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Do I still need Aneros? Pro's please
  • Ok, For those that have saw my recent postings this has been nothing short of amazing to me the experience I have had from Aneros and Prostate awakening. This Q would be for the Pro's that not only have wonderful aneros sessions but also MMO's without aneros and transfer of energy.
    Another poster told me you can get to the point where the energy you feel/buzzing in the prostate etc can be transferred throughout the body wherever you want it to be. Honestly I thought this was just a myth but I should have known better because of my amazing experiences so far with Aneros. Last night I experimented. With no toy and not even doing PC muscle holds which always gets me started I merely watched some stimulating TV and got the horny feeling you get and then transfered that feeling and concentrated that the feeling was in the head of my penis and
    holy crap it really worked. I could feel the energy transfer and I could feel my head pulsing and swirling with energy inside of it. This lead me to a friggin amazing orgasm that seemed to last forever. I then transfered the energy to my prostate and could feel the energy in my prostate and could feel it pulsing and came to another wonderful O. Once again I transfered the energy from prostate back to head and had the best super O so far and even my forehead was convulsing. I then took the feeling of convusling in my head and transfered to my prostate so my prostate and head had energy pulsing at same time. Holy Shit this hit another amazing Super O that took my breath away for atleast 10 minutes. So I guess my question is now is there any need still for Aneros and will Aneros still provide me new sensations or at this point to I just play with my energy so to speak?
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,134

    Congratulations on the recent developments in your journey.   This is terrific news indeed!  Ultimately whether or not you choose to continue to use the Aneros is up to you.   As I've stated many times in the past, the Aneros is a key that opens a door to the realm of non-ejaculatory, whole-body orgasms.  But beyond that it is marvelous and very powerful erotic stimulator.   In my own journey I have continued to explore MMO with and without the Aneros.  I do not require the device to have these orgasms, but it does produce a unique level of physicality, i.e. the sensation of being touched internally that I often desire.  Even when I am not using the Aneros I will often use a retained sense memory  of it to enhance MMO sessions.   My suggestion would be to continue to explore, with and without the device,  and see where it takes you.   But remember, it's not like there is only one right way to go here.    Remain open to everything that comes your way and things will continue to reveal themselves to you.


    BF Mayfield
  • B THANKS!  I respect your input very much and will continue to explore plus getting a real massage to the prostate as opposed to pc muscles and energy massaging it has to have extra health benefits. I am gonna have to try the Eupho as that thing seems to go farther and might provide even more stim. I will definitely continue atleast 1/week with an Aneros model if anything to explore new things and to have a good massage for health. 
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 389
    One thing to consider, is your experiances with the Aneros may change over time. Things were running pretty consistant for 12 months or so then stopped. Then I had five weeks of nice feelings, but no Os. Now things have restarted, but more intense. I very interested in why I had the dry spell, and why the new intensity. I'm not sure I would experiance this with just "Less" sessions.


  • stumpystumpy
    Posts: 140
    I don't think ones Anero's journey is ever complete. I honestly think there's always a new level to achieve. Can it be achieved with Aneroless sessions? Possibly. However I'm a big fan of keeping it simple, or sticking with the basics. Not to say I don't enjoy Aneroless sessions...but you might actually find going forward the two paths separate and provide their own unique sensations...which can both be very pleasurable in so many different ways.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,180
    @ Xileh,  I had kinda the same thing happen to me.  Ive only been at this for 1.5 yrs, but recently had a month or so dry spell after my second super O, just now things have picked back up and can consistently have dry O's but none super.  I attributed my dry spell to work/depression but who knows.  During my dry spell my less sessions were extremely pleasureable and seemed to intensify.  I have had so many new and incredible feelings since my dry spell is over.  Maybe the dry spell helps us kinda reset, but who really knows lol.  Without consistent aneros use ive noticed my less sessions become less frequent personally.
  • clubhardclubhard
    Posts: 60
    Yes point taken. I have had more good sessions but Last night i tried to have a great session but the orgasms were much less intense... Can't wait to order a few other aneros models to develop new sessions...
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 905
    Hi @clubhard, congratulations on your achieving Super-O's and other Aneros blessings in such a short time!

    Can you tell us what Aneros model(s) you are currently using and which ones you want to order?
  • clubhardclubhard
    Posts: 60
    Hi Big, I only have the helix syn. I am thinking to get Eupho and possibly Peridise