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Super Dry O's or Retrograde ejaculations
  • Ok, I have had amazing experiences with the Aneros. So much so that I can easily have sessions without the aneros which is cray to me but 
    in a short time I have definitely awoken my prostate. But now reading about the multi orgasmic man I am wondering if I am experiencing dry o's
    or at times retrograde ejaculations and how can we tell? I mean I get some Super O's where I feel like I am ejaculating and the penis is pulsing hard like I was ejaculating but no ejaculate except maybe a small amount of prostatic fluid. When I urinate after these sessions I definitely have cloudy urine for a few days. So can anyone shed light on if this is what I may be experiencing? 
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Congratulations on the anerosless sessions.  Nice progress !

    Cloudy urine might be a clue.  Retro is common in guys following following prostate procedures like TURP, TUNA or TUMT.  ( ).   It's an indication that the bladder-neck sphincter (between the bladder and the prostate) isn't closing as you move past the PONR.

    Most urologists say retro's of no concern unless one wishes to father more kids.

    When I j.o. with a toy bulkier than the Helix (think Progasm, Vice or Maximus)  I retain semen until I remove the toy.  Then the semen streams out, sometimes with an single pulse.  So the back pressure isn't forcing my bladder sphincter open; however, until the toy comes out there's discomfort.  I've not asked my Uro about any potential harm from that back-pressure but I usually Super-T with a smaller toy like the SGX.

    As usual, ask your doc.    blessings.... rook

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,356
    the key to retrograde ejaculation is that, like a regular one, you'd have a remission period.   do you have only one orgasm, and then are done, or do you have multiple?   what would happen if you try a usual ejaculatory orgasm?

    also, with retro i don't think the semen would be cloudy for days.   seems to me that ejac would be expelled in the first one or two urinations.

    cloudy urine can be a sign of other things, like rook said, if it persists you should probably go to a doc and pee in a cup.

  • Hi Darwin, Definitely multiple O's like that and can finish with a super T anytime I choose. Now that I think about it it might just be prostatic fluid that I am working up but Im not one to go to docs unless absolutely necessary.