from P to your arm.
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    Hi @wired, I am much intrigued in your technique of sending sexual energy in the form of P-waves to various parts of your body. Just wait what you can accomplish when you achieve Super-O's and MMO's!

  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 390
    I've played around with this a bit. I have no idea why it works and that's why it's fun! So far, I can regularly send P-waves to my hands, feet, forehead, cheeks, and scalp.

    Can anyone explain how this is possible or what is happening?

  • WiredWired
    Posts: 83
    Alex - "unless you mean that your muscles contracted invoulantary in a specific order all the way from P to your arm."

    Not exactly. It would seem that i was able to focus somewhere inside my body, and P-waves would radiate outwards from where i was focusing. No muscle contractions.

    After 2 sessions of this working, I have since not been able to generate p-waves at all, i think mostly due to me not being able to raise my arousal enough without ejaculating, I have tried since to strongly resist ejaculating to reach p-waves, And have taken on daily PC exercises to control this. I found that when trying to resist ejaculating in this way, i ended up milking my prostate in a prolonged less intense orgasm with Lots of cum. Although its nice to be able to have handsfree orgasms, im really more interested in getting back to the P-waves as i have one more thing i wanted to try. Ive since introduced some light meditation before my sessions and would like to try and really focus my arousal to my brain, Im not yet sure if this will have any effect at all, or excellent results!

  • WiredWired
    Posts: 83
    Ok so i realise that Handsfree orgasms are a nice outcome, and so i figured you guys might like to try this at some point. I will expand on what ive already said in my first post to try and explain my technique.

    For me atleast, whenever i see an attractive lady, pornos etc. my arousal begins to build almost immediatly, I notice that i get a quick jolt of what i called "arousal" earlier before my PC muscles instinctively flex and lift my penis up. Try it out for yourself to understand. Put some porn on and Really focus on what is happening to your prostate and penis whilst first becoming aroused/erect, atleast with time you may notice that theres a 2 part response happening here. The first quick jolt of "arousal" followed by the PC muscles lifting your dick, whilst making you erect. When i say im "concentrating" what im doing is Picturing the shape and location of my prostate whilst at the same time, trying to focus on that initial feeling whilst delaying the jerk up effect from my dick/pc muscles. It took a small amount of time to control the delay, But once i had that down pat, it wasnt long before i had my first handsfree orgasm.  To sum up what ive said, i use these steps:

    1. Put porn on
    2a. Focus on producing arousal typically with some good porn, and then delaying the second reaction to your arousal (i do not delay this for too long as it results in loss of arousal, 10-15 seconds is good for me)
    2b. Focus on the shape of my prostate (i made this up in my head, but helps nicely) and its location and lastly its condition (my prostate gets really tight and hard when i do this, Which for me allows me to easily switch the focus from my prostate to delaying my arousal.

    2. Really you need to be doing both 2a and 2b at the same time, and its juggling between the two efficiently and at the correct timing to almost rythmically raise arousal to the point that you cannot contain yourself. (Watch porn, focus shape and arousal typically with my eyes closed, When arousal falls, open my eyes for a few seconds to watch more porn and raise arousal again for another attempt. The more attempts the further i get, the better it feels. Until the inevitable.)

    Honestly i feel this is quite easy to achieve with practise. Whilst aware of my prostate already (a big advantage), this did not take me long to achieve. Not bad considering i wasnt trying for this.  I am by no means experienced in this yet and im sure theres alot more to be said on the topic, I hope this can help others to practise and learn there own techniques that work best. End rant
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    Wired - "Not exactly. It would seem that i was able to focus somewhere inside my
    body, and P-waves would radiate outwards from where i was focusing. No
    muscle contractions."

    Then you might be left with three or four alternatives as I see it.
    1.Neurosignal "dud`s", signals that realy don`t do much, like a dud mine. Althought you shouldn`t really feel them.
    2. Or, maybe you`re influencing your blood vessels by sending signals through your subconsious (this has beed done and prooved before under ultra-deep -the deepest level- hypnosis.
    3. Altering your own heat: you might actually be telling your cells... to tell their mitocondria... then tell the next cell in the pattern (out to the limb you are focusing on) ---to pump up the heat!
    4. A ghost sensation, like ghost-pain. The same as: if you amputate your limb then you can suddenly feel pain in that limb even though it`s not there. Because it`s all about signals in your brain. In other words, you`re believing so hard that this is happening that your brain tells you it is, even though it`s no real bodily function.
  • WiredWired
    Posts: 83
    Alex, Option 4 seems to me like the closest to the money.

    I have been dabling in some meditation for a little while, and thanks to ineverknew, have done more research today with regards to Ching Chi. Whilst i was reading into it, There was a qoute from someone that said, You should never try to pinpoint any part within the body, as it is a distraction from your chi, I thought about this and closed my eyes, and within 5 seconds i felt really light headed, and then fell into a fairly deep state in which i was now completely unaware of my body boundaries, I was in a big empty space, and the only 2 things there were my brain, and my prostate. I got there via the realisation that my prostate and brain were not infact seperated (my instinct suggested this to me due to the space between them) But very much connected. With this idea now in my head i had a surge of intense pleasure, But i must also admit that this was by far the deepest state ive been in, and due to the quick jump in i was somewhat frightened out of this state due to unclear thought, shallow breathing and increased heart rate. Im hoping to get more used to these states and not to bite off more than i can chew.  Theres alot yet for me to learn from this, it seems ever changing (which is half the fun!)

    Edited for accuracy
  • WiredWired
    Posts: 83 classic of su nu&f=false

    This link has a great explanation for what i have described. I highly recommend reading this>
    Although not yet tested im pretty sure i can send my arousal into a female vagina through the delaying process i described, and stimulate her with my chi. If i had a partner who was able to do the same, we can practise to achieve true love and walk with god. Heavy.