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Hmmm ... What was this?
  • xtimedt69xtimedt69
    Posts: 700

    In addition to my Anero Journey I have been doing the Multi-Orgasmic Man Excercises (MOE's). Right now I am at the breathing and the penis stroking part where you come close to orgasm, then clamp down, relax and repeat. I do it about 10 times and then stop.


    I had a really GREAT Anero session last evening. Then slept with my Aneros and woke at 4AM with a rading boner and throbbing that was incredible for about 45 minutes. No Super O or Mini O, perhaps P waves? Everytime I was about to drift back to sleep the Aneros would  wake me back up. So I was tired, took it out and went to sleep. This AM while the wife was showering I did my MOE's and the got up and started my day.

    About an hour after I got up, I went in the bathroom to pee and at the end I clamped down as one does to finish and I had a wave overcome me like I was going to have an orgasm just standing there followed by a tingling sensation all the way to the head of my penis and into my balls. It never developed to a full blown orgasm, but it was friggin incredible. I got light headed for a second.

    Anyone ever had this happen before? Thing are changing in me. This is all very interesting. Remember, I have only been at this about 3 1/2 weeks and this is all very new to me.

  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    nope, never happened to me but im jealous!  :\">
  • xtimedt69xtimedt69
    Posts: 700

    @ineverknew It was crazy ... I am sure my new friend @braveneworld will say something clever like my balls are falling off or something! LOL! :-))

    This is an interesting journey and very addicting. I thought I was sneaky last night but the wifes first question this AM was "did you get up and put your toy in last night?" Yes ....

    :\"> I really think it makes her horny.
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,100
    I must admit peeing does feel good now days, and sometimes a little like a orgasm of sorts.
    Especially when you need to go but there is not much there coz concentrating on trying to push it out makes the muscle spasm which feels good as it does the same when having dry Os.
    I notice that when pushing out pee that the muscle pulses instead of just holding at one contraction. Only slightly but there is a definite pulsing. 
    Aneros has changed my design I will never operate the same as before.
  • BigGlansDCBigGlansDC
    Posts: 915
    Hi @xtimedt69,

    I am very much intrigued by your experience which you narrated above to us.

    I am also intrigued by your Multi-Orgasmic Man (masturbation) Exercise. Do you practice it every day? Here's something I should do!

    However, I started doing the Kegel Exercises in a determined fashion in October 2011, a good seven months before I began my Aneros sessions in early June 2012 with the Helix Syn. However, when I started with the Maximus, Progasm Ice, and Progasm Classic two-three months later that these three models enhanced greatly my Kegels and vice versa :)

    It was when I gained confidence world with my larger models that I came away from most of my sessions truly Anerosed! There is nothing like the vibrant connection that you feel with your testicles, penile shaft, and glans all connected and emanating from your well Anerosed prostate. That you described so well in your experience and that is what I must focus upon my Aneros afterglow after sessions.

    And boy, hot @braveneworld has corroborated all this in his reply to you!

    I get horny just thinking about all this.

  • xtimedt69xtimedt69
    Posts: 700

    @BigGlansDC I have been doing the MOE exercises almost eveyday. I am in the early stages and only at it a week. I am not in the advances area yet. This consists of lubing up the shaft and it ends up on my balls to. The I stroke the entires shaft and massage the balls, it is like gettin back in touch with your self. You are trying to get the entire area awakened instead of just the head of your penis. When you start getting close to orgasm, you bring yourself to the edge and then bear down with the PC muscles while deep breathing and stop, then you wait a few seconds and do it again. You do about 10 times and then without ejaculating, you stop and walk away.

    Sometimes I do this at the end of an Aneros session with the device still in and it provides feedback. The MOE (should be MOME! LOL!) excersise seem to make make me have more control and make my Aneros sessions more productive because my Prostate is fuller and more sensitive. I also find it contributes to my overall feelings of well being

    I am not an expert, but this is working for me.