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diverticulitis and Aneros Prostate Massager.
  • I have been diagnosed with diverticulitis recently. I was using the Aneros prostate massager before I was diagnosed with the diverticulitis. I'm just wondering if it is ok to still the massager or not? I have a enlarged prostate as well and having sex is a real problem. The prostate massager makes all the difference when having sex.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    There will be some good advice I am sure. I also have BHP and using a SGX while having sex make for a safe experience. It seems diverticulitis is not un common. A lot will depend on the severity and locations. I would not have thought the Aneros would contribute to the complaint. But wait for more senior folk to comment.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Hello SteveO & welcome!

    I qualify as one of Isvara's suggestions for finding someone who is "senior." The first mention of my having diverticulosis was years ago . When I've strayed from my doc's direction regarding diet I fall into diverticulitis and experience some intermittent mild pain.  I've met people though who report pain that they would not wish on their worst enemy.  So, I'm fortunate in not having had to resort to medications to either moderate bowel action or soothe pain. As always, "your mileage may vary," and, "listen to your own body and of couse, your doctor."

    I see no reason that Aneros sessions, as recommended by the manufacturer, would physically aggravate a diverticulitae and trigger an attack.  That assumes the section of bowel was not infected or overly distended with waste or gas.  Many of us do experience abdominal contractions during orgasms.  If you can be comfortable doing set-ups, you'll probably endure dry-orgasm without much pain.  :)

    Your first consideration should be conforming to the range of foods and fiber supplements your doc has recommended.  The good news is that the type of diet and supplements that help control diverticulitis also clear your rectum of waste, make for better sessions and reduce the need for a preparatory anal douche. Your desire for Aneros sessions should motivate you toward bowel regularity which will help you avoid colon problems. So, Anerosians may have fewer bowel issues.

    Should you opt to douche keep it simple (plain water) and avoid quantities or postures that would allow fluid to flood into the Sigmoid colon.  And, avoid solutions intended for vaginal use.

    Be a bit more cautious about your lube choices than if you did not have diverticula issues.  Many of us are sensitive to the glycerin content in some water-based lubes and I've had such lubes trigger an attack of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).  The Canadian Cadie studies at Johns Hopkins have shown that water based lubes can migrate as far as 40cm into the colon during a typical session of ano-rectal play.  Some lubes that are osmotically balanced for the Vagina may then attack the cell structure of the colon lining.  Fortunately, the colon lining regenerates in three to four days so the damage isn't permanent.  Many of us avoid water-based lubes and accept the more difficult clean-up associated with oil based lubes made from pressed nuts or seeds.  Lubes based on silicone oil are also an option but those are "persistent" and are not safe for use with silicone toys like the Helix-syn or Vice.  I personally like a lube that is easily cleared from rectum during regular bowel movements.  If you do prefer a water based lube consider Slippery Stuff (gel) which lessened cellular damage during the Cadie studies.

    If you have more questions, post here in the Forum or join a Chat session.

    Again, welcome!  Please accept my blessing for an enjoyable experience here.  Also, stay regular and, "remember to breathe."

  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 577
    Maintain a high fiber diet to promote regular soft bowel movements as this will keep the area of your colon involved with diverticulitis healthier and keep your rectum generally empty.  Lube choices, of course, are extensively debated on this forum, but I just use a small bit of Vaseline at the anus for comfort and a thin coating of Preparation H cream on the Aneros only--no injected lube which can migrate up into the colon and cause discomfort and laxative effects.  I don't enema either and this is very comfortable for me (and thank the Lord I have no colon or prostate problems) and it provides for great movement of the Aneros and incredible prostate O's.  Minimizing lubrication to something this simple and local should totally avoid upsetting any diverticulitis you have.