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First Time User, Long Time Experimenter, With Questions
  • Hi there, and I apologize immediately for the length of this post, I have LOTS of questions. First of all, I am a hetro mail, and for as long as I can remember I have always been interested in and tried augmenting my usual orgasms with prostate action. Now as soon as I found Aneros and found out men can have these Super-Os, I was on board immediately. Ordered my first, a Helix Classic, as like I said, I have some experience playing back there, and I have always enjoyed slightly larger/longer objects before. Now here is where I get confused/have questions:

    I have had 3 or 4 sessions with my Helix. They have been good so far. But as I am reading other posts, I wonder if I am going about this the wrong way. First off, the P-Tab does almost nothing for me. I know I like a light massage in that area when I receive oral, but it's nowhere near a must, and quite honestly I find the P-Tab a bit confusing. Here is why: I see a lot of "I feel the massager moving inside me." and a lot about involuntaries. Quite honestly, the thing I feel the most on my Helix is the P-tab, and it sometimes even confuses me for feeling something on the inside, which I barely, if even, do. I can certainly feel when I clench hard enough the Helix getting near my bladder (I should note here that when I was doing things back there before, this is what I thought was the 'sweet spot' but through the Helix have learned that the 'feeling like I need to pee' because you are almost hitting the bladder is a fraction of it. Before, until I felt the need to pee, I didn't think I was doing it right.) Now I should say I have had enjoyable experiences with the Helix. Even though I can not, or at best barely, feel it moving on the inside. This hasn't stopped me from leaking, feeling what I think are my first P-waves, and a feeling of about to orgasm with my penis. Here is where I run into my real trouble. I know it's all about patience. But I can't even seem to get to that point without watching some sort of porn, and that causes me to get frustrated and want to finish off with my penis. If I don't have any visual stimuli (I did try with JUST pictures, and it kinda worked.) it seems like I can't get aroused. 

    So here is a quick list of the questions I have so far:

    1. How soon upon using your device did you actually feel it on your prostate, or even inside you (not just a 'full' feeling, but actually feeling slight movements such as involuntaries) as I can't really feel anything but my P-Tab moving.

    2. How do you stay aroused through a session? I almost NEED to see a girl getting nailed, and this process takes so long (not a complaint) that no one scene is long enough, and the non sexy in between parts really slow things down for me. 

    3. How do I know if I am actually having P-Waves? I think I have, like butterflies and that warm loving feeling that you get when you wake up to a beautiful woman (or man, for my gay friends out there.) 

    4. How do you control the excitement and keep from reaching down and blowing a load? I know it's going to take time, and that I am going to feel like I am on the verge of penile orgasm, possibly more intensely that I have ever felt, before I get to a Super-O.

    and finally 5. When you start getting the shakes, are involuntaries enough? I seem to need to thrust my hips, HARD, to continue to get results, as it seems once I am getting close un-flexing my anus seems impossible, and the only way to get movement is thrusting. And again, by this point I feel like I have to thrust very, very hard to get any result, and am very tense. Seems like this might be hurting more than helping?

    Any help, advice, anything would be greatly appreciated.Thanks again guys, and happy Anerosing!
  • chuckNchuckN
    Posts: 23
    Welcome IronManus, sorry you haven't gotten any help with your questions. I am no expert, have not had Super-Os, but have enjoyed using various Aneros devices for 7 months so here is my take.

    1) I remember thinking like you "am I feeling my prostate?" It took about 3-4 months before I was certain my prostate was being massaged. I think it takes awhile to "wake up it up" for some of us. Also prostate massage does not guarantee pleasure and involuntary movement does not guarantee pleasure but both are heading you in the right direction.
    2) Arousal is a tricky concept. When I was younger (now 62) it meant getting an erection. I never have erections during  sessions but I am usually highly aroused. Just the thought of having a session gets me excited for what is coming (pleasurable sensations). If I want to enhance that excitement I listen to erotic stories at the beginning of the session. 
    3) I'm not sure what a P-wave is.
    4) The aneros devices usually don't stimulate my penis so i don't have a desire to ejaculate while using so I am the wrong one to answer that.
    5) I often feel a need to contract hard and thrust hard, which can be pleasurable but I don't think that is the road to Super-Os. 

    My other advice, get the HypnAneros CDor MP3. It teaches you to first relax, then think arousing thoughts and use contractions to get the action going. It has been very useful and pleasant for me to hear.