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Newbie with a few quick questions...
  • Hello all, long time dreamer first time poster. For a while this idea of the MMO has intrigued me, for obvious reasons. After a lot of researching and soul searching, I bought the MGX. I didn't try it right away as I don't live alone, but when i did have a chance, well I don't regret buying it.

    Now I didn't get the desired MMO, however I'm glad I had the time to learn about it... Naturally I have some questions \ issues that any help or thoughts on would be appreciated.

    First, I bought a fleet enema and used it... I believe I used it properly but I sound doubtful because after following the instructions and waiting, when I sat on the toilet and it came out, well it was pretty much clear. So, is this normal? I hadn't had a BM for a while and didn't have one on deck, but when I used the enema and it was clear, well I was just surprised.

    So then I was able to get the MGX in and after slowing getting used to it, I found that it didn't hurt, I was able to move around and walk (which I doubted at first) but really didn't feel anything honestly.

    Now, I know this takes time and practice, but I have two concerns.. One is, should I get a bigger one because I really didn't feel it there? And two, I have internal hemorrhoids (lovely!). Other then occasional bleeding, which can be a lot but nothing painful, I don't have any issues. Should I keep up with the MGX or bigger knowing this?

    Thanks in advance!
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,098
    @HopefulMMOer . Welcome to the forum.
    If its clean then your on dude, be happy.
    If you get a bigger one it will play havoc with your roids.
    I have the progasm and if flares up my roids on the outside of my hole the helix and eupho dont upset my roids at all.

    You do know that walking around is not how its done dont you?
    Please read the aneros wikki for instructions.
    It will take many months of practice before you start to get results, but boy when you do you will wish you had started years ago!

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    @hopefulMMOer - As long as you bought a water based Fleet, or equivalent store brand type enema, dumped out the enema solution, rinsed the container, and refilled with clean water, you should be fine. (Clean the nozzle and container and re-use for future sessions if necessary)  If it came out clear, it just means you had no fecal matter in your rectum. I personally find for the smaller models like the MGX that you bought, that doing a quick rectal rinse is not really necessary for myself. It's the larger models like the Progasm, Maximus, and Vice where it becomes more crucial to allow it to move freely if there is fecal matter in the rectum. But it also just depends on the guy and his diet. Some guys just seem to clear out fine after a bowel movement. Others have leftover matter in their rectum and need to do a rinse. Increasing fiber in your diet can also help with this.

    And yeah, walking with your Aneros prostate massager's is not really the recommended way. Try getting yourself aroused, lay down on your back and pull your knees up. Relax mentally and muscularly, particularly the anal and rectal muscles, breath, think of arousing thoughts, stimulate any part of your body that is not your penis (nipples are a good one), and pay attention to any slight sensation the Aneros gives you.

    It typically takes a while for new users to feel much of anything from the Aneros. There are a few rare and fortunate ones that get results early on. Just try and practice sessions as often as you can assuming your body is ok with it. Meaning don't hurt yourself if you're sore back there. Be patient and don't make any expectations of your sessions. And you will eventually find pleasurable results.

    My recommendation is that you stay with the model you have for a few months assuming you practice regularly. Also, please know the parent company of Aneros, which is High Island Health, markets the Peristal, which is the same thing as the Aneros Peridise, as hemorrhoid massager to help them get better and go away. They have their own separate forum there where you can read about users results with it.

  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 574
    Yes, if nothing's in your rectum and you use an enema that basically fills only your rectum before you expel it, you'll see nothing but the clear fluid returning.  Of course if you use a larger enema that goes up a good ways into your colon, well...  it's like bad laxative time and you empty loose and/or semi-fluid stuff and it doesn't feel really good.  Basically, in order to use an Aneros, you really don't have to do anything to empty your rectum in any unusual way if you're like most folks and have good regular bowel movements (higher fiber diets help) that empty your rectum completely or at most leaving behind a tiny bit of residual material, then you're good to go with no specific rectal prepping other than your lube of choice, and that certainly goes for most with using the medium to smaller sized Aneros massagers.  If you're gonna use a Progasm and have any concerns there may be a little residual material inside, you may wanna take a quick rectal rinse with a small amount of warm water, just enough to help anything that might be in the rectum to be expelled, but not enough to go up into your colon and give you a queasy laxative result that will make everything unpleasant.
  • Wow, sorry for the delay but thank you everyone for your help. I haven't been able to get back to it but with your help I'm far better armed with knowledge then before... Look forward to my next session! Thanks again!