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Belly orgasms or just abdominal muscle convulsions?
  • I've been using the aneros for 2 months now, and I'm still trying to chase that elusive super O. I find that I feel more sensitive to pleasures (part of the rewiring process?). Anyways, I've been getting these involuntary abdominal contractions during my aneros sessions. They don't really feel pleasurable; they're more like distractions, but I've heard some other members say they have belly orgasms. If I let these contractions do what they want, they get pretty violent and then my abs get tired after a few minutes. Again, it's not that pleasurable and it distracts me from the feelings in my prostate. Are these involuntary contractions a part of the rewiring process, are they belly orgasms, or just abdominal convulsions? I find that if I lay belly down, the contractions make me thrust my pelvis into the bed. Is my body trying to release my sexual energy by doing humping motions? What can I do to further my progress towards the super O?
  • BusterBuster
    Posts: 953
    Hi hamtirobo,

    What an interesting thing to have happen. I have never had a belly orgasm, but I have no doubt that they exist because this is, after all, a full body experience. I feel as though this event that you describe is your body's way of dealing with your sexual energy. As I understand it, while this might not be a particularly pleasant feeling now, it could turn into one as your body gets used to what is happening. I know that once certain muscles get fatigued, that can be when the real fun starts. If it were me, I would let these contractions do whatever the heck they want. Experiment with it, it sounds interesting and let us know what happens.

    I have never really understood why we have to go through this re-wiring process to get to something that seems like it should be so natural. But we do and that fact has been proven time and time again.

    Take care.
  • I have the same thing. I find the abdominal muscles thrust for a bit as if in the throes of regular orgasm. I usually let my body go ahead with the thrusting and, after a short while, it subsides. I often find this a step to deeper orgasmic response. After the thrusting and abdominal tensing, I start to get that warm ball of energy just below my belly button. Thereafter the Super O's start engulfing.

    Enjoy each experience for what it is and try not to label each experience too much. Think of the first moment you insert the Aneros to the moment you take it out as a Super O. It's a journey more than a destination, I feel.
  • I've had a lot of these same experiences hamtirobo and you guys have with the abdominal stuff, etc. It can become fatigueing. I went through a lot of these before my first Super O during a session.
  • bumpybumpy
    Posts: 2
    Hi Guys
    Funny but I have experienced the same thing but without the pleasure associated with any kind of orgasm. My whole body starts shaking and my breathing gets heavy, it would appear I am having an O but all I have are the spasms. So far the only tingling I feel is when I jerk off with the device still in. My sessions are usually 60-90 mins. I feel like im getting somewhere but no real pleasure yet. Need more practice I guess.
  • Ham. Sounds to me if you give your sessions more time you will start to see some amazing things happen. You might want to try channeling the sexual energy by picturing in your mind your moving it from your belly to either your penis or prostate and see what happens you might just have an orgasm right where you want... I definitely have belly orgasm s but now learning to move the feeling to fun parts lol and surprisingly enough it works.

    On another note I have my absolute best orgasms at three hours into a session. Yes aneros has taken over my life
  • stumpystumpy
    Posts: 140
    Google "Breath of fire" you'll find it key to releasing Kundalini energy. I got these in the early stages as well. Once I incorporated some of these breathing techniques I found I could bypass this awkward stage voluntarily. It sounds like your body maybe trying to do this on it's own.
  • DarkEngineDarkEngine
    Posts: 252
    Believe I had a belly orgasm once - it was when I experimented vocalising things instead of focusing on breathing. (For instance, commentating on the things going on such as contractions, pleasures etc) It was without an Aneros as well.

    It got to a point where I crunched forward for about five seconds and massive tingling sensations washed me over. The following day, I kept getting p-waves simply from breathing.

    As of now my abdominal muscles just convulse and can sometimes be a distraction, providing no real sensations. The trick is, when you know convulsions are likely to come, focus on slow, paced breathing. Likewise, vocalise something like a hum or a moan (not a quiet one). This is a much better option and I hear it can lead to O's (probably related to KSMO), but unfortunately you either have to have a house to yourself or deal with others hearing you.

  • bumpybumpy
    Posts: 2
    Hi Guys
    Interesting responses so far. I had another session last night and got a bit further. I started to get a tingling feeling all over my body, it was strange and very cool at the same time. The convulsions keep happening and are still distracting but I am trying to ignore them and just go with it. I really do feel like I am getting somewhere though. Its all about time and practice and paying attention to your body. I use pron to get started and then I just close my eyes and focus on the feelings. I know that I will get there eventually.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,210
    Great attitued bumpy!  The convulsions will calm down, at least they did for me.  I think its just your body responding to something so new.  Happy trails
  • bumpybumpy
    Posts: 2
    Thanks inever,
    I think this forum is a great resource for anyone looking for advice and encouragement.
    The convulsions are very strange but at least I know something is happening! lol

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    For most men, their rising sexual arousal level is accompanied by a rising muscular tension in the pelvic area along with tension in the abdominal area. As one approaches a traditional penile stimulated ejaculatory orgasm muscles in the legs also tighten up to a point, when orgasm occurs, most of a man's body muscles are experiencing some level of muscular tension.

    I think most Aneros newbies encounter a similar pattern of arousal as their bodies have become so habituated to that arousal path. IMHO, the abdominal convulsions you are experiencing are actually mini-O's, just as are the shakes, tremors and twitches mentioned by so many other members during their Anerosessions. These are not anything to be worried or concerned about, just a natural reaction to one's rewiring process.

    As 'ineverknew' mentioned these events will probably calm down over time as your body becomes more accustomed to Aneros use. You can hasten the reduction of these convulsive events by learning to consciously relax those muscles as part of your Aneros training. Over time this relaxation will just become part of your natural Aneros practice/rewiring. When you have learned to really relax all those muscles you've set the stage for Super-O's to roll in as the subtle movements of the Aneros stimulate the nerves around the prostate into waves of pleasure.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • bumpybumpy
    Posts: 2
    Hi Rumel
    Thanks for the feedback. The convulsions have decreased somewhat, and they experience feels like an orgasm without the pleasure, if that make any sense!
    I feel as if I am making progress though.
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    Interesting thread. I was lying in bed this morning, just relaxing before rising for the day, lying in the position that I often have Aneros sessions in, but with no device inserted. After a few minutes of relaxing, my abdominal muscles started tensing and very gently contracting in a rhythm. Now, I've had this before, but this is the very first time it actually felt good, almost as good as an ejaculation orgasm. Curiouser and curiouser.
  • bumpybumpy
    Posts: 2
    Hi guys
    Another interesting session. Had a lot of convulsions and twitching, still no pleasure as such. But very interesting sensations. My whole body was arching and flopping around. If feels like Im having an orgasm but without the pleasurable feelings, if that makes any sense. A person watching me would presume that I am in the throes of a huge O but internally im not. Very strange. Gonna keep at it though.