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How long does it take for a complete rewire?
  • I am wondering how long it takes for a complete rewire because everytime I have a session I will definitely have an anorless session hours later. 
    Most times I can get a little sore from too much prostate stim so not really looking for the anorless sessions to always start but I find I have no control over them. So I am wondering is this just a part of the rewire process and will eventually subside? I will have dry o's even while driving and can get pretty distracting lol. 
  • I also look forward to the answers here. But I bet it is highly individualized.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,834
    Definitely an individual phenomenon.  Certainly also dependent  upon  degree of Aneros involvement (quality and quantity of sessions) and predisposition to just let go and accept all that you feel.

    I am slow, having taken 13 months to Super-O and another four or five months to establish a reliable path on the road to dry-orgasm.  Other guys (I suspect those with less "hard-nosed" personalities and those who aren't as analytical and evaluative as I am) seem to have higher degrees of Neuroplasticity.

    Entering my fifth year of the journey I am still evolving and seem to see some significant change every two or three months.  Most of these small changes happen automatically as some conscious "procedure/step" in my preparation, meditation or starting sequence becomes embedded in my normal behavior.  Over the past three years some conscious (voluntary) actions have been adopted by my autonomic (involuntary) being.   An example happened recently when an overnight (sleeping) session yielded three separate sets of chained dry-Os.

    I tend to think that we have control over our rewiring and have the option of going as far as we wish by aborting those actions that seem to head where we don't wish to go.   Some things are dumb, ... like initiating an anerosless session while driving a car, flying a plane, playing with one's kids etc.  Those are your boundaries to set.   I'd suggest setting them early on so that you don't allow some rewiring action to proceed then later on confuse your brain by trying to kill it.

    If you are looking for step-by-step advice you might avoid gnarled old users who are strongly rewired.  They are so internalized and automated along their orgasmic paths that details are merged into a blur of pleasure.   These guys are in the, "it's all good !" mode of thinking.  :)

    blessings....  rook

  • Rook thanks for the insight. So your saying when I do not want to have O's I tell my brain to cut it out now and eventually they won't happen when I don't want them to? Because I tried to stop but could not. I even had sex with my wife in the morning which sucked by the way cause my last super T must have taken a lot out of me. I wasn't even able to keep much of an erection with my wife but I helped her in other ways lol and she gave me a hj but when I finished I could not control my voice and I screamed 3 times which she just laughed but I literally could not control the scream. Then maybe 20 minutes after I started getting a dry O and had a full dry O which I showed my wife and she was laughing but was not funny because they continued the whole day at in opportune times so your saying I can trick my brain to stop when I don't want to have O's? Seems very interesting.. 
  • @clubhard I don't think I would care for the uncontrollable nature you describe. I noticed since using Aneros, I can easily lose my erection during sex with my wife if I lose focus. It comes back, but is annoying.
  • Rook, Well I just proved your info was correct thanks. Another poster told me about energy transfer and wow I can't believe it but it worked.