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Just Making sure I'm doing this right.
  • So this is going to get a little detailed, but I just what to make absolutely sure I'm doing what I'm suppose to be. 

    I got the helix on monday and slowly worked it in and everything went smooth and comfortable. I started contracting my anus a bit and then just chilled and relaxed. There would be moments where I felt some heat or a very small tingle, but nothing big. I wasn't expecting anything anyway. I did it again today and it fit in perfectly and I started to just feel my self around and figure out what areas I liked, etc. etc. What I'm wondering is if what I'm doing is right. I can't tell if it's on the prostate or not. When I slip it in it gets really comfortable and feels natural. I don't feel anything "OMG." Which if I'm not suppose to yet, awesome. Just making sure. I also want to know if I'm suppose to be consciously doing anything. I know it's recommended to be horny and start contracting and using muscles, but honestly I just get really relaxed and my whole body just escapes for a bit into a nice funk. I end up just lying there massaging myself. I don't really feel like anything is in there until there's contraction. I was getting into a weird rhythm today where I was on my side feeling up myself and I got into this motion where I would sort of push the aneros in and out. I dunno if I was suppose to do that or not (since it kinda felt like I was pooping it out haha...) but hey, it felt alright.

    Anyway, sorry if this has been asked a lot. I just want to make sure everything is A-OK, especially whether or not it is on my prostate since that seems to be key. 
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    Sounds like your on the right path to me, for what its worth.  There isnt really no wrong way, the methods proposed in the forums are from experienced users which have helped newbies yield results.  I personally have used the "do nothing" method and started getting good results that way, but to each his own.  Dont be afraid to try different things.  I also think its normal to not feel much in your prostate in the beginning, though heat and small tingles are definately good signs.  As your prostate is awakened these feelings will only intensify and become more and more numerous.
    I wouldnt worry too much about whether the helix is touching your prostate, most likely it is, the aneros people know what they are doing! lol  Comfortable and natural feeling is good, right? lol  Happy Trails 
  • Alright, cool. Thanks for the reply haha