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Aneros and penile sensitivity
  • Hi , I'm a newbie to this forum but years ago purchased a Helix but never achieved anything special with it.
    My problem is ths....I'm 67 by the way....over the years my penile sensitivity has decreased to the point that I can no longer orgasm during intercourse. I can orgasmm ok when masturbating , but not through intercourse with my wife.
    I have read some posts where users have said that the Aneros increased their penile sensitivity especially during intercourse. I think thst my lack of success with the helix was because I needed something bigger. I have read some great reviews from guys who have used a Progasm and they all said the sensations were amazing.....much more intense than other Aneros they had used.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @petejones - Welcome to the Aneros forum. :) 

    Size doesn't always do the trick, but it can for some guys. A very common complaint of new users is that they feel nothing, or no instant super-O after trying it two or three times. What they don't realize is that this can take time. And that you have to practice at it. I've also noticed that for some men, there are some models that just don't work, or work as well. And what we also find is that our body's sometimes seem to prefer one model over another in terms of how pleasure you feel. So having more than one model Aneros is not a bad idea. But don't expect it to instantly cure your problems because you have not been practicing regularly with no expectations. Have you tried having sex with your wife with the Helix inserted?
  • Yes, I tried the helix several times while having intercourse. It felt ok but nothing special. I was dissapointed because I love anal stimulation and thought it would be a much more intense experience . I did have many sessions on my own with it but nada!
    I'm prepared to try it again. I was particularly interested in the few comments I read where the guys mentioned it increased their penile sensitivity. That's my immediate goal. The super O's can come later.
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    Try my trick... attatch a rubber band around your dick and balls. then stretch it down and hook it up to the helix. Ibat least got a good feeling and extreme penile sensitivity. felt like I could cum just by brushing the head lightly with a finger..
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @petejones - Bummer! Keep practicing at it regularly. Most of us guys didn't have results or much sensation until many months in. I think the thing is that the increased penile sensitivity can occur as a result of working towards the super-O. Ejaculation abstinence can also play a part in this, but not necessarily.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 576
    @petejones - I'd say don't expect that an Aneros is necessarily gonna give you exciting anal sensations with sex with your wife.  It would probably be much more fun during sex to let her tickle the area with her finger.  That's probably because the Aneros is designed to target your prostate and if you feel anything during sex you should feel some fun feelings up inside and experience a more powerful complete ejaculation.  Also, just inserting an Aneros isn't gonna make your penis feel more sensitive during sex, and I've even had it make me feel a little less sensitive trying that during sex with my wife.

    Okay, now that I've probably disappointed you, I WOULD say that once you get to where you can experience some prostate, or Super, orgasms with it, you'll notice, as I did, that your penile sensitivity is better overall, and all the time, even just rubbing in your pants, when you have morning erections, and of course during sex but maybe not necessarily with it in at the time you do have sex with your wife.  Of course, the learning curve for the prostate orgasms, i.e., the rewiring, can take a while but you'll get lots of help reading good posts here dedicated to that subject and you'll enjoy the little subtle things you'll learn about your body and your sensitivity to things you never felt and experienced before that way.